Mausoleums are buildings or monuments in which the deceased may be buried or entombed. Mausoleums may be located in graveyards or religious locations as churches and cathedrals. They may also be referred to as crypts or burial vaults and can serve as the resting place for multiple people, including entire families.

Mausoleums are frequently used by Demons as a lair or hideout, as they are harder to track on cemetery or ground.[1]


Ward Mausoleum

Prue and Phoebe Halliwell visited the mausoleum of the Ward family in Palo Alto to vanquish the spirit of Jackson Ward, though it failed and they only managed to cause him pain.[2]


The demon Litvack used the Bowen Mausoleum as a lair when he was tasked with killing the mortal criminal Bane Jessup. The Charmed Ones later faced and vanquished Litvack and his minions there.[3]

Cole Turner

After betraying The Triad, Cole Turner frequently met with Phoebe Halliwell in the mausoleum his father was laid to rest. Cole vanquished the Demonic Bounty Hunter Krell here after he tracked him and Phoebe helped Cole fake his death.[4] Phoebe later received a premonition there that revealed how Benjamin Turner was killed by his wife Elizabeth.[5] The demon, Sykes, once laid a deadly trap in the mausoleum to create a distraction for Cole, Paige and Piper in order to get to Phoebe.[6]

Cathedral Mausoleum

Prue Halliwell visited the Cathedral mausoleum with the Angel of Death and witnessed the death of Reece Davidson at the hands of The Seekers as a part of learning that she cannot prevent death if it is destined.[7]

The funeral of Prue Halliwell is held at the Cathedral.[8] Piper later went to the mausoleum to express her pain and anger over Prue's death after she was turned into a Fury.[9]


  • The Bowen Mausoleum could only be opened by turning three nines upside down, forming the number 666.
  • The funeral scenes were shot inside a real mausoleum, except for the scene in "The Power of Two", which was shot at Los Angeles City Hall.



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