"Coopersmith? You don't think…"
Phoebe attempts to find out more about Coop's past.[src]

Mitchell Coopersmith is a mortal who married Bree Holcombe in San Francisco. He is also a distant relative of Coop Halliwell, the husband of Phoebe Halliwell.


Early life[]

Not much is exactly known about Mitchell, however he presumably met Bree Holcombe sometimes in his twenties or late teens. He would later find out she is also the senator's daughter. As a family tradition in, the wedding cake would be designed like his family old mine. However, it greatly angered Bree's side of the family.

Rehearsal Dinner[]

"We've only been open a few months and I'm hosting the rehearsal dinner for a senator's daughter. And on such short notice. They just called today!"
Piper gets excited due to the fact that her restaurant is already going smoothly.[src]

Phoebe finds the wedding in the newspaper.

Although the couple actually booked another restaurant, Phoebe however intervened and successfully got the wedding planer to move the rehearsal dinner over to Piper's restaurant, Halliwell's. She explains to Piper and Paige that she thinks the Coopersmiths could be distant relatives of Coop which is why she changed their reservation. However, when Coop tried to enter the restaurant, the doors seem to have locked themselves, although unknown to him, Phoebe's first husband, Cole Turner, wasn't letting Coop enter the premises. Coop then went around to the back and was able to enter without Cole interfering.

A couple of hours later, the Coopersmith and Holecombe families arrive at the restaurant. Mitchell asks for a hand with bringing in the cake, in which Phoebe forces Coop to go help. Once outside, the two talk about how Bree axed the idea of having the Coopersmith mine cake at the wedding, however she settled for having it at the rehearsal instead. Mitchell started having second thoughts about the wedding until Coop gave him some "cupid words" and was able to convince him. The two brought it in and sat in the middle of the guests. As the soon-to-be bride and groom hug, the parents argue over the cake.

The Wedding[]

Bree: "I do love you, Mitchell. More than any stupid cake or your parents fighting all night or your brother hitting on my mom."
Mitchell: "Yeah, that was weird."
— Bree and Mitchell make up.[src]

Bree and Mitchel wed.

Back at home, Coop and Phoebe talk about the rehearsal dinner and how fun it was. However, suddenly Phoebe receives a premonition of the wedding getting ruined, although unknown to her then, Cole planted the vision. Phoebe calls Piper and Paige, and the four of them attend the wedding. [Cole suddenly appears at the doors and flings Coop back onto the street. Giving up, the sisters enter the church while Coop attempts the back way. Around the back Kama, a female cupid, stalls Coop for a couple of minutes and attempts to reason with him, however, Bree races out the back door crying.

After some faithful words form Coop, Bree goes back into the church and finally marries Mitchell, much to the annoyance of the family and the cake choice.


Mitchell Coopersmith appeared in a total of 1 issue throughout the course of the comic series.