Max Jones was a mortal who dated Brittany Reynolds, a friend of the Charmed Ones.


The day after Brittany was abducted by Javna and had her youth stolen, Max became worried and went to the police station. He explained to Andy Trudeau and Darryl Morris that it was not like Brittany and told them she had been at Quake. Andy noted that she was the fourth young woman to disappear and told Max to go home and wait. After the sisters banished Javna, Brittany's youth was restored and she returned home.

In 2008, Brittany was killed and once again rapidly aged. When Piper and Phoebe attended the funeral, they saw Max grieving. When the sisters saw what happened to Brittany, they become convinced there was something magical going on.


Max Jones appeared in a total of 1 episode and 1 comic throughout the course of the series.