"All those stories, all those legends you taught me, you saved my soul, mum. You were right."
—Mark to his mother.[src]

Lei Chao is the mother of Mark Chao. She believed in Chinese legends concerning spirits and would often warn her son to respect them.


Lei Chao 2

Lei Chao after talking with Piper.

On Mark's twenty-third birthday, his mother wanted him to bring a talisman with him as he left, though he refused. After he was killed by a criminal gang, his spirit was unable to move on and became hunted by Yama.

Piper Halliwell later visited Lei along with Mark, with him acting as a translator to gain her trust. However, Piper quickly left when she learned that Lei had no idea that her son had been killed.

After revealing the truth about his death, Mark and the Charmed Ones attended his funeral, where Mark thanked his mother for the stories that helped save his soul. He was then greeted by Mr. Chao and moved on to the afterlife.

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Lei Chao appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series: