Leeza: "I've been sworn to protect it."
Cole: "And I've been ordered to steal it."
— Leeza and Cole discussing the amulet half.[src]

Leeza was a witch who guarded one of the Magical Amulets. She also owned an occult shop in San Francisco.


When Raynor, Cole Turner's former mentor in the Brotherhood of the Thorn, found out that Cole had turned good, he ordered Cole to steal Leeza's amulet. Raynor knew that Cole would have to turn into Belthazor to take the amulet, thus giving in to evil since only a great evil could overcome the amulet's power. When Cole confronted Leeza, he did transform into Belthazor and she tried to fight back, but lost and her amulet was stolen. Cole managed to resist his evil side and left without hurting her.

To make sure Cole completed his task, Raynor went to the shop saw Leeza curled up on the floor. Realizing that Cole was on the side of good now, Raynor killed her with an energy ball to frame him. His goal was to get Phoebe to start doubting Cole and destroy her love for him. He later succeeded when Cole killed Janna in front of Phoebe while under Raynor's spell. The next day, the sisters did a blessing for both Leeza and Janna.

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Leeza appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.