Jason: "Well, I mean, you know, if somebody cuts me off on the road, I'd like to think that they're gonna get what's coming to them, if that's what you mean."
Richard: "That's karma, the great cosmic justice system. You reap what you sow."
Richard and Jason talking about karma.[src]

Karma is the simple universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word, and act carries energy into the world and affects ones present reality. Neither judge or jury, it can also refer to the work we have ahead of us, which includes lessons from both one's past and present lives.

Based on the principle that individual behavior mirrors universal patterns, the tiniest act can have an enormous impact. The energies, one's thoughts, and actions produce can cover the entire planet, or even beyond, in the blink of an eye.

An examination of karma offers clues about one's intended life purpose, showing oneself the psychic imprint of past lives and mapping the way out of behaviors and thoughts that are no longer useful to oneself.

The Purpose of Karma

"What seems like a punishment can actually be a life lesson."
—A quote about the purpose of karma.

Although it may often feel like punishment, the purpose of karma is to teach, not to punish. Often the way we learn the best is to endure the same type of suffering that we have inflicted on others. This means that bad deeds do not always lead to bad karma.


Used Karma

Karma upon the world

Karma focusing upon San Francisco.

Richard Montana was a particular believer of karma. He believed it to be the universe's law enforcement, making sure those who do bad are punished. Unfortunately, he also believed that his family's war had led him to inherit their bad karma, and that he was bringing misfortune to the Charmed Ones.

After asking Paige to help him find a "Karma Cleanse" in the Book of Shadows, she told that that's not how karma works, and that there was none; "There's a aura cleanse, a chakra cleanse, but no karma cleanse."

After she left, he found the Aura Cleanse spell, and reworded it to work on karma. Karma within the world hailed down on San Francisco, focusing on Halliwell Manor. After encircling him in a ritual he'd prepared with five candles, they passed on to the other person in the house: Phoebe. This led Mata Hari's unfinished karma to be trapped in her body.

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