"Now there's a freezing power with kick!"
Piper to Phoebe[src]

Molecular Inhibition is the magical ability to stop the movement of molecules, causing them to lose energy and crystallize, thus encapsulating an object or being in ice.

This is an extreme form of Molecular Immobilization only witnessed when Piper Halliwell was turned into a Warlock by dark magic, altering her power.


  • Piper froze one of her wedding planners, capturing her in ice.
  • Piper then froze Dantalian's hand and shattered it with a candle holder.
  • Piper also froze Leo, who was then shattered into a million pieces after Phoebe kicked him.
  • Piper finally froze the warlock Zile, who at the time, was disguised as Prue.

Strength and Control

Victims of this attack are brittle enough that they can be shattered into a million pieces with a single blow. This would instantly kill a being. When the user freezes a target completely, the target doesn't feel pain or cold and is unaware of what happened when unfrozen. This power can be used to torture victims, as Piper froze Dantalian's hand and shattered it, causing her immense pain.

List of Users

Notes and Trivia

  • This power is also called Ice Stasis.
  • This power is not to be confused with Cryokinesis, the ability to manipulate cold and ice with the mind.
  • It is unknown what will happen if a being is frozen for a longer period of time. It is possible that the victim will remain frozen, defrost and return to normal, or simply melt.
  • This power can be seen as a polar opposite of Molecular Acceleration and Molecular Combustion as these powers speed up movement resulting in heat and fire, while Molcular Inhibition slows down molecules and creates ice.
  • This power could be also an advanced version of Molecular Immobilization.
  • With this power, Piper was able to perform an act of selective freezing, demonstrated when she only froze Dantalian's hand.
  • In "Bride and Gloom", the "ice" is transparent plastic foil. This is most noticeable when the pig goes near the frozen wedding planner and the plastic foil sways with the breeze.

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