Piper: "We need a Whitelighter."
Mikelle: "Maybe that's what I'm here for."
— Mikelle before healing Paige.[src]

Mikelle was a newly reborn Whitelighter who, as a mortal, was a charge of Paige Matthews. She had lived a rough life and lost faith in herself. She became a target for Darklighters, which was why the Elders assigned Paige to protect her.


Early life[]

"I take it you Whitelighters aren't one for a drink, huh? Well, if you'd had a life like mine..."
—Mikelle speaking with Paige about her past.[src]

Mikelle was born into a mortal family and lived in San Francisco, California. She lived a rough life, which scarred her emotionally and led her to become a heavy drinker. Because of this, she found it hard to believe in herself or that she was meant for something in life, not knowing that she was a future Whitelighter.

Paige and the Darklighters[]

"Mikelle, look, I know your history, okay? I know you've had a tough time. The thing is, though, you don't believe in yourself. And you keep telling yourself you're going to be nothing, you will, in fact, be nothing. Clearly, the reason I was sent to help you was to help you see you're meant for something special."
Paige pep-talking Mikelle.[src]

Paige protecting Mikelle

After the Elders were afraid Mikelle would not do the good she was destined to do, they assigned Paige to guide her. While in an alley in San Francisco, Mikelle was attacked by a Darklighter named Sid. Her inner-Whitelighter inadvertently called for Paige, who arrived and helped her while she was defending herself using her martial art skills. Paige then orbed her to safety. Paige tried to convince her she was meant for something, however, Mikelle didn't believe her and tried to leave, at which point Piper froze her.

After unfreezing, Mikelle went into the conservatory looking for Paige and saw the sisters lying on the floor with Christy and Billie Jenkins standing over their bodies. Believing the Jenkinses had killed them, Mikelle ran outside. However, as she was no longered cloaked, a Darklighter named Salek, arrived and orbed her away.

Death and Rebirth[]

Mikelle: "Paige!"
Paige: "Oh, my God, Mikelle!"
— Paige witnessing Mikelle dying.[src]

In the Underworld, Mikelle was severely wounded by Salek and called out for Paige. When Paige finally arrived, Mikelle was nearing her last breath, and could only watch as Salek shot Paige in the back with Darklighter Arrows. As the poison began to kill Paige, Mikelle lost her last grip on life and died.

However, Mikelle later appeared as a Whitelighter and healed Paige. She then realized that she did have a meaning in life. She proceeded to orb back to the Heavens.

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was one of the many Whitelighters/future Whitelighters/Whitelighter-Witches whose names began with an "m", amongst; Maggie Murphy, Maria, Melissa, Marcus, Melinda Halliwell and Matthew Halliwell.
  • Mikelle was the last Future Whitelighter to appear in the series.
  • Her appearance, attitude, and alcoholic traits make her a strong parallel of how Paige used to be.
  • She was the last innocent that the Charmed Ones lost on the show.
  • She was the last person that Piper used Molecular Immobilization on.
  • It is not entirely clear why in the end Mikelle managed to become Whitelighter without doing anything important before her death, while Maria and Joanna were lost by their Whitelighters and did not fulfill their purpose.


Mikelle appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.