The Warlock Curse was created by Melinda Warren to trap the warlock, Matthew Tate into her locket as punishment for exposing her secret during the Witch Trials. The entry for the curse was written in the Book of Shadows.


Melinda Warren first used this curse in 1692 to trap Matthew Tate inside her locket and strip the powers he copied from her shortly before she was burned at the stake during the Witch Trials of Salem.

In early 1999, Matthew Tate was accidentally freed from the locket by Prue Halliwell. In order to defeat him, the Charmed Ones then summoned their ancestor Melinda Warren to the present and helped her curse Matthew into the locket once again. Because she had trouble remembering the ingredients she used for the curse, they had to find the entry in the Book of Shadows. While Piper and Phoebe went to collect the rest of the ingredients at Quake, Prue went to steal the feather of a spotted owl.[1]


Warlock Curse[]

Ingredients needed:
assorted herbs and spices,
a Spotted Owl Feather,
a leather bag
and a locket.
Combine the herbs and make it into a fine powder.
Put the powder into the leather bag and add the owl feather.
Put the bag into fire and let it burn while chanting the spell
and holding the locket open, pointed to the to-be-cursed warlock.
Outside of Time!
Outside of Gain!
Know only Sorrow!
Know only Pain!


Notes and Trivia[]

  • This is the first curse the Charmed Ones did together.
  • According to Melinda, the curse only stripped away the powers she knew he had already copied. But upon hearing he had the power of Blinking, she realized he still had the powers he copied from other witches.

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