Life Draining is the ability to drain the life out of other beings to sustain or rejuvenate oneself. This may result in the victim being severely weakened or rapidly aged. If victims are completely drained, however, this ability will lead to their death.


  • Javna used this ability to steal the life force of young women to remain youthful. His victims were rapidly aged to become frail and elderly versions of themselves.[1]
  • Necron was a skeletal being hovering between life and death. To sustain himself, he required the life force of other beings. His victims were turned to dust as Necron took their life through Electrokinesis.[2]
  • The Parasite Demons were two demons cursed by a witch and left severely weakened. In order to survive, they required the magic and life of other beings.[3]
  • The Spider demon can drain the life and magic of other beings by inserting her fingers into her victims and quickly draining them.[4]
  • Captain Black Jack Cutting possessed a cursed athame that would drain the youth of victims when cut.[5]
  • Billie Jenkins once unintentionally sucked the life out of a plant with her Projection power after making a remark about her parents "sucking the life of out of this place".[6]

List of beings who use(d) Life Draining

Original power
Through spell, potion, artifact, stealing, etc.


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