Melissa was a future Whitelighter whose husband David was killed by a Siren: a demon who preyed on married couples. After surviving a fire, she became a target for the Siren.


One night, Melissa came home and found her husband David with the Siren, who preceded to kill him. She then threw Melissa across the room and set a fire, intending to kill her. However, Melissa was saved by Cole, who was determined to do good with his demonic powers and reunite with Phoebe.

Melissa was admitted to the hospital. When the Siren discovered she was alive, she tried to kill her again. However, the sisters managed to intervene and save her. The sisters then took Melissa to the manor, but she freaked out when Piper's unborn child swapped the powers of its parents and ran away.


Melissa in her burned apartment.

Piper and Paige found her at her burned apartment, but Melissa refused to listen to them and ran into the middle of the street, after which she was arrested for causing a traffic accident. Paige later visited her in jail and helped her overcome her grief of her dead husband while learning to accept the world of magic.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It is unknown if Melissa had a Whitelighter. Some fans incorrectly believe Leo to be her Whitelighter. However, Leo did not know Melissa and the attack on her was random.


Melissa has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.