The Marks Line of Witches are noble and powerful witches from Great Britain. They are descendants of the Mighty Marks. Thaddeus Sutton Marks established shelter and protection for witches during the Salem witch trials with help of the Warren line of witches.


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Simon Marks, a member of the Marks Line of Witches, sought out Paige Matthews to propose marriage, as their union had been predicted by forty different soothsayers and oracles and a wizard or two. However, Paige was already in love with Henry Mitchell and rejected his proposal.[1]

Simon is a Whitelighter-Witch, similar to Paige, indicating that, at some point in time, Whitelighter blood entered the bloodline. Simon, and presumably the rest of the Marks line, attended the Newcastle College of the Magical Arts. They are also known to use their magic for everything, including trivial deeds such as picking groceries, thus breaking the restriction of personal gain.


  • Ancestor
    • Thaddeus Sutton Marks
  • First Generation
    • Edward Bartholomew Marks and Margery Newcomb
  • Second Generation
    • Robert Avery Marks and Anne Whipple
  • Third Generation
    • Avery Cuthbert Marks and Alicia Ellen Neethey
  • Fourth Generation