Lucas Barnes is Harriet Thornwood's biological father, but never been part of her life due to his history with Abigail Thornwood.


High School Years

Lucas was a good looking boy and the star quarterback in his football team. He was spelled by Abigail Thornwood to attend senior prom with her, and later fathered a child under her influence. Abigail swore to him that she would exact revenge on those who hurt her.


After high school, Lucas finished college at University of New Hampshire and became a teacher in his hometown's high school. He eventually married Anne and had a son named Tim, who is also a quarterback on his team.

He stayed out of the Thornwoods' lives and never got to know his daughter. Twenty years later, the Charmed Ones gathered Abigail's targets to lure Harriet into a trap. Lucas didn't hesitate when Ida told him his daughter needed her. After Harriet was freed, Lucas was there to hold her hand.


Lucas Barnes appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.