Maya Holmes was a model who left the powerful attorney Walter Nance for a younger photographer. Nance proceeded to kill the photographer and frame Maya out of vengeance, causing her to become a fugitive.


In 2005, Maya was nearly arrested by an inspector, though she knocked him out and escaped. Around the same time, Piper Halliwell had accidentally taken her appearance when she took on a new identity. Believing her to be Maya, the police arrested Piper. In order to free their sister, Phoebe and Paige decided to capture the real Maya and swap her with Piper. However, Piper first met Nance and learned that he had framed Maya, prompting her to clear the woman's name. Paige and Billie found Maya and magically swapped her with Piper.


Maya saved by the sisters.

Walter arranged to have Maya released into his custody shortly after she was put in jail. Walter then attempted to kill her by throwing her off his balcony, so it would seem like suicide. However, the sisters arrived in time to save her.

Though surprised by the existence of witches, Maya was thankful to they were doing for her. The sisters realized they needed Walter to confess and Billie concocted a plan. She pretended to be his manicurist and taunted him about his age. She threw him across the room and Walter then saw himself severely aged in the mirror. The sisters and Billie all glamoured into Maya and drove him to the balcony, where the real Maya pushed him off. Piper then froze Walter before he hit the ground and coerced him into confessing, clearing Maya of all charges.


Maya appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.