Molecular Deceleration is the ability to slow down the molecules of an individual or object, making it appear as if time slows down, putting the target into slow motion. This power is related to Molecular Immobilization[1] and can either be seen as a weaker or more controlled version of this power.


P. Baxter


Baxter slowing down Anton.

"I'm gonna like having that power."
Anton to P. Baxter.[src]

P. Baxter displayed this power using it on the warlock Anton, who was attempting to steal hers and P. Bowen's powers. After breaking free of her power, he told her that he was "gonna like having" it. However, he never managed to obtain it from her.[2] When P. Baxter was reborn as Piper Halliwell, her power advanced into Molecular Immobilization.

Cole Turner

Cole picked this power up in the Demonic Wasteland. After coming back from the wasteland, he used it to save Phoebe from Agent Jackman's bullet, and later to save Darryl Morris from several bullets by slowing them down and the criminal who fired them while Darryl remained in normal state. He was also able to prevent Adam Prinze, who was under the influence of the Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror, from killing Phoebe, who was trapped inside a pumpkin.

Kat Mitchell


Kat slowing down a glass of juice.

Kat Mitchell gained this power when she developed her magic, using it to slow down a falling book. She is described as inheriting her aunt's power, but due to her young age it has manifested as Molecular Deceleration instead of Molecular Immobilization. Her power will presumably advance when she gets older.

List of beings who use(d) Molecular Deceleration

Original power
Through spell, potion, power, stealing, etc.


  • This power is often confused for Temporal Stasis, as used by Cupids for example, due to their similar function and appearance.


  1. Piper Halliwell stated that powers don't "grow at random", and, given that her past-life, P. Baxter, possessed the power, it can be assumed that they are related.
  2. As seen in Pardon My Past.

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