"We know who you are, honey. Who you've become."
"We've been with you every step of the way and we're so proud of you, sweetheart.
—Mr. and Mrs. Matthews to Paige[src]

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews were the adoptive parents of Paige Matthews. They died in a car accident when Paige was a teenager.


Gaining a Daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews adopted an orphaned child, presumably from the church that the baby's biological parents (Sam Wilder and Patty Halliwell) left her at. They named her Paige to honor the mother's request that the baby's name begin with a "P". Seeing as how Sister Agnes witnessed Paige's biological parents orb in and assumed they were angels, it is possible that Mr. and Mrs. Matthews knew, or at least suspected, that she was magical, depending on whether or not Sister Agnes told them.


In 1994, Paige went through a rebellious phase and treated her parents cruelly. They didn't know what to do with Paige, and their hopes of her going to college were dashed. Shortly before they died, they got into an argument with her in which she angrily told them they weren't her real parents - something which she regretted and felt much guilt over afterwards.

While driving home, the Matthews' car was crashed into by a truck and caught fire. While her parents died, Paige managed to escape the oncoming collision by orbing out of instinct, something which she had never done before, and didn't do again until she met her sisters.


Paige was devastated by the deaths of her parents, which she blamed herself for. She cleaned up her act by no longer using drugs or alcohol, and worked harder at school, in order to fulfill their hopes of her getting into college. She wrote an essay on their deaths that got her accepted into Berkeley, eventually going on to become a social worker.

In the afterlife, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews continued to watch over Paige. They saw how Paige had improved drastically from her rebellious days and learned that she was a witch who helped protect innocent people.

When her parents appeared to Paige as spirits, they comforted her and told her how proud they were of her, allowing her to finally move past their deaths.[4]

Notes and Trivia

  • In the Charmed comic books, Paige also adopts a child.[5]



Mr. and Mrs. Matthews appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.


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