The Monkey Totem is a magical artifact capable of stealing the senses of others. The totem was originally a living monkey created by the Sorcerer Kheel. He was a harsh master and mistreated the monkey, which led to it stealing its master's voice. As a punishment, Kheel then transformed it into a totem.

Once the totem has been used, the senses would get lost when the victim needed them the most. The totem exists out of three monkeys sitting on each other. The first covers its ears, the second its eyes and the third covers its mouth. Despite there being three depicted, only one comes to life when activated.


The Crone used the Monkey Totem to steal the Charmed Ones' senses so that she could gain access to Wyatt long enough to see his future.

  • The monkey stole Piper's sight and caused her to go blind while driving. The Crone later used her sight to see Wyatt.
  • The monkey stole Phoebe's hearing and caused her to go deaf during a meeting at work. The Crone later used her hearing to eavesdrop on the sisters.
  • The monkey stole Paige's voice and caused her to go mute while performing at her boyfriend's club. The Crone later used her voice to convince Wyatt she is Paige, thus can be trusted.

The Crone carried the totem on her when she was vanquished, and it was destroyed with her. As a result, all the sisters' senses were restored. [1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Transmogrification: The ability to alter one's physical form. The totem could shift into a living monkey at its master's will.
  • Glistening: The ability to teleport oneself while leaving a glistening contour of the body for a moment.
  • Sense Stealing: The ability to steal the senses of other beings and trap them inside the totem. While the power is effective, the target won't lose their senses until the moment they are most needed. Powerful beings, such as the Crone, may be able to use their magic to extract the senses from the totem and use them themselves.

Book of Shadows[]


Monkey Totem[]

In the late 15th century,
Sorcerer Kheel created a
sense stealing monkey to
assist him in defeating
his enemies.
But the sorcerer was a
harsh task master and
the monkey turned on
him by stealing his
scolding voice.
The sorcerer then punished
the simian by turning
him into a totem, which
retains the ability to steal
the senses of it's victims.


Notes and Trivia[]