"Oh, don't beg. I stared at my killer right in the eye. So much more dignified way to die."
—Mata Hari to Jason Dean.[src]

Mata Hari was an exotic stripper in Paris, originally born in the Netherlands. She worked as a double agent for Germany during World War I, which led to her conviction by French officials and execution by a firing squad.

In 2004, Phoebe Halliwell accidentally became possessed by the karma of Mata Hari when she was inadvertently caught up in Richard Montana's karma cleansing spell. She was eventually banished by Jason Dean using a potion that Richard had brewed to free Phoebe.


Karma Possession[]

Mata hari astral premonition

In 2004, Richard Montana wanted to cleanse his karma in hopes of relinquishing all the negative energy following him. He checked the Book of Shadows and found the Aura Cleanse spell, in which he replaced the word aura with karma. After casting the spell, the karma of Mata Hari was summoned and hit Phoebe Halliwell. She then had a premonition of Mata Hari being executed, which flung her across the room, and was possessed by the karma.


As Mata Hari's karma took over, Phoebe began acting differently and speaking French, which led her sisters to believe she was affected by a spell. Phoebe attempted to seduce Jason in an attempt to win him back, though she became angered when he refused and called her crazy. She interrupted his event and ruined it by using magic. She was then frozen by Piper and orbed home by Leo.

Her sisters soon figured out she was possessed by Mata Hari's karma, at which point Swarm Demons attacked. Phoebe assisted them against her sisters and was taken away by the demons. She met with the Swarm King and convinced him to work with her. She confronted Jason in his limo and kidnapped him with help of two demons.

The demons nearly executed Jason on her orders, but Jason used a potion he had gotten from Richard to expel the karma. Phoebe then sent the fireballs back at the demons and vanquished them. Her sisters arrived and they vanquished the Swarm King together, thus destroying the entire hive.


Mata Hari appeared in a total of 1 episodes throughout the course of the series.

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