"I don't know, it was like he won the lottery or something. Suddenly he couldn't lose. Every deal he made was golden. And at first he was happy of course, but then he wasn't. And whenever I would ask him how he did it or how he knew, he would just say that he could sense what was about to happen."
—Mrs. Henderson to Paige.[src]

Margaret Henderson was the wife of the late San Francisco lawyer Larry Henderson.


Margaret and Larry got together around 2000. They were bankrupt and their relationship was going nowhere until Larry made a deal with Zahn without telling his wife.

All of a sudden, he became successful and the two married. Mrs. Henderson noted that she sometimes felt that her husband was clairvoyant because of all of his golden deals working on a law firm. However, in 2003, Larry was killed as was part of his Faustian Deal. His wife was distraught, and she told an inquisitive Paige Matthews everything about their relationship together.


Margaret Henderson appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.