Micah: "I'm Micah."
Prue: "I'm Charmed."
— Micah and Prue exchanging words.[src]

Micah was a Witch Hunter that lived in the colonial Virginia village where Melinda Warren was born. However, Micah did not share the other villagers' blind hatred for witches and actually tried to protect good magic. It was also hinted that he was aware of the fact that Ruth Cobb was an evil witch herself.


Micah encountered the Halliwell sisters and helped them twice: once by telling the other hunters he couldn't find them when he, in fact, had; and again when he secretly tied the ropes hanging around their necks by a method he learnt in France, which saved their lives. Micah and Prue also showed great affection toward each other. However, his cover was blown after he released the sisters and so he was executed by Cole Turner as punishment.

After returning to the present, Prue met a man who looked identical to Micah, presumably his reincarnated self in the 21st century.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Micah was mentioned again in the next episode, "Sight Unseen". Prue traced his ancestors to find the history of colonial Virginia.



Micah appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.


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