Mary Eastey was a woman living in Salem during the Witch Trials, executed due to accusations of witchcraft.


According to a documentary, Mary was accused of being a witch and tried to run into a church to prove her innocence. However, as she reached for the doors, she was struck by lightning. Those in charge of the trials took this as a sign that she was guilty, stating that God himself had punished her.

While already conflicted about being a witch, Piper Halliwell saw the documentary and questioned her morality. She was initially afraid to enter the church she delivered food to, though she eventually conquered her doubts and accepted that she was good.[1]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It is unknown if Mary Eastey really was a magical witch, a practitioner or merely a mortal who was falsely accused.
  • This version of Mary Eastey is based on the real Mary Eastey.