Mystic Knoll is the 28th book of Charmed novels.

This novel is set between Season 5 episodes "Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Oh My Goddess! Part 1".


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A curse was made, an Innocent born—
To darkness her small life was sworn.
Gather the forces, bring them together—
Save this girl from sadness forever!

All vanquishing and no play makes for tired, grumpy Charmed Ones. Paige decides that what they need is a family getaway, but where to go? She'd love to explore her witch heritage in Salem, but that doesn't sound very relaxing to Phoebe and Piper, who'd rather spend a week on a quiet beach, soaking up the sun. Sensing a sibling showdown, Leo points out that they can do both. They'll spend a day or two in Salem, then the rest of the time on the beautiful Massachusetts coast.

It seems the girls have gotten a break from evil—but late flights and wrong directions conspire to sidetrack the travelers, and they find themselves hungry, exhausted, and nowhere near Salem. They happen upon a bed-and-breakfast run by a crotchety old woman and her strange, shy granddaughter. They're not your typical innkeepers, and soon Piper, Phoebe, and Paige find that nothing in this small town is typical. It's all a little… well… mystical. It looks like a working holiday for the Charmed Ones!




  • Abigail Thornwood: A witch practitioner who cursed her daughter at Mystic Knoll to exact revenge on those who wronged her.
  • Harriet Thornwood: Abigail's daughter who was cursed to be her mother's revenge tool at birth.
  • Wyatt Halliwell: Piper and Leo's newborn son. He has powers beyond everyone's comprehension.
  • Ida Thornwood: Harriet's grandmother. She runs the Yankee Bear and has been doing her best to protect her granddaughter.
  • Nathaniel Coffey: A grad student at University of New Hampshire studying for a Ph.D. in regards to psychological effects of local legends.


  • Lucas Barnes: Dark hair, broad shoulders, tan skin and gray eyes. Harriet's biological father. Teacher at the local high school. Married to Anne and has a son. Was a star quarterback in his adolescent years.
  • Florence Nestor-Haynes: Runs the newspaper Cairn Clarion as editor, publisher, reporter, and occasionally press. Has red hair and freckles. Has a son named Troy.
  • Jed Dalton: Lived in Cairn for a few years. Lives three miles away from Mystic Knoll.
  • Tammy: 40 years old tour guide, with short, graying hair. She met Paige when she was buying her Mystic Knoll Tour ticket.
  • Brad York: Runs the local bookshop.
  • Troy Haynes: Florence's teenage son. Plays basketball and video games.
  • Larry and Doreen: Old married couple who tour the Mystic Knoll site as tourists.
  • Daniel and Joyce: Newly-wed couple in their late 20's. They were on a honeymoon adventure and touring the Mystic Knoll site when thousands of snakes appeared and chased them away.
  • Mabel: Owns the antique shop Odds 'n' Ends with Angus.
  • Angus Owns the antique shop Odds 'n' Ends with Mabel, but rarely helps out.
  • Elise Rothman: Editor-in-chief of The Bay Mirror.
  • Tim Barnes: Quarterback of his school team. Lucas and Anne's son.
  • Nancy Stark: Light brown hair. Works at Stark Pharmacy.
  • Mr. Farley: Likes to tell tall tales.
  • Lucy: Waitress at Parfait Café.
  • Gretchen: Over 40 years old, but tries to pass as 29. Abigail once cursed her to rot her teeth and she never got over it.
  • Ned Johnson: Abigail supposedly made his cat's toe wither and fall off. Had a crush on Ida long ago. Fishing buddies with Brad York.
  • Karen Stark: Abigail cursed Karen to go bald in 7th grade. Has a daughter named Nancy. Has short dark hair.
  • Anne Barnes: Lucas's wife and a teacher. Has a son named Tim. Scared of Abigail.
  • Laurel Savarin: Accomplished equestrian and straight A student before failing her college entrance SATs. Laurel organized schoolwide shunning of Abigail which lasted weeks in their junior year of high school. She was targeted by Abigail's curse.


  • Linda Cambridge: Wrote a gossip column about Abigail and Lucas going to prom together. Phoebe found her old column and used it as a clue to find Harriet's parentage.
  • Clara Beady: Allowed Abigail into the colonial archives. Passed away prior to the story.
  • Frank Nestor: Previous owner of the Cairn Clarion. Wrote an article about Joshua's death. Abigail killed his flowers with a spell.
  • Doc Randall: Local doctor mentioned by Brad York.
  • Spencer Ricks: Phoebe's rival advice columnist, whom she once turned into a turkey while under an obsession hex.
  • Joshua Thornwood: Born in 1925, died in 1983. Ida's late husband and Abigail's father.
  • Molly York: Brad's daughter. Pushed Abigail into a pool at a kid's birthday party. Went to college in Arizona and never came back.
  • Dennis Flynn: A young boy who tormented Abigail with pranks and taunts. He wanted to be a forest ranger, and was the first on Harriet's hit list.
  • Ms. Stinkle: Made Ned stand in the corner every day.

Magical Notes[]


Abigail Thornwood's Curse[]

Cast from creatures of the night,
Fang and claw, leather and flight.
Two times ten shall pass before
They know my vengeance, hear us roar.

To Enact Abigail Thornwood's Curse[]

Cast from creatures of the night,
Fang and claw, leather and flight…
Two times ten has passed, the core
Of her vengeance waits no more.

To Break Abigail Thornwood's Curse[]

Power of Three spell

Be gone cursed creature of day-night,
Fang and claw invoked by spite,
Two times ten has now passed
The child will be herself at last.





  • Solar Eclipse: A celestial event that would ensure the enactment of Abigael's curse that would turn Harriet into a beast.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The story takes place during the summer solstice in June. Ironically, another novel (Survival of the Fittest) takes place approximately one week later, but a year earlier.
  • Debut appearance of Wyatt Halliwell.
  • This book is one of few with the least amount of chapters.

Continuity Errors[]

  • Paige has started working as a social worker at South Bay Social Services. In the show, she quit almost right after being promoted.

Bloopers and References[]

International Titles[]

  • Dutch: De mythe van Mystic Knoll (The Myth of Mystic Knoll)