"Well, good, because he didn't kill his brother either. No matter what anybody says. He'd never do that, he loved Danny."
—Mrs. Mullen about Eddie to Piper and Leo.[src]

Mrs. Mullen is the mother of Dan and Eddie Mullen, two witches who attended Magic School.


During their time at Magic School, the brothers wrote a magical novel called Crossed, Double-Crossed and wrote themselves as main characters. Mrs. Mullen never knew what they wrote about, but they it was Dan's idea to help Eddie believe in himself. However, Dan was murdered by one of his characters and expelled from the book. With Eddie disappeared, it was presumed that he had killed his brother and fled. However, Mrs. Mullen her husband never gave up hope that their son was innocent and waited for his return. After escaping the book, Eddie was reunited with his parents by Leo Wyatt.


Mrs. Mullen appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.