The Charmed Ones are still in hiding and the demon Haas suspects that they are alive after their previous encounter with "Victor" and "Wyatt". He and another demon, Black Heart, are luring teenagers into an Alice-in-Wonderland world, to try to lure the sisters out. The missing teenagers would later be found blankly babbling lines related to the fairy tale, which has been reported on the news. Billie gets word of the disappearances and prepares to go after the demons.

Meanwhile, Piper talks her sisters into trying to find new purposes in their lives and to see how things might go. She encourages Paige to look for a sign that will lead her to her new life and suggests Phoebe hang out with Dex to see if she even likes him, due to her premonition of getting married to him.

Paige gets pulled over for running a stop sign. The policewoman gets word of one of the missing teenagers found and Paige is spared getting a ticket. After a brief conversation with the policewoman, she decides she wants to become a cop herself.


Black Heart lures a young man, Alastair, into an alley. He steps near a hole and is drawn into it. He finds himself trapped in a dark tunnel and surrounded by Black Heart and Haas. Billie arrives, but the demon has gotten away.

Phoebe finds Dex and goes up to his office. She finds out he is an artist and realizes they both like each other. Dex invites her out to coffee. Meanwhile, at the salon, Piper hears the news of Alastair being found and driven crazy minutes before Leo calls to tell her he accidentally locked himself out of the house with Wyatt, forcing her to give up her spa day.

Paige goes to the police department, but the recruitment officer is skeptical, thinking Paige does not have the stamina to do the job. She flips him over and now he's convinced. However, on her first day at the academy, she hears Billie's "jingle" and leaves.

Billie is fighting with Black Heart and Paige orbs in. Black Heart escapes and Billie blames Paige. They fight but are evenly matched. Paige knocks off Billie's black wig and Billie leaves. Paige then finds an innocent whom Black Heart had been after. Haas suspects that Paige is the one who chased Black Heart away.


Paige scries using Billie's wig. She orbs to Billie's room and talks to her. Paige wants to know what Billie knows about the disappearances. Billie says she is self-taught and tells Paige about the Alice-like names, and about how she scries for demons using a GPS unit and a computer.

Billie enters the tunnel, but Haas and Black Heart catch her and send her into the Alice-in-Wonderland world. She hears voices and sees bizarre and frightening images all around her. She finds herself in a courtroom and Haas and Black Heart menace her - but then Black Heart catches fire and explodes. Haas now knows that the Charmed Ones are alive, but the sisters throw potions and vanquish him.

Billie joins forces with the Charmed Ones, offering to fight some of the demons in return for training.

Paige has changed her mind about being a cop but has connected with a cop she met in the academy.

The newspaper hires "Julie Bennet" to replace Phoebe, not knowing that she is in fact Phoebe. Phoebe's latest beau, Dex Lawson, had suggested it.

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