"Yeah, well, it's the least I can do, believe me. I don't think I could have gone through all this without you, Paige, you have been a miracle worker."
—Larry to Paige Matthews.[src]

Larry Henderson was a mortal lawyer who made a Faustian Deal with the demon Zahn. He traded his soul for a successful career, but after realizing the error of his ways, he tried to make amends before dying.


Making the Deal with Zahn[]

The Hendersons were struggling financially until Larry ended up in contact with the demon Zahn. They made a Faustian Deal in which in exchange for his soul he would have a successful career as a lawyer. After becoming rich and successful as a result of people's misfortunes and realizing his fatal mistake he tries to make reparations by making reparations to various charities.

Meeting Paige[]

Larry met Paige Matthews when she worked as his assistant as one of her temp jobs. On the day he would die, Larry gave Paige an envelope full of money and tried to get her to leave before midnight. However, when Paige checked the money, she went back to Larry and witnessed him being killed by two demons and his soul being taken away.

Saving Larry's Soul[]

Zahn auctioning off Larry's soul

Zahn about to auction off Larry's soul.

After Larry was killed, Paige realized he was aware of his fate, which was later confirmed after having a conversation with his widow. Paige and Richard Montana then summoned Larry's soul, who revealed he traded his soul for prosperity. Paige wanted to vanquish Zahn, but learned that Larry and all other souls would burn for eternity if they were not freed first. Despite objections of her sisters, Paige decided to sell her soul to Zahn to find the contracts and save Larry.

Just as Zahn was auctioning Larry, he was summoned by Paige, who offered her soul for the release of Larry. Zahn agreed and Paige signed the contract, after which the demon released Larry's soul and allowed him to move on. Paige was later saved by her sisters and Richard, who vanquished Zahn after burning all contracts.


Larry Henderson appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.