"The Academy is protected by charms which means you can't find the place unless you're looking for it. Kill them."
—A Demonic Guard explaining the academy is protected.[src]

Ludlow's Demonic Training Academy is a magical institute that was run by Ludlow with the purpose of training magical beings for evil. Firestarters are taken here to be trained as bodyguards for the Source of All Evil.

The academy is surrounded by an impenetrable magical barrier preventing good beings from entering it and can only be found when it is looked for. Aside from magica charms protecting it, the academy is also guarded by guards. The password for entering the academy is vanquishing one of the guards.


In 2002, Ludlow sought to kidnap a Firestarter named Tyler Michaels and attempted to train him to become a bodyguard to the Source. Piper and Leo posed as Demonic Bounty Hunters and went to confront Ludlow, though Tyler was taken and they were removed from the grounds. Hearing Tyler scream, Piper was able to destroy the gate with her power. The sisters then confronted Ludlow and vanquished him, thus saving Tyler.[1]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The exterior of the Academy also served as the location for the Montana Family's estate in Season 6.
  • Despite the fact that the barrier was seemingly impenetrable, Piper was able to blow up the gate due to her heightened emotional state hearing Tyler screaming.
  • Ludlow's Academy is one of two demonic academies to appear on the show, the other being Kellman's Academy in "Wrestling with Demons".

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