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Lisa Darr portrayed Mrs. Matthews in the season 4 episode "A Paige from the Past".


Lisa Darr was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 21, 1963. She wanted to be an actress for a long time and went to Stanford College as an undergraduate. There she got a degree in Biology. From there she went to UCLA and got a Masters degree in acting. Her first big break came when she won the role of Laurie Manning in "Ellen" (1994). Lisa recently appeared in the Academy Award winning film Gods and Monsters(1998).


  • Office
  • Ghost Whisperer
  • Gods and Monsters
  • Ellen
  • Dexter
  • CSI


  • Lisa played an adoptive mother on both Ghost Whisperer and Charmed.
  • She played an unsatisfied customer on The Office.
  • Lisa won an Academy Award for her film on Gods and Monsters in 1998