Lightning Teleportation is an elemental form of teleportation, allowing the user to teleport through bolts of lightning. Some beings with this ability leave a faint out shape of their body whilst doing this, as shown by the Goddess of War. As with all other teleportation powers, users can carry passengers whilst teleporting, as shown when Necron kidnapped Piper.

List of Users[]

Original Power
Through spell, potion, power stealing etc.


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This method of teleportation is only possessed by a few powerful magical beings, making it a rare form of teleportation.
  • This power is presumably related to Electrokinesis, although not all users had shown possessing this ability.
  • When Ludlow used this power, it appeared to be quite slow. However, this could be a choice to make a more impressive entrance.
  • It is often assumed the Shocker Demon possesses this power, though he never actually teleported. He turned into electricity and traveled through the wiring.
  • In the reboot there is a similar power called Electrokinetic Orbing.