Magically Malicious is the 2nd issue of the Charmed comics: Season 10 published by Zenescope Entertainment.


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Low-level demons have never been a threat to the Charmed Ones... until now. When Fritz and Valen, a pair of demons that have been secretly observing the sisters, get their hands on a weapon capable of destroying souls, the Halliwells will face their most dangerous foes yet.

And also Leprechauns!







Magical Notes


  • Murray used a spell in a demonic language to summon a book.

Powers Used



Phoebe's vanquishing potion.


  • Shillelaghs: Magical artifacts used by Leprechauns. Valen and Fritz stole two and destroyed the others.
  • Ancient Athame: A blade infused with a spell powerful enough to kill souls, causing them to cease to exist.

Notes and Trivia

Cole's Cupboard

The cabinet in the series.


The cabinet in the comics.

  • The title is a play on the phrase "They're magically delicious!"; the famous tagline of Lucky Charms breakfast cereal.
  • Paige's special connection to the Leprechauns is once again shown. The Leprechauns prefer her over her sisters, though one Leprechaun falls in love with Phoebe.
  • Valen and Fritz obtain the Ancient Athame in this issue after getting a book from Murray. Aside from the fact that they needed a Shillelagh, it is not revealed how they actually obtained it.
  • It is revealed that Cole still has the soul of his father, Benjamin Turner. It was last seen in "Exit Strategy". The cabinet he keeps the soul in also resembles the one he used in early Season 3.
  • It is revealed that Leo's grandfather was named Murray.
  • Murray claimed to prophesize the deaths of the Charmed Ones, though it is likely that he was only boasting because he knew Valen and Fritz obtained the Ancient Athame and wanted to kill the sisters.




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