Mortal Enemies is the 4th issue of the Charmed comic series published by Zenescope Entertainment.


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To keep them safe from harm, the Charmed Ones bring the remaining innocents back to the manor. But little do they know the Source has returned and cast a spell turning every innocent in the entire city against them… Even as they fight to survive, the Charmed Ones learn that the Source has planned his arrival at the perfect time to destroy the Power of Three once and for all.





Magical Notes[]


Discord Spell[]

  • The Source, along with Hogan, cast this spell to cause rage to fill the hearts of all mortals in San Francisco.
Our powers intertwine to infect the minds, the bodies, and the souls of all mortals between ocean and bay.
Take this Discord we create… Turn it against the Charmed Ones…
Collect them for me.
Hold them for me.
Or kill them if you must



Notes and Trivia[]

  • The sisters wear the same clothes on this cover as they did on the issue #1 cover, also made by David Seidman, apart from Piper, who wears a pink blouse instead of a green one.
  • From this issue on, all interior art will be done by Marcio Abreu.
  • Piper still drives an SUV
  • A family photo of Piper, Leo, Wyatt, Melinda and Chris can be seen.
  • Phoebe has shorter hair.
  • Paige made her hair darker but still red.
  • Piper also seems to have cut her hair.
  • The Source attacks the Charmed Ones in public, but is probably not noticed, because all the people are affected by a rage spell.
  • Piper has a new power, Molecular Acceleration, the ability which causes an object to rapidly heat up. As a result of this heat, the power can cause objects to liquefy or burn.
  • The spell seems to only be affecting non-magical beings, as Henry is the only one from the family affected, since he is human. Leo was protected from the spell because he was at Magic School.
  • Oddly, Piper drives a green car rather than her Jeep.
  • It is confirmed in this issue that Piper no longer has P3. She said, "If I wanted dark, I would have kept my club."
  • The design of the Source has changed from the previous issue. He is now more muscular and taller.
  • This issue does not include a recap page.
  • Leo's close up in the comics was based on the photo below, most notably the eyes, hair and facial expressions. There's also a resemblance in the clothing.







International Titles[]

  • Serbian: Smrtni neprijatelji
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