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Written by: Daniel Cerone

Season 4, Episode 15

Episode No. 81

[Scene: A church where Phoebe and Cole's wedding will be held. Piper and Phoebe are there. Piper is arranging some flowers in vases while Phoebe's walking around wearing a microphone.]

Phoebe: Piper, did you check on the cake?

Piper: Yes.

Phoebe: That's good because I don't want the cake to be delivered until after the linens arrive.

Piper: I checked on the cake. Could you please take off that microphone?

Phoebe: Yeah, sorry, just checking the sound system. (She takes it off.) What about the limo? Honey, did you book the limo?

Piper: It's all taken care of. Along with the DJ, the caterer, the table arrangements and the rice.

Phoebe: Rice? No-no-no-no. We can't throw rice.

Piper: Why not?

Phoebe: Well, because the birds can't digest it. And they will blow up.

Piper: Okay, so we'll throw bird seed. Or-or we'll release balloons.

Phoebe: No-no, we can't release balloons either. They float to the ocean and the whales mistake them for squid and I can't be thinking about whales washing up on the beach during my wedding, you know what I mean.

Piper: Honey, I know you want the perfect day but you need to relax a little bit, and breathe, breathing's good, breathing is your friend.

(Paige walks in.)

Paige: Whoa. Is this a wedding or a coronation?

Phoebe: Um, where is my dress?

Paige: Oh, I don't have it.

Phoebe: Ah-h-h, I'm not breathing. What do you mean? How could you forget my dress the day before the wedding? The bridal shop's closed tomorrow.

Paige: Relax, it's open tonight, I'm planning on picking it up on my way to the rehearsal dinner.

Phoebe: Oh.

Piper: Alright, why don't we sit down.

Phoebe: Oh, yeah, sitting is good. (They sit on the pews.) I think I'm a little stressed out. You know, 'cause I just want tomorrow to be perfect, no glitches. Natural or supernatural, you know. No magic, no ghosts. (She looks up.) You guys understand that? I just want tomorrow to be nice and normal.

Piper: Honey, I promise you we will have your perfect wedding. By this time tomorrow, you and Cole will be joined in holy matrimony.

[Scene: Underworld. A cave. Cole and the Seer are there.]

Seer: Holy matrimony will be the worst possible thing that could happen. It'll keep you from ever reigning as the Source.

Cole: That can't be right.

Seer: It's what I foresee. Unless of course you cancel the wedding.

Cole: I can't. I need Phoebe.

Seer: Yes, I can see that too.

Cole: We've been through this. Cole's love for Phoebe still exists within me, I can't overcome it. If I'm to regain what I've lost it has to be with Phoebe, marrying her.

Seer: Even if it means losing your son?

Cole: A son? You saw a son in my future?

Seer: More than a son. You and Phoebe Halliwell will produce the most powerful child the magical world has ever seen.

Cole: That's my boy.

Seer: No, he won't be your boy, he'll be theirs. On the side of good. Unless you marry the witch in a dark way.

Cole: That's impossible, the wedding's tomorrow, I don't have time.

Seer: Then your son will never be heired to your kingdom, he'll be heired to their destiny.

Cole: Not if I destroy the white wedding. Then find a way to lure her into a dark one. I'll have to move quickly, start a fight between Phoebe and one of her sisters. Paige.

Seer: Did you really thinking sibling rivalry going...

Cole: Not by itself, no. I'll have to get a demon to attack, to distract them. While you're doing that, I'll set Paige up. Mix a potion or two to insight the infighting and then poof! Watch the white wedding disappear, literally.

Seer: Still, how will you get her to marry you in a dark way?

Cole: What do I need for that?

Seer: A dark priest to perform the ceremony. At night, in a cemetery, and of course, the groom will have to drink her blood. What are the chances of that?

Cole: Good. Very good.

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Everybody is sitting around the table, including Darryl and Victor, having the rehearsal dinner. They are all giggling.]

Piper: ...And what about Phoebe, who was speed walking down the aisle.

Phoebe: I was not.

Cole: You left your dad. (They laugh.)

Paige: Twice!

Cole: Okay, attention. (He taps his glass with a knife and stands up.) I have something for my groomsmen, two fine gentlemen who I chose to stand by me on the most important day of my life, because well, they're the only ones I know.

Leo: Wow, you have to admire his honesty.

(Cole picks up two gift bags and hands them to Darryl and Leo.)

Cole: Here you go.

Leo: Thanks.

(They look in them.)

Darryl: Wow, cool, engraved golf balls. Titleist Pro V ones. Thanks, man.

Leo: I don't golf.

Victor: Hey, I'll take them.

Leo: They've got my name on it.

(Victor takes them from Leo.)

Victor: So?

Phoebe: And for my two beautiful bridesmaids whom I chose because they're my two best friends in the whole wide world.

(She hands them a gift basket.)

Paige: Aww, Phoebe.

Phoebe: There's a bonsai tree for balance and harmony and a dreamcatcher so that all your dreams will come true, just like mine have.

Paige: This is so great, tarot cards. My deck is totally trashed, this is perfect.

Phoebe: Yeah, that's just in case you need psychic services while me and my new husband are busy getting busy. (The phone rings.) Oh, I hope that's the photographer.

Darryl: Hey, Leo, I got an extra stogie, you wanna join me?

Leo: I don't smoke.

Victor: I'll take that.

Leo: But I do eat chocolate. (They stand up.)

Piper: Leo, no, wait, wait, wait. No, Leo, we need to wait for everybody else.

(They leave the room.)

Paige: Let's see what future has in store for Cole and Phoebe. (She flips over the Lovers card.) Oh. (Then she flips over the Despair card, then the Death card.) Oh, no.

(She looks over at Phoebe.)

Cole: You don't really believe that stuff do you?

Phoebe: Oh, I am so sorry. There's just so many details. You know, I practically bit Paige's head off today at the church because she didn't pick up my dress on time.

Paige: Which is now in the attic. Yay.

Cole: Excuse me, I'll be right back.

(Cole leaves the room. Piper comes back in with a plate of food.)

Piper: So what did the cards say?

Piper: Oh, nothing.

[Cut to the kitchen. Cole flames out.]

[Cut to the attic. Cole flames in. He walks over to Phoebe's wedding dress and waves his hand in front. It changes to a larger size. He looks at the tag which says "Hold for Phoebe Halliwell" and changes it to "Hold for Millie Platt". He flames out.]

[Cut to the dining room.]

Piper: Try the cards again, see what comes up.

(Cole walks in.)

Paige: Oh, uh, maybe later.

Cole: So, I don't mean to spoil anybody's fun but I should be going.

Leo: Going where?

Cole: Hotel. (Phoebe hugs him.) Not supposed to stay in the same house as my bride the night before the wedding, right? But Phoebe has the number in case of emergency.

Piper: Goodnight.

Leo: See you later.

(Phoebe and Cole head for the door.)

Phoebe: So what are you gonna do your last night as a single guy?

(He grabs his coat.)

Cole: Ooh, if I told you that, you'd never marry me.

Phoebe: I feel like I am standing at the edge of a cliff right now.

Cole: You do?

Phoebe: Yeah. And somehow I've never felt safer in my whole life. Are you okay?

Cole: No. Not really. (They kiss.) You have no idea how difficult you are making this for me.

Phoebe: I do. But you have to go. You'll have me soon enough.

Cole: I hope so.

(He leaves.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Cemetery. A mausoleum. The Seer and an elderly man are there. The elderly man is smashing a crypt with a sledge hammer.]

Man: I saw some witches poking around this crypt one night. A couple or three years back. I think this is where they buried it.

Seer: I can always count on you to help.

Man: Well, you're one of the few left. The dark priesthood's a lonely calling these days. I haven't seen a human soul in my collection plate in months.

Seer: I'll be sure to make a donation.

Dark Priest: Bless you, child. (He takes a box out of the crypt.) You know, it's not a wise move to unearth a Lazarus demon. They're mean and unreliable. A bad combination.

Seer: I know.

Dark Priest: It's just that after you kill one, you have to bury the remains to prevent resurrection.

Seer: Yes, I know.

Dark Priest: Well, what I want to know is what's a wise old Seer want with one of these messy creatures.

Seer: That's my concern.

Dark Priest: Don't you mean the Source's concern? I've heard the rumours.

Seer: A new Source has risen.

Dark Priest: And lucky to have you as a Seer. Still you've always worked in a strictly advisory capacity, and yet here you are digging up demons.

Seer: So?

Dark Priest: So, what's in it for you?

Seer: I had a vision. This Source will have a son, the greatest power in the history of magic.

Dark Priest: And you'll be the hand that rocks his cradle.

Seer: Once I get rid of his mother, yes.

Dark Priest: Very nice. (He opens the box and scatters the ashes on the ground. The ashes form into a demon.) Tell the new Source I live to serve him.

[Scene: A hotel room. Cole is sitting at a table mixing together a potion. The phone rings and he answers it.]

Cole: Hello?

Phoebe: I had to call. It's an emergency.

Cole: Phoebe, what is it?

Phoebe: I needed to hear your voice.

Cole: I'm glad you called.

Phoebe: You are?

Cole: Yeah, something's been bothering me. Maybe it's my imagination but Paige was a little, I don't know, weird at dinner, kinda cold.

Phoebe: Really? I didn't notice.

Cole: Mm, I wouldn't bring it up but I don't wanna do anything to come between you and your sister. If us getting married is gonna hurt the Power of Three in anyway... (The potion poofs.)

Phoebe: I don't know what to say except Paige has been nothing but supportive over our marriage.

Cole: Forget about it, it's probably nothing.

Phoebe: Okay.

Cole: So, how do you look in your wedding gown?

Phoebe: I don't know yet. I've been too busy to try it on.

Cole: Well, when you do, I want you to picture me taking it off. (There's a knock at the door.) Gotta go, babe. Love you.

Phoebe: I love... you.

(He hangs up. He waves his hand over the potion and it disappears. He goes over and opens the door.)

Leo, Darryl and Victor: Hey!

Leo: What is a wedding without a bachelor party? I've got poker chips, corn chips, I have chips.

Victor: I've got the entertainment from my private collection I might add.

(He holds up a video.)

Darryl: You wouldn't happen to have the key to the minibar in there would ya?

(He peeks in Cole's jacket.)

[Cut to the manor. Paige's bedroom. She lays the tarot cards on the bed.]

Paige: What does the future have in store for Phoebe and Cole? (She flips one card over to reveal Lovers, then Despair, and then Death.) Oh. (She grabs the cards and rushes into Piper's bedroom. Piper is there brushing her hair.) Piper. Look, I can't keep this to myself any longer. (She holds up the cards.) This is Phoebe and Cole's tarot reading. They were lovers in their past, despair fills their present, but this is their future.

Piper: Oh, please, this looks nothing like Death. Prue met him, I know.

Paige: No, you're missing the point. This is a bad omen.

Piper: Well, not necessarily.

Paige: Look, Cole's a nice guy, fine, whatever. But face the facts, he was the world's greatest demon for what, a century?

Piper: Yeah, but we've been through that.

Paige: Yeah, I know but a century's worth of blood and bad karma, you don't just walk away from that. God, I don't know, maybe I'm just worried.

Piper: Well, have you ever considered that maybe you drew those cards because they represent your feelings and not Phoebe's future?

Paige: It's a possibility.

(They hear Phoebe scream.)

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe is wearing her wedding dress which is way to big for her. Piper and Paige walk in.]

Phoebe: (to Paige) You! You've ruined my wedding. And the bridal shop is closed tomorrow.

Piper: Now, uh, Phoebe, let's not blow this out of proportion.

Phoebe: My wedding dress could double as a circus tent. Okay, I think things are already out of proportion.

Paige: All I did was pick up the dress.

Phoebe: The wrong dress!

Paige: No, I checked the tag.

Phoebe: Oh, really? Let me just look at that. Millie Platt. Do I look like Millie Platt to you? Do I? (She throws the tag at Paige. Paige picks it up and looks at it.)

Paige: That's impossible.

Phoebe: Okay, you know if you would have picked up the dress when I asked, we'd have time to fix this.

Paige: Don't worry, I can sew, I will take in the seams, all of them tonight. (A demon smokes in. He waves his arm and Piper flies across the room. Phoebe gets in a fighting stance and her dress slips off. She kicks him and he crashes into a cupboard.) (Paige calls for the.) Sword!

(A sword orbs off the table and stabs the demon. He turns into dust.)

Phoebe: You'd better take care of this mess.

Paige: There has got to be something in the Book of Shadows.

Phoebe: Not the demon, my wedding dress.

(She gives it to Paige and storms out of the attic.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper, Phoebe and Paige are there. Piper is looking through the Book of Shadows while Paige sews Phoebe's dress. Leo orbs in with Cole.]

Cole: Are you hurt?

Phoebe: Baby, you're not supposed to be here.

Cole: Leo said it was an urgent call, I was worried.

Phoebe: Thanks. I'm fine. (They hug.) No demon is gonna stop me from marrying you tomorrow. Now my sister's another story.

Paige: I said I was sorry.

Leo: What kind of demon attacked you?

Piper: This one. A Lazarus demon.

Cole: A Lazarus demon, you sure?

Piper: (Piper reads from Book of Shadows.)"Rare, high level demons, with telekinetic powers." Yep, that's the bad boy we popped.

Cole: Has it resurrected yet?

Piper: Resurrected?

(The Lazarus demon resurrects.)

Paige: Behind you! (The demon uses his telekinetic powers and throws Piper and Leo across the room.) Sofa!

(The sofa orbs out and orbs back in to where Piper lands.)

Cole: No!

(The demon uses his power and the chandelier above Phoebe drops on her head.

Paige: Piper blow him up!

(The demon smokes out.)

Piper: Leo.

(Leo rushes over to Phoebe and heals her. She groans. Leo and Cole help her up.)

Cole: Are you okay?

Phoebe: I think so, yeah.

Piper: Uh, he's gonna be back. The book says that Lazarus demons get stronger the longer they are out of cemetery ground.

Paige: Cemetery ground?

Cole: It's the only way to keep them from resurrecting. You bury them.

Phoebe: So that means someone intentionally dug them up, to attack us, the night before my wedding.

Leo: The question is who, and why?

Paige: I know why. To stop the wedding. I did two tarot readings, Phoebe, they both said that marrying Cole would only cause death and despair.

Phoebe: What?

Paige: Well, I'm surprised he didn't tell you, he saw the first reading.

Cole: If I run scared every time things look dark for us, we never would've made it this far.

Phoebe: That's true. Is there anything else bothering you, Paige, that I should know about?

Paige: No, not really.

Piper: Okay, good. Paige and I will be on demon watch tonight so that Phoebe can get some sleep.

Phoebe: Ugh, I'm too wired to sleep.

Paige: Well, maybe I can help you relax with one of my aromatherapy treatments.

Piper: See, now this is the spirit. Everything will be fine as long as we stay together, stay calm.

[Time lapse. Underground. Cole pushes the Lazarus demon into a wall.]

Lazerus: I just did what the Seer told me.

Cole: Did she tell you to kill my fiancé? 'Cause that's what you almost did.

Lazerus: The Source before you would've rewarded me for killing one of those witches.

Cole: The old Source was reckless and now he's dead. You wanna follow him to his grave?

Lazerus: No.

Cole: Then let's get this straight. You work for me now. Do what I tell you, I guarantee you will never see another cemetery. But hurt my bride again and I will bury you myself. (He throws a fireball at him and he turns into dust.) Stay down until I need you. (He turns to the Seer.) How dare you unearth a Lazarus demon.

Seer: We need a creature that could lure your witch into the cemetery.

Cole: But a Lazarus demon.

Seer: The witches must believe they are under attack for your plan to work.

Cole: There's no plan with Phoebe dead.

Seer: I'm beginning to wonder if you can handle your new mantle of power.

Cole: Are you questioning my leadership?

Seer: No. You inherited the world's evil, I'll follow that anywhere.

Cole: But?

Seer: Cole. He's still alive inside you and he loves the witch.

Cole: I know, I can feel it.

Seer: When you were a demon, his love for her ruined more than one good plan.

Cole: It's different now. Cole's voice used to scream inside my head now it's just a whisper. We can use his feelings to control her.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Phoebe's bedroom. Piper and Phoebe walk in.]

Piper: So we'll take shifts and I will go first and then Paige will wake you up in the morning.

(Paige walks in holding a jar of cream.)

Phoebe: What is this?

Paige: My face cream, also known as heaven in a jar, it's a special blend.

Phoebe: You made it?

Paige: Mm-hm. It's got patchouli oil for balance and confidence, and chamomile to relax your nervous system. I'm really sorry about your wedding dress. I want everything to go so great for you tomorrow.

Phoebe: It's okay. (They hug. Paige leaves.)

Piper: She's trying.

Phoebe: Yeah, I know, I know. (She smells the cream.) Couldn't hurt, right?

Piper: You still feeling tense?

Phoebe: It's not really tense, just, um, extremely alert.

Piper: Phoebe, I know you want the Cinderella fantasy, but I don't want you to be upset if everything doesn't go exactly as planned tomorrow.

Phoebe: Where is that coming from?

Piper: Well, I was just remembering my wedding day, and I remember I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect.

Phoebe: And then Prue crashed through the front door on a Harley.

Piper: Yeah, only Prue could make my wedding day all about her. But the point is, I barely remember the ceremony, it's a total blur. And in the end all that matters is that you marry the guy that you love, and if you manage to do that your wedding was perfect.

[Time lapse. Phoebe's bedroom. Phoebe is asleep. Cole flames in and sits next to Phoebe. He chants something latin.]

[Cut to the hallway. Paige walks out of the bathroom and sits back in the chair next to Phoebe's door. She hears voices in her room.]

[Cut to Phoebe's room. Phoebe's face glows. Paige opens the door and Cole quickly changes into Piper.]

Paige: What are you doing in here?

Piper/Cole: Shh. Just checking on Phoebe, you were in the bathroom.

(They leave her room and close the door.)

Paige: I didn't even hear you.

Piper/Cole: Well, that's a problem don't you think? What if I was a demon?

Paige: Oh, good point.

Piper/Cole: When you're on demon watch in this house, you don't take bathroom breaks.

Paige: Got it.

(Piper/Cole starts to walk away.)

Piper/Cole: And whatever you do, don't fall asleep.

(Paige nods. Piper/Cole waves her hand and Paige falls asleep instantly. Piper/Cole walks into Piper's room. Piper is asleep in bed. She waves her hand over Piper and then flames out.)

[Scene: Morning. Manor. Phoebe's bedroom. Phoebe wakes up and looks at the clock. It's 11:07am. She walks out into the hall where Paige is sound asleep.]

Phoebe: Paige! Paige!! You were supposed to wake me up.

(Paige wakes up. Phoebe rushes into the bathroom. Piper comes out of her room.)

Piper: What happened? What time is it?

(Phoebe screams and comes out of the bathroom. She has little red pimples all over her face.)

Phoebe: Look at me.

Piper: Whoa.

Phoebe: (to Paige) What do you have to say for yourself?

Paige: I fixed your wedding dress.

Phoebe: Paige! This is all your fault. (She storms into her room.) You put a mojo on my face cream.

Paige: I did not, those are all natural ingredients.

(Phoebe starts to cry.)

Phoebe: If you have something to say to me, why didn't you just say it, Paige?

Piper: Okay, we all just need to take a deep breath.....

Paige: Say what?

Phoebe: Don't think that I don't know how you really feel about Cole.

Paige: Oh! I have been nothing but supportive of that demon.

Phoebe: Ex-demon.

Paige: Oh, is that like ex-convict?

Piper: Alright, that is not necessary. We all just need to calm down....

Paige: Face it, Phoebe. This wedding has been filled with nothing but bad omens from the start.

Phoebe: And they all seem to be connected with you now, don't they?

Piper: Alright, that's it! Break it up. You go back to your corner and you, you're gonna get ready and we're gonna put lots and lots of makeup on you.

Paige: Oh, face it. There's not enough spackle in the world to fill those craters.

Piper: Uh!

Paige: Step back.

Phoebe: Oh, now what are you doing?

Paige: Trying to prove to you that I'm not trying to sabotage your wedding.

Piper: I don't think...

Paige: "Let the object of objection become but a dream, as I cause the seen to be unseen."

Phoebe: Magic. She just magic on me.

(The spots disappear.)

Piper: And it's working.

Phoebe: It is? (Phoebe turns invisible.) My zits are gone?

Piper: Yeah, I can, I can honestly say that your face is completely clear.

Phoebe: Woo hoo!

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper, Paige and an invisible Phoebe are there. Piper's looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Phoebe: It's my wedding day. The one day of my life that is all about me and nobody can see me.

Paige: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it.

(Phoebe walks across the room holding a piece of paper. Paige follows her.)

Phoebe: Stop following me, go away!

Piper: Hang on, Phoebe, don't lose it now.

(Paige holds up Phoebe's wedding dress.)

Paige: Here, you can't walk around naked and I think it'll fit now.

Phoebe: Ahh, Paige! (She snatches the dress of Paige.) What difference does it make? I am invisible. My wedding is supposed to start in less than one hour and everyone I've ever known will be there, and I'm never gonna be able to face them again. Ugh!

(She pushes some books off a table.)

Piper: Alright! This is all just a back fire to the vanishing spell. There's gotta be a reversal in here.

(Victor opens the door.)

Victor: Hey, what's going on up here? You guys aren't even dressed yet. Where's Phoebe?

Piper: She is still putting on her face.

Victor: Wh-? I can't keep stalling this photographer forever. He's done portraits in every room in the house.

Phoebe: Send them out to the church.

Victor: Phoebe?

Piper: That was me. I'm working on my impressions.

(Piper covers her mouth.)

Phoebe: Dad, go downstairs and wait for us there.

Piper: See? I'm working it into the toast.

(Victor leaves.)

Phoebe: Ugh, what's the use. I might as well call Cole and tell him it's off.

Piper: Oh, honey, we-we-we'll...

Paige: Something you said is bothering me. Why would there be a backfire to the vanishing spell?

Piper: Personal gain, I guess.

Paige: Yeah, but there wasn't any of that when I used it to help others, why Phoebe?

Piper: What, are you suggesting that there is outside magic at play here?

Paige: Yeah. The same magic that dug up the Lazarus demon and then there's the acne and then the super-sized wedding dress.

Phoebe: She's rambling. Should I yell at her again?

Piper: No! She might be onto something.

Paige: Listen, we're not fighting each other here, we're fighting evil. We kick evil's ass every day.

Piper: Sometimes twice a day.

Paige: Okay, today's a day just like any other day. Evil wants this wedding canceled? Screw that. We're not gonna go down without a fight. Okay, so what we do is get dressed, we head to the church while we look for a way to fix Phoebe. Are you with me?

Piper: Yes! Phoebe?

Phoebe: Grab the book. Let's go.

Piper: Get the dress.

[Scene: The church. Everyone is seated on the pews. The photographer takes a photo of some people. Leo walks over to Cole.]

Cole: The wedding was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago. Where are the girls?

Leo: Phoebe needs to talk to you but in the dressing room.

Cole: It's bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding.

Leo: I don't think that that's going to be a problem.

[Cut inside the dressing room. Piper, Paige and invisible Phoebe are there.]

Paige: Okay, this one's gotta work. It's the spell that reversed my enhanced breasts. Here.

(Paige hands Piper a piece of paper.)

Piper: "Guiding spirits hear our plea, annul this magic let it be."

(Piper burns the paper with a candle.)

Phoebe: Can you see me?

Piper: Not even your breasts.

Phoebe: Ugh.

Paige: That's it. That's the last reversal spell we have.

Phoebe: It's okay you guys. You did your best.

(Someone knocks on the door. Piper opens it. Cole's there.)

Piper: (to Paige) Come on, let's go. We'll leave you two alone to talk.

(Piper and Paige leave.)

Cole: Wait a minute, where's Phoebe?

Phoebe: Over here. (A bunch of flowers wave in the air.) Hi, honey.

Cole: Phoebe? You're invisible?

Phoebe: Yeah, looks like whatever demon's trying to stop our wedding succeeded.

Cole: Oh, honey.

Phoebe: We tried every trick we know to fix it and nothing's worked and now...

Cole: Phoebe?

(She picks up a tissue and blows her nose.)

Phoebe: I wanted the perfect wedding. But I didn't want it for me, I wanted it for you. You have given me so much, you don't deserve this.

Cole: It's okay, baby. We'll find another way, I promise.

Phoebe: Okay.

Cole: I'll make the announcement.

Phoebe: Alright.

(Piper and Paige walk in.)

Cole: The wedding's off.

Paige: Not necessarily.

Piper: Get everybody in their positions, we'll start with the processional, tell the quartet.

(Piper takes Cole to the door.)

Cole: Whoa, what about Phoebe? She's invisible.

Piper: Not for long, we hope. So go on, and look for your bride walking down the aisle. Go on.

(He leaves. Piper closes the door.)

Phoebe: Wait, hold on here, I'm a little confused. I thought we were out of spells.

Paige: Mm-mm, not yet. You know how every attempt we've made to reverse your invisibility has failed?

Phoebe: Yes.

Paige: Well, what if we don't reverse it, we just shift it from one sister to another.

Phoebe: Wait, you mean transfer the invisibility to you? No way, I won't let you.

Paige: Phoebe, every Cinderella needs a fairy godmother. Let me be yours.

(Phoebe sighs.)

Phoebe: Paige...

Paige: Please, I need to do this so you know that I'm not trying to stop your wedding.

[Cut to outside. Leo walks over to Darryl and Victor.]

Leo: The natives are growing restless in there.

Darryl: Yeah, I know, a couple have already left.

Victor: Would somebody tell me what's going on?

(Cole walks in.)

Cole: I wish I knew. Places everybody.

(Leo and Darryl walk inside.)

Seer: Aren't you going to seat me?

(Cole and Victor turn around to see the Seer standing there.)

Victor: I'll get her.

Cole: No, allow me. You should wait for Phoebe. (Victor goes inside. The Seer holds onto Cole's arm and they walk inside.) They'll recognise you.

Seer: You never contacted me. Did your potion worked?

Cole: Yes.

Seer: And did they use the spell you thought they would?

Cole: Yes, and now she's invisible.

Seer: Then why are all these people here?

Cole: I think they found a spell to reverse our magic.

Seer: Then did she find an obedience spell to make you do as she pleases.

Cole: Don't forget who you're talking to. (The Seer sits down. Piper comes out of the dressing room and stands in her place.) (to Seer) Where's the Lazarus demon?

Seer: In my chambers awaiting your command.

Cole: Order him to attack. The girls will stop the ceremony to save innocent lives.

(The Seer leaves. Cole stands in his place. The quartet plays the wedding march. Victor and Phoebe walk down the aisle.)

Darryl: (to Leo) Where's Paige?

Leo: I don't know.

(Invisible Paige pulls up a chair near by and sits down. She sniffs.)

Paige: I'm gonna cry.

Priest: Thank you all for coming to honour the love between Cole Turner and Phoebe Halliwell.

(The Lazerus demon smokes in nearby.)

Paige: Oh, no.

Priest: Before we get started, I must ask, is there anyone who has just cause why this couple should not be united...

(Paige picks up a candle stick and hits the Lazarus demon on the head.)

Lazerus Demon: Ugh!

(Paige pushes him out the door and the door slams shut. Everyone turns to look.)

Priest: This is your time, your platform...

(The Lazerus demon uses his telekinetic power and Paige flies across the room. Everyone in the church hears.)

Piper: I'll check that out. Keep going.

(Piper runs out of the church.)

Priest: Since nobody here can show just cause, it's my privilege to ask...

Piper: (from outside) You put her down!

Paige: Ahh! (They hear a crash. Everyone turns to look.)

Leo: Excuse me.

(Leo runs out of the church.)

Phoebe: Keep going, please, just keep going.

Priest: As I was saying, it's my privilege to ask, who gives this woman to this man today.

Victor: Her sisters and I do.

Piper: (from outside) Son of a bitch!

Paige: Ahh!

Leo: Piper, look out!

(They hear another crash. Phoebe drops her bouquet and runs outside. Cole follows.)

[Cut to the room. Piper is lying on the floor. Phoebe and Cole race in. The Lazarus demon uses his telekinetic powers on Leo and he flies across the room, knocking over Phoebe. The Lazarus demon picks up a chair. Phoebe runs towards the demon and he is about to throw it at her.]

Cole: Stop!

(The demon stops and Piper uses the opportunity to blow him up.)

Phoebe: Where's Paige?

Piper: I don't know.

Phoebe: Leo, where's Paige?

Leo: I can't get a read on her. Wherever she is her heart's not beating.

(Cole sees Paige's blood spill onto the floor.)

Cole: Over here.

(Leo runs over and starts to heal her. Darryl and the Priest rushes in.)

Priest: What the hell is going on in here?

Phoebe: That's it. (She pulls off her veil.) The wedding is off! Tell everyone to get outta here. Go-go-go-go!

(She pushes Darryl and the Priest out of the door.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Church. All the guests have left. Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Cole and Leo are there. Piper is on the phone.]

Piper: (on the phone) Just send the food to the house. Yes, and the bill. Not as sorry as I am. Thank you. (She hangs up.) Caterer's taken care of.

Phoebe: Thank you so much, Piper, I just, I can't deal with any of that right now.

Piper: It's okay, it's been a tough day. (to Paige) How about you? How are you doing?

Paige: Uh, still a little shaky.

Leo: We nearly lost you. Lucky the demon hesitated when Cole yelled.

Phoebe: Yeah, but why did he?

Cole: Maybe he was surprised somebody yelled at him.

Leo: We should all just be thankful that we're alive.

Paige: And visible. Although I'm not sure how that happened.

Cole: I do. The magic you were under was supposed to stop the wedding, it wore off once the wedding was cancelled.

Phoebe: Oh, you mean when Evil won? I am not stopping until I find out who sent that thing after us.

Piper: Speaking of the demon, the crispy critter needs to find its way back to a cemetery.

Cole: I know a local haunt, I can take it there.

Piper: And what happens when my freeze wears off on the way? You'll be as defenceless as a cat toy.

Phoebe: I'll go with him. I wanna make sure it's in the ground for good.

Paige: Let's all do it.

Cole: Fine by me.

[Cut to a cemetery. Cole is standing in front of a grave. The girls and Leo are catching up to him.]

Cole: I found a spot. This headstone's from the early 1900s. Nobody'll come digging here anytime soon.

Leo: Piper, you see anyone coming, freeze them.

(Cole starts digging.)

Piper: (to Phoebe) Don't worry, honey. It took Leo and me three times to get married. It'll happen for you and Cole. We just need to figure out what kind of evil stopped your wedding and why.

Paige: I have an idea. Why don't we just ask it?

Cole: Oh, don't be crazy. That Lazarus demon is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Phoebe: I want to know who ruined the happiest day of my life.

(Paige pours the ashes onto the ground.)

Cole: Phoebe, I'm asking you, please, for me. Don't do this.

Phoebe: Cole, I can't believe you don't wanna know.

(The Lazarus demon resurrects.)

Piper: One flinch and I blow you into briquettes.

Phoebe: Who resurrected you?

(He points to Cole.)

Lazarus Demon: Ask him. You swore I'd never see a cemetery again if I helped you. You set me up.

Piper: Cole, what is this demon talking about?

Cole: I have no idea.

Lazarus Demon: Liar! You ordered me to attack them in the church. Is this how you reward your loyal servants?

Phoebe: Okay, Cole, what is going on, because I gotta tell you right now I am freaking out!

Cole: Oh, what's the point you already figured it out.

(He throws a fireball at the Lazarus demon and he turns into ash.)

Phoebe: Oh, no. No, it can't be. No, it can't be. No.

(She looks away. Cole turns into the Seer.)

Paige: It's not. It's the Seer.

Piper: Not for long.

Phoebe: No, don't. (She goes over to the Seer/Cole.) Where's Cole?

Seer/Cole: Unconscious in the mausoleum.

Paige: Why would you save us one day and try to kill us the next?

Seer/Cole: For the same reason. To keep the balance of power between Good and Evil.

Piper: Don't be cryptic. I hate cryptic.

Seer/Cole: I had a vision. If you married Cole on this day, his love would've helped you evolve into a much stronger witch, too strong. I had to stop you and I did.

(The Seer/Cole flames out.)

Piper: Bitch.

Phoebe: Cole.

Leo: Go. I'll bury the rest of the demon.

[Cut to the mausoleum. The Seer/Cole flames in and changes back to Cole. He loosens his tie and lays on the ground. Piper, Phoebe and Paige run in.]

Phoebe: Cole? (They go over to him.)

Cole: Where's the Seer? She's in the cemetery.

Piper: Yeah, we know, we had a little chat.

Paige: I'm surprised she didn't kill you.

Cole: It's not her style. (He groans.) Killing's beneath her. She only does it if she has to.

Phoebe: Come on, let's get you home.

(Leo walks in.)

Leo: You okay?

[Time lapse. They are walking through the mausoleum.]

Paige: I still don't understand. If the Seer wanted to stop Phoebe from marrying you, wouldn't she want to kill you?

Cole: I don't know, you'd have to ask the Seer.

(They walk past a small chapel in the mausoleum.)

Leo: Look, a chapel.

Paige: A chapel in a mausoleum?

Leo: That's a first.

Piper: It's cute.

Cole: And perfect.

Phoebe: For what?

Cole: A wedding.

Piper: I couldn't agree more.

Phoebe: Really?

Paige: You've got the rings.

Leo: And we're all here.

Phoebe: Okay, I do. I-I mean, I will. Let's go.

(They walk inside. The dark priest removes his hood. Cole hands Phoebe a rose and she pins it to his lapel. She pricks her finger on one of the thorns and it bleeds. Cole puts her bleeding finger in his mouth. They go through the ceremony and they place the rings on each other's fingers.)

Dark Priest: Not two but one, till life be gone. (Pauses) You may kiss the bride.

(Cole and Phoebe kiss.)

Phoebe: We did it.

Cole: Yes, we did.

(They kiss again. The Seer appears near by.)

Seer: It is done.