Phoebe: "The beginning was great, it's just the end was, uh, hell."
Miles: "Yeah, I had the same experience with my ex."
Phoebe: "Uh, no, I'm pretty sure you didn't."
— Phoebe and Miles talking about their exes.[src]

Miles was Phoebe Halliwell's mortal boyfriend, whom she started dating shortly after divorcing Cole Turner. Phoebe believed she really cared about him, though Piper believed he was just a rebound.


Dating Phoebe[]

Miles started dating Phoebe shortly after her divorce. Their third date was going well until it was interrupted by Piper due to something driving Cole crazy. However, Phoebe was manipulated by Barbas and refused to help him.

A hallucination of Miles later appeared before Phoebe, telling her she was only drawn to him because he was evil. She punched him and the hallucination disappeared. After conquering her fears and defeating Barbas, Phoebe went of a fourth date with Miles.


One night while making love to Miles, Phoebe had a premonition of him being caught in a crossfire and being killed. She and Piper saved him the following day by freezing the bullet just before he was shot. However, Phoebe then had another premontion of Miles being killed by an athame. After saving him again, she had a third premonition of him falling off his balcony and saved him a third time.

It was later revealed that Miles was meant to die according to the Grand Design. When Phoebe saved him, a Time Ripple opened, allowing the warlock Bacarra to come from the future. When Phoebe and Paige were killed by Bacarra, Piper went through the Time Ripple and warned her past self that Miles had to die. Past Piper then led Phoebe the wrong way so they were too late to save Miles, thus erasing the timeline in which Phoebe and Paige died.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Leo first theorized that Phoebe's powers advanced to the point that she could also see natural events, though he theorized that Phoebe received premonitions she wasn't meant to receive due to her love connection to Miles.


Miles appeared in a total of 2 episodes over the course of the series.