"What is this, Halloween? Who the hell are you, fool?"
—Kaz upon seeing the Aggressor.[src]

Kaz was a violent street criminal who indulged in illegal activities such as selling drugs, weapons and theft. He constantly picked on Kevin, a young witch who had to go through his territory to get home.


After receiving negative encouragement from the demon Arnon to take care of his problem, Kevin created the superhero the Aggressor. Later that night, Kaz and his lackey ambushed Kevin, and warned him to not bother them while they were working on their "business". Kaz then grabbed Kevin's bag and noticed a picture of him being attacked by the Aggressor. Kaz responded by hitting him across the face and throwing the book at him.

Kaz and his lackey later ransacked an office building and stole many valuables. The Aggressor broke through the wall and stared at him. Kaz responded by grabbing a knife to stab him but the Aggressor moved behind him and threw him across the room. Kaz then grabbed a gun to shoot the Aggressor, but the hero simply deflected the bullets back into his chest, killing him.



Kaz appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.