Mariners are winged magical fairy-like beings that guard the sea, and those who travel upon it, though those who anger them will make them respond with force, stemming from their power over wind and storms.


In 2000, Phoebe cast "To Receive a Sign" spell, to give Piper signs to who was her true love—Leo or Dan. But the spell actually provided signs to where Prue (who had been kidnapped) had been taken. While looking at demons that could have taken Prue, the Book of Shadows flipped itself to the Mariners entry. Phoebe noted that Mariners were good beings, and Piper misinterpreted it as a sign to pick Dan, as he played for the Seattle Mariners; it was actually a sign that Prue was being held at "Mariner's Bluff".[1]

Book of Shadows[]


These fairies are sworn to
the protection of the sea,
the creatures who dwell within it,
and those who travel upon it.

They serve the Masters of the Water,
and are endowed with power
over tide and storm, wind and current.

When angered, they are capable
of great destruction, but when appeased,
they guarantee the sailor safe passage home.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The name of the species perhaps corresponding to a post-Classical or Vulgar Latin "marinarius" (sailor), from "marīnus" (marine; relating to the sea).
  • Although magical creatures not seen by mortals, several things have been named after them such as the baseball team the Seattle Mariners, and Mariner's Bluff: a viewpoint in the San Francisco area.


  1. As seen in "Give Me a Sign"

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