"Oh my God. I can see you but no one else can?"
Piper after realizing Mark is a ghost.[src]

Mediumship is the ability to perceive and communicate with spirits. Most, but not all, magical beings possess this ability, including witches and gypsies.


The Charmed Ones first discovered they possessed mediumship when they met the ghost Mark Chao, as they were the only ones capable of seeing him.[1] Phoebe and her sisters could also see the ghost of Charlene Hughes, who was invisible to the Libris that killed her.[2]

Paige saw ghosts for the first time when she saw Nathan Lang.[3]

Magical gypsies also possess mediumship. Shorty after she was killed, Lydia Nicolae appeared before her niece Ava. Gypsies call these appearances a mulo.[4]

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Notes and Trivia

  • When spirits become corporeal, mediumship is no longer required to see them. When Rick Lang became corporeal, he was able to scare a secretary and assault a guard.[5]
  • Spirits summoned with the To Summon the Dead spell or a seance can be seen by all people present.
  • Some demons lack the ability to see spirits, as confirmed when the Libris was unable to see Charlene Hughes.[8]
  • There have been instances where witches are unable to see spirits even when it is in front of them.
    • Phoebe and Paige were unable to see Piper's soul when she fell unconscious due to a Thorn Demon's poison, nor could they see Cole's while he was guiding Piper. However, Piper and Cole were in a different plane at the time, and Cole stated that Piper was not a ghost due to still being connected to her body.[9]
    • Amelia Desmots was able to see several spirits, while the Charmed Ones were only able to see Andy Trudeau's spirit whilst in the same room at the same time.[10]


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