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The Charmed Ones

A prophesied sisterhood of three witches who protect the innocent and rid the world of evil.

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The Book of Shadows

Look inside the Halliwell's Book of Shadows; the most powerful, magical tome in existence

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Halliwell Manor

Step inside, look around and read more about the historic Halliwell family home.

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Magical Powers

Discover everything about all the magical powers on Charmed.

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Main Characters
Prue Halliwell
Piper Halliwell
Phoebe Halliwell
Paige Matthews
Darryl Morris
Chris Halliwell
Andy Trudeau
Leo Wyatt
Coop Halliwell
Henry Mitchell
Cole Turner
Billie Jenkins
Supporting Characters
Penny Halliwell
Patty Halliwell
Victor Bennett
Wyatt Halliwell
Elise Rothman
Dan Gordon
Kyle Brody
Episode Guide
The TV Series

The Comics
Featured Power
PiperFreeze.gif Molecular Immobilization
Molecular Immobilization, more commonly referred to as freezing, is the ability to slow down molecules to the point where they move so slowly that objects and people appear completely motionless, simulating the stoppage of time in a localized range.

This is Piper Halliwell's primary power, which she originally triggered by panicking or being scared, flicking her hands into the air and "freezing" her target.

Featured Character
7x5Kyra.png Kyra
Kyra was a demonic seer who turned her back on the Underworld with the intention of one day becoming human. When the Avatars were still an unknown threat, she offered her information to The Elders in return for being made human.

It was hinted that, at one point, Kyra had some form of relationship with the demon Zankou, who vanquished her later on for betraying him.