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22. All Hell Breaks Loose

Written by: Daniel Cerone

Season 3, Episode 15

Episode No. 59

[Scene: Manor. Prue and Phoebe are putting a floral arch in place for the wedding. Grams' spirit is standing near by.]

Phoebe: Okay, that should do it.

Grams: I'm thinking more to the left. Uh, is this the biggest arch you could get?

Phoebe: Ugh.

Prue: Without opening a fast food franchise, yeah.

Grams: Well, just remember, if love is the quest then marriage is the conquest. This place must be like victory.

Phoebe: And here I thought weddings were supposed to be romantic.

Grams: Oh my dear sweet child.

Prue: Better listen to grams, Phoebe. I mean, you could always calculate her age by the number of rings on her fingers. (Phoebe laughs.) Alright, wedding arch is done. (She ticks something on her list.) The next thing to do (she yawns) on the To Do list is...

Phoebe: Sleep. You've been yawning all day.

Prue: Try all week. It's this recurring dream I keep having. It's keeping me awake.

Phoebe: Really? What's in the dream?

Prue: Well, uh, there was this biker guy and he's kinda cute and kinda dangerous.

Phoebe: Sounds kinda yummy.

(Piper walks in and looks around.)

Grams: Piper, sweetie, well, what do you think?

Piper: It's-it's beautiful.

Phoebe: Yeah, and the best part about it is, it's finally happening.

(Piper sighs.)

Piper: Flowers and bows and grams. The only thing missing is...

Prue: Mum.

Piper: Grams, are you sure that you can't do...

Grams: No, nothing. I'm only here because you need a high priestess. They want me back by the witching hour tomorrow.

Phoebe: I thought maybe this could help.

(Phoebe holds up a photo of Patty.)

Prue: You okay?

Piper: Yeah, I just, I can't believe how close I came to sabotaging my own wedding.

Phoebe: What do you mean?

Piper: Well, with the demons and the false start and 'them' I, you know, I told myself if one more thing went wrong then it just maybe wasn't meant to be.

Grams: Oh, darling, there's no need to think that way. I mean, you made it.

Prue: Yeah, and I will personally butt kick any demon who tries to ruin it for you.

(Prue yawns.)

Phoebe: Not if you're asleep you won't. Come on, I'm tucking you in.

Piper: Sweet dreams. Bye.

(Prue and Phoebe go upstairs.)

Grams: I'll see you tomorrow at 4:00, Mrs. Halliwell. The women keep their names in this family.

(Grams disappears. Piper looks around the room.)

[Cut to Prue's room. Prue is asleep in bed.]

[Cut to Prue's dream. There's a bar. Men are playing pool. The camera pans over to another table. Prue's there playing pool with a couple of biker men.]

Prue: Uh-huh. (She sinks a ball.) The more I play, the luckier I get. (She walks around the table.) Alright. (She sinks another ball.) So that would be, uh, twenty bucks that you owe me.

Biker #1: I never agreed to no bet.

(A cute guy approaches them. His name is TJ.)

TJ: Rules of the house say loser pays twenty bucks. Maybe you want me to take you out front and teach you those rules.

Biker #1: Alright.

(He hands her the $20.)

Prue: Thank you. (She tucks it inside her bra.) (to TJ) So, um, I didn't, I suppose that you want something for helping me.

TJ: You could say that.

Prue: Well, you'll have to win it just like the rest of them.

(He grabs her.)

TJ: Maybe I should just take it.

Prue: Maybe you should leave me alone. You have no idea who you're dealing with.

TJ: Maybe you should show me.

(She kisses him.)

Prue: Hi.

TJ: Sorry I'm late.

Prue: Yeah, so am I because now I have to go.

(She starts to walk off.)

TJ: No, I want you to stay.

Prue: Yeah, I know. You know that I can't, alright, I have...

TJ: Responsibilities, right. That's what you say every night, then you cut out.

Prue: TJ, I would love to leave my responsible half behind but I can't.

TJ: You can. What are you gonna miss? Work? Blow it off. There's a freedom that comes with making your own choices.

Prue: Yeah, and I wanna know what that's like but...

(She kisses him and walks off.)

TJ: The least you could do is tell me your name.

[Cut to outside the bar. A biker is standing out there. Prue walks past and he stops her.]

Biker #1: Hey, you've got my money.

Prue: Hey, you have a good memory.

Biker #1: Yeah, yeah, maybe I'll just kick it out in trade, huh? Come here.

(He touches her and she kicks him in the face. She picks up a piece of wood and hits him in the stomach. He falls to the ground, unconscious.)

Prue: No, I don't wanna go.

(Prue astral projects out of the scene.)

[Cut back to Prue's room. Prue wakes up.]

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Piper's bedroom. Piper is asleep. There are rose petals covering her bed. A chime wakes her up.]

Piper: Leo?

(She sits up and sees the petals. She giggles and picks up a handful of petals. Phoebe walks in carrying a tray.)

Phoebe: Was that just giggling I heard?

Piper: Yes, I am guilty of giggling and I am guilty of being happier than any previous romance in my life.

Phoebe: Piper, it's your wedding day!

Piper: (shyly) I know.

Phoebe: Here comes the bridesmaid! (Phoebe jumps on the bed. Prue walks in.) Prue, come play!

Prue: Oh, hey.

Phoebe: Uh-oh. Another bad dream?

Prue: Yeah. I was still in that biker bar but this time I was attacked by a big galloot.

Piper: A galloot? What is that? (Phoebe shrugs.) You fought a demon in your sleep? If I'm gonna have to vanquish a demon in my wedding dress, just tell me because if so, then—Prue: Ay! Alright, he was not a demon. He was just a big rude guy.

Phoebe: And it was just in her dream.

Prue: Yeah, and the only thing I need to vanquish him is a potion called coffee. (The doorbell rings.) Ah, that must be the flowers. Um, okay, you just relax, no worrying.

Phoebe: And eat your breakfast and then I will have a hot bubble bath waiting for you.

Piper: Are you sure there's nothing witchy going on?

(Prue throws petals over Piper.)

Prue: I'm positive.

(They leave the room.)

[Scene: The bar in Prue's dream. Biker #1 is lying dead on the ground. Police are there interviewing people. A photographer takes a photo and then the body is covered up.]

[Cut to inside the bar. An inspector is showing TJ a security tape of Prue hitting the biker - just like in her dream.]

Inspector: Is that her? Is that the woman you were with last night?

TJ: Yeah, so what?

Inspector: So what's her name?

TJ: I don't know.

Inspector: Ah, you stick your tongue down her throat but you don't know her name?

TJ: That against the law?

Inspector: Look, I appreciate you trying to protect your girlfriend from murder charges.

TJ: She's no murderer.

(A biker walks up to them.)

Biker #2: You sure about that, son?

Inspector: You know something?

Biker #2: I know what happened. Saw it with my own eyes.

Inspector: Get a look at the killer?

Biker #2: I'm looking at her right now.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Prue and Phoebe are there. Prue is sitting at the table.]

Phoebe: Check out what I found in the attic.

Prue: I hope it's something old 'cause we already have new, borrowed and blue covered.

Phoebe: Is Melinda Warren's blessing cup old enough?

(Prue picks up the cup.)

Prue: That is very cool.

Phoebe: Yeah, what could be better than to give Piper the actual cup that our favourite ancestor drank from at her wedding.

Prue: Hmm, alright, I can check that off. Now all I need is help moving the buffet table.

Phoebe: Um, maybe we should wait until Cole gets here. He should be here any minute.

Prue: You're kidding, right?

Phoebe: No, you knew he was coming to the wedding.

Prue: Yeah, to the wedding, Phoebe, but the moments leading up to it belong to the family. And I'm sorry, but Cole is not family, okay, he is still a demon. And I don't think Piper needs a demon--

(They hear Piper scream.)

[Cut to the stairs. Leo and Piper are there. Piper is hiding behind the railing.]

Piper: It is bad luck to see the bride's dress before the wedding.

Leo: But you're not even wearing the dress.

Piper: The same rule applies to the bride's... curlers. Go away.

(She goes upstairs. Prue and Phoebe walk in.)

Prue: Oh, good, you're here.

Leo: Yeah, I'm just looking for a place to change.

(Prue sees Leo holding his Whitelighter robe.)

Prue: Uh, what's with the robe?

Leo: Oh, it's my formal Whitelighter wear.

Phoebe: Um, yeah, I-I hope you don't mind but we sort of decided that you should be a little bit more traditional, so we rented you a tux.

(Victor enters the manor.)

Victor: Anybody home?

Phoebe: Daddy! (She goes over to him.) Hi.

(They hug.)

Victor: Hi, baby. Leo.

Leo: Victor.

(He goes over to Prue.)

Prue: Hey dad.

Victor: Hey. (He kisses the top of her head.)

Prue: Well, I know that you have a lot of joy and laughter to share so I'll just take you down... whoa.

Victor: What's the matter?

(Prue sits down on the stairs.)

Prue: Uh, just a, uh, dizzy spell. I've been getting them ever since those dreams began.

Leo: What dreams?

Prue: Oh, you know, those dreams... uh, you know, it's nothing.

Phoebe: Yeah, certainly nothing to worry about. Okay, you two, follow me. (to Prue) You just sit there and relax. I'll be right back. (Leo and Victor follow Phoebe down to the basement.) Get dressed and no fighting.

(Leo and Victor walk down the stairs. A tux is there hanging on a coat hanger.)

Victor: So you rented a tux, huh? I thought for sure you'd be wearing one of those long robes all you Whitelighters love so much.

Leo: I decided to go a little more traditional.

[Cut back to Prue. Phoebe sits down beside her.]

Phoebe: Prue, okay, we've got everyone convinced that we have things under control. Now you have to convince me.

Prue: I can't do that.

Phoebe: Oh, no. What are you feeling?

Prue: Tired all the time. I mean, when I fall asleep my dreams are so real, they don't allow me any rest. It's like I'm awake twenty-four hours a day.

Phoebe: Is the dream sorcerer back?

Prue: I don't think so, but I'm not ruling anything out.

Phoebe: Well, remember what Piper said. If one more thing goes wrong she was gonna call of this wedding.

Prue: No, we can't let that happen.

Phoebe Okay, why don't you let me handle this almighty To Do list, and you go upstairs and get some rest. Don't sleep, just rest.

Prue: Okay.

(They stand up.)

Phoebe: Huh, wow, so you're relinquishing control to your little sister. You must really be tired. (Prue goes upstairs. Phoebe picks up the photo of Patty.) Please help us through this day, mum.

[Cut to Prue's bedroom. Prue is laying on her bed. She closes her eyes and falls asleep.]

[Cut to Prue's dream. Astral Prue appears in the bar. She walks past a pool table. TJ grabs her arm from behind. She turns around.]

TJ: Hey.

Prue: Hey.

TJ: You shouldn't have come back.

Prue: What are you talking about?

TJ: I spent the whole morning with the cops. They think you killed a guy, took his money.

Prue: No, I-I-I didn't kill anyone.

TJ: Good 'cause that's what I told them.

Prue: So then why are you still here?

TJ: Waiting for you. I didn't have your phone number and you never even gave me your name.

Prue: That is the sexiest thing a man's ever done for me.

(She kisses him.)

TJ: Hey, you keep saying you wanna live a life with no rules, no responsibilities. This is it. A chance. Come on.

(They walk outside and get on his motorbike. A police car pulls up.)

Inspector: Whoa, take it easy.

(Another police car pulls up.)

Prue: Don't do it for me, TJ.

Inspector: You don't wanna be an accessory for murder.

(The inspector gets out his handcuffs.)

Prue: (to TJ) My name's Prue. Prue Halliwell.

(Prue gets off the bike.)

Inspector: Put up your hands. Come on. (The inspector handcuffs her.) Let's go.

[Cut to Prue's room. Phoebe walks in.]

Phoebe: Prue? Prue, wake up.

[Cut back to the bar. The inspector puts Prue in the car.]

[Cut back to Prue's room.]

Phoebe: Prue.

[Cut back to the car.]

Prue: Oh, no.

(Prue astral projects out of the car, leaving the handcuffs behind. The inspector notices she's gone.)

[Cut to Prue's room. Prue wakes up. She looks at her wrists.]

Prue: Oh, no.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Prue's room. Prue and Phoebe are there.]

Prue: I was wanted for murder but this, this guy in my dream, he risked himself to save me. Sexy guy.

Phoebe: Prue, forget the guy. What about the arrest?

Prue: Right, uh, okay, a cop handcuffed me and that's all I remember, except that I didn't really wanna wake up, it's like my dreams were overpowering me.

Phoebe: Mm, that's what my premonitions feel like. They pull me against my will.

Prue: You know, maybe somebody's trying to pull me in a parallel world or a dream dimension.

Phoebe: Well, hopefully that someone will be in the Book of Shadows, okay? Come on. (They head for the attic.) Wait, should we tell Piper?

Prue: No, I won't let this be the one thing that goes wrong today. I'll be okay as long as I stay awake, right? For Piper?

Phoebe: For Piper.

(Piper comes out of her room.)

Piper: Hold it right there. What's wrong?

Phoebe: Boy bands. There's just too many of them, don't you think?

Piper: No. What's wrong with you two?

Prue: Uh, nothing's wrong.

Piper: I can see it in your faces. We've been demon hunting for three years now. You're going to the attic, aren't you?

Phoebe: Yes.

(Prue elbows Phoebe.)

Prue: Phoebe!

Piper: I knew it.

Phoebe: What, Prue, she's onto us, she knows. Yes, Piper, we were heading to the attic. To find something old, something new...

Prue: Uh, something, something borrowed, something blue.

Phoebe: Yes.

Prue: Right. We were gonna surprise you but now you caught us.

Piper: Oh.

Prue: Yeah, I mean, look, I told you, you have nothing to worry about today, alright? It's going to be a demon-free day. (Cole shimmers in and scares Piper.) Hey!

Cole: Sorry I'm late.

Piper: (to Prue) You were saying?

(Cole walks over to Phoebe.)

Cole: Near miss with a Zotar. (He and Phoebe kiss.) Almost spotted me. Oh, don't worry, I lost him. I think.

Piper: See? No matter what, a demon will attack today. It's just the natural order of our universe.

Phoebe: Piper, you have to stay positive. You know what? I have Celine Dion 'Behind The Music' on video cassette. Would you like to watch that?

Piper: Would you like to get slapped?

Prue: Hey, she's just trying to relax you.

Cole: Don't worry, leave the demons to me. I can handle anything that comes through...

Phoebe: Oh, no you don't. You promised you were not gonna use your demonic powers anymore.

Cole: Oh, sorry. Old habits.

Phoebe: Think good.

Cole: Oh, I am, I am. Um, I brought a gift.

(He throws the gift at Piper.)

[Cut to the basement. Leo and Victor are dressed in their tux.]

Victor: So are you and Piper gonna move out, get your own place?

Leo: Not right away.

Victor: Well, just between you and me, isn't that a little tough on the old pride? Living off the girls like that?

Leo: Look, Victor, I know you don't like the idea of your daughter marrying a Whitelighter.

Victor: Oh, I never said that. But now that you mention it, yeah, I'd prefer Piper to marry a mortal.

Leo: Well, Piper's not mortal, she's a witch. She was given her gifts to serve a higher calling.

Victor: A calling that only people like you could understand, right? The same crap my ex-wife's Whitelighter used to steal her away from me.

Leo: And I'm sorry that happened to you, I really am. But with all do respect, this isn't about you and Patty, this is about me and Piper. I love her with all my heart, and I promise to keep loving her and taking care of her for the rest of this life, the afterlife and whatever comes after that. Now you may not support it and you may not agree with it but it is not gonna stop me from marrying your daughter today. Nothing will.

Victor: You know... I could probably get used to having a Whitelighter for a son-in-law.

(Victor ties Leo's bow tie. Cole comes down the stairs.)

Cole: Everybody having fun down here?

Leo: (to Victor) How do you stand on demons?

[Cut to upstairs. Prue walks downstairs from the attic. Phoebe comes around the corner.]

Phoebe: Hey, did you find anything in the Book about your dreams?

Prue: Nothing.

Phoebe: What are we gonna do? The wedding's in a half an hour.

Prue: Get ready, get set, get through it for Piper.

Phoebe: For Piper.

(They head in different directions.)

[Cut to Piper's room. Piper is in her wedding dress. She puts on her earrings and looks in the mirror. Patty appears behind her.]

Patty: Oh, you're so beautiful.

Piper: Mum?

Patty: Don't be afraid.

(Piper turns around.)

Piper: Oh my god. But... it can't be 'cause, um, ghosts, ghosts glow. You're not glowing.

Patty: I'm not a ghost. Well, not today. Today I am simply your mother.

Piper: But, uh, how?

Patty: After all the Elders put you and Leo through, they wanted to give you something back, so, so they sent me down, just for your wedding day. You know, I think I wore my hair like this for my wedding day.

Piper: You did. Uh, I kept your wedding album after you died and... (Patty licks her finger and pushes a piece of Piper's hair in place.) And I looked at the pictures every night like a bedtime story.

Patty: I always thought you'd be the first to get married. You're the heart of this family, Piper.

(Piper touches Patty's hand.)

Piper: I'm not dreaming am I?

Patty: No, sweetie, you're not.

Piper: Mum.

(They hug. Prue and Phoebe walk in.)

Phoebe: Mum.

Piper: It's true. She's real. They sent her to us for today.

(Patty goes to Prue.)

Patty: Oh, Prue. It's been so hard on you, unfair.

Prue: Yeah... no, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to make you proud.

Patty: You protected this family better than I could. I'm so proud of you.

Prue: Thank you. (They hug.)

Patty: (to Phoebe) And you, my baby, you feel it all, don't you? I was never there to comfort you. I died before you even knew me.

Phoebe: Some nights I just wanted you to hold me.

Patty: Your road's been the longest, Phoebe. But I was never worried about you. You know why? Because I had a premonition the day you were born.

Phoebe: You did?

Piper: What did you see?

Patty: Oh, I saw this. I saw this moment right now, my three daughters standing before me as beautiful young women and I knew that everything would be okay.

Phoebe: What did you see next?

Patty: I held you.

(They all hug.)

[Cut downstairs Everyone but Piper and Patty are standing around the room.]

Grams: Places, places everyone.

(The doorbell rings.)

Prue: Don't answer that.

Piper: (from upstairs) Can somebody answer that?

Prue: Ooh, I'll get it. (Prue answers the door. Darryl is there.) Hey, you're late. Where were you?

Darryl: Out saving your ass.

Prue: Huh?

Darryl: Police have your picture. You're wanted for murder. They said you fled custody this morning.

Phoebe: Oh my god, that was your dream.

Darryl: They don't have your name yet but it's only a matter of time.

Grams: Girls!

Prue: Alright, let's just stay cool and we'll get downtown and straighten this out later. But we have to get through the wedding first, okay? For Piper?

Phoebe: For Piper. (They look at Darryl.) You're supposed to say 'For Piper'.

Darryl: Alright, it better be a quick wedding.

(Prue, Phoebe and Darryl go into the room and stand in place.)

Grams: Everything looks perfect except Victor, could you move a little to your left.

Victor: Sure, why?

Grams: Well, to make room for...

(Patty walks in.)

Victor: Patty.

Patty: Hello, Victor, how are you?

Victor: Good. I mean, I was good. Alright, who brought my ex-wife back from the dead?

Grams: Not now, Victor. I know you two have issues but that's what the reception is for.

(Grams starts the music and Piper walks down the stairs. Victor walks over to her and she holds onto his arm. He takes her up to Leo.)

Phoebe: We did it. It's really happening.

(Suddenly, TJ rides through the front door on his motorbike. He knocks over the flowers and then knocks over the table and all the glassware smashes on the floor. He stops in front of the table the cake is sitting on.)

TJ: Prue!

Phoebe: Who the hell is that?

Prue: Oh, oh, oh no. (Prue faints.)

Phoebe: Prue? (Astral Prue appears.)

Astral Prue: TJ. (She runs over to him. Grams gasps.) You came.

(Prue gets on the back of the bike.)

TJ: Had to beat the cops. I won't let them take you.

Piper: Prue, what the hell is going on?

Phoebe: Prue, you get your astral ass back here! (TJ rides off, knocking the cake table. Piper gasps. The three tiered cake falls on the floor.) Honey...

Piper: Alright, that's it! The wedding is off! (She throws her veil on the floor. She tries to walk but Phoebe is standing on her dress.) Phoebe!

Phoebe: Sorry! Sorry! (Piper walks away.) Piper, Piper, wait, think about this.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Continued from before. Piper is putting on a sweater.]

Phoebe: Piper, Piper, you can not just leave.

Piper: Yes, I can. A demon I could have handled, but my big sister ruining my wedding, I can not handle that.

Phoebe: Okay, just listen to me for one second. All we have to do is find a way.

Piper: No, no, I don't wanna find a way to get married on my wedding day. It's-it's too hard. There must be a reason.

(Leo walks over to them.)

Leo: Piper...

Piper: Leo, I'm sorry, but this is just the final straw. It's just not meant to be.

(Piper leaves the manor.)

[Cut to the living room. Victor lays Prue on the couch. Leo and Phoebe walk in.]

Phoebe: I've never seen Piper so defeated. (Leo sits on the other couch.) Prue, come on, wake up. Prue, come on.

Patty: Honey, you won't get her back that way. Apart of Prue wanted to escape and it used her astral self to do it.

Grams: If the wedding's off, I have to go. I'm only here to conduct the ceremony. I'm sorry.

(Grams disappears.)

Victor: Maybe Piper's right. Maybe the wedding just wasn't meant to be.

Patty: Victor.

Victor: All I'm saying is maybe the gods are just trying to spare them the pain that we went through.

Leo: No. All I need is what's inside of me to know that Piper and I are meant to be together. (He stands up.) What happened here today...

Phoebe: Piper and Leo's love have touched us all. We have to fix this.

(Darryl's pager beeps.)

Darryl: I gotta go fend of the parse.

Victor: What parse?

Darryl: Prue's wanted for murder. I'll stay in touch by cell phone.

(Darryl leaves.)

Patty: Murder?

Leo: (to Phoebe) You knew about this?

Phoebe: I just found out when Morris told Prue. But it's obviously a mistake. I mean, Prue wouldn't murder anybody.

Cole: You sure? I mean, Prue's astral form seems to have taken a life of its own. How do you know she didn't do it?

Phoebe: Because I know her.

Cole: Oh, yeah.

Phoebe: At least I think I do.

Leo: Alright, alright, you guys find Piper, bring her back here somehow. Phoebe, Book of Shadows, see if there's a spell to bring astral Prue back. Cole, you and me are gonna do a little investigating of our own. Alright, come on you guys. We've got a wedding to save.

[Scene: The bar. Cole shimmers in and Leo orbs in.]

Cole: Hmm, interesting place to dream about.

Leo: Especially for Prue.

(They start to walk around.)

Cole: Based on what Morris said, someone must have knifed the victim after Astral Prue away.

Leo: By the looks of this crowd, it could be anybody.

Cole: No, not anybody. Very few humans have the heart of a true killer. One who kills without prejudice.

Leo: How do you know?

Cole: I can always sense it. Before I suppressed my demonic self for Phoebe, I can sense how human killers form inside. He's here.

Leo: The murderer? You sure?

Cole: That he's our murderer? No. But he's got fresh blood on his hands. Go update Morris.

(Leo walks away.)

[Cut to P3. Patty and Victor walk down the stairs.]

Patty: Just let me do the talking. You always had a way of saying the wrong thing when they were young.

Victor: Wrong, according to you, you never opened to what I had to say because you wanted to raise them as witches... (They see Piper sitting across the room.) Instead of little girls.

(They walk over to Piper.)

Patty: We were worried.

Piper: I'm sorry, I let everyone down.

Victor: Honey, you have nothing to apologise for.

Patty: It is a tribute to you and Leo that you made it as far as you did, I think.

Piper: Yeah, but we didn't make it all the way.

Patty: Not yet maybe, but...

Piper: Not ever. I mean, I think it's obvious, don't you? Leo and I are just clearly not...

Patty: Destined to be? Oh, I don't believe that. And I don't think that you really believe that either.

Piper: Don't I? All I have to do is look at you and dad to see where I might end up if I marry Leo. I mean, look at the track record. The Halliwells, we are blessed as witches and we are cursed as women. Sometimes I think we're all destined to end up alone.

Patty: You don't really... I mean, just because... Victor.

Victor: You think your mother and I were cursed?

Piper: Don't you?

Victor: Honestly, I look back at those days as the best of my life. I loved your mother, she was the best thing that ever happened to me until the three of you came along.

Piper: But your marriage still didn't last.

Victor: Yeah, that hurt. A lot. But it was our love that gave birth to you and your sisters. Maybe that was my destiny.

Piper: I'm sorry, I just need to be alone.

(She walks away.)

Patty: Not bad for a guy who always says the wrong things.

Victor: Thanks. I just wish I knew that it helped.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Phoebe is there flipping through the Book of Shadows. She finds a spell.]

Phoebe: Gotcha.

[Cut to TJ and Prue at a park. TJ is lying down on the ground and Prue is sitting on top of him (straddling him).]

TJ: I've just gotta know. How'd you get away from the cops?

Prue: You know, I don't really wanna talk about that. I mean, I'm here now, that's all that really matters, right?

TJ: Yeah, but for how long?

Prue: Do you care?

TJ: Well, I did crash your sister's wedding.

Prue: Yes, you did.

TJ: And I am harbouring you from the cops.

Prue: And I appreciate that.

TJ: I may definitely pass for a state behaviour ---.

Prue: So then why are you still talking?

TJ: Prue, I don't need much, but I need to know one thing... are you gonna take off from me again tonight?

Prue: You know, I hadn't really thought about it. I mean, for the first time in my life I'm free, so I'm sorta just living moment to moment. Is that okay?

TJ: I'm cool with that.

Prue: Cool with that. (They kiss. Prue breaks the kiss by getting off of T.J. ) Oh, not now.

TJ: What's wrong? (Prue runs away.) Prue? (Prue runs behind the bushes.) Prue, where are you going?

(She holds onto a tree.)

Prue: No, I'm free. I'm not going back.

(Prue astral projects out of the park.)

[Cut to the manor. Phoebe is sitting on the couch. Prue astral projects in.]

Prue: No, I will not let you take me!

(Prue looks around. Phoebe slams the Book of Shadows shut.)

Phoebe: Nice spell, huh?

Prue: How dare you.

Phoebe: How dare you. You destroyed Piper's wedding along with Piper. Now, Prue, I don't know what's going on with you but you have got to pull yourself together.

Prue: I'm outta here. (Prue starts to walk away. Phoebe gets up and grabs Prue's shoulder. Prue flips Phoebe onto the ground.) You know what? (She grabs Phoebe by the throat.) You can not stop me, alright. I am never going back. I'm not going... (Phoebe swings her around onto the couch.) Alright, you know what? I am sick of this. She is all about duty and obligation, well not me. Alright, I want to be free, I wanna find love, I wanna have a life.

Phoebe: Well, Prue, you have responsibilities whether you like it or not.

Prue: Don't talk to me about being responsible, Phoebe. Alright, you were not very responsible when you went and fell in love with a demon.

Phoebe: Oh, please, you have got to let this whole Cole thing go, okay? You can't stay mad at me forever.

Prue: I'm not mad at you, Phoebe, I never was. Alright, she was. I was rooting for you.

Phoebe: Okay, now you're scaring me.

Prue: You risked everything for love, just like Piper and Leo. I dream of having that kind of freedom but instead I get stuck watching my sisters live my dream.

Phoebe: Wait a minute, you astraled out in a dream when your subconscious takes over.

Prue: So what?

Phoebe: So I just studied this in psych 101. Freud. You're the ID. Prue's inner desires. Which means that she is the ego. The control factor.

Prue: Yeah, well, she is one big remote control and she's always got me on pause.

Phoebe: I think I understand. The sacrifices that you've made for us over the years. They made you suppress your inner desires.

(Astral Prue sits down beside Prue.)

Prue: Yeah, well, don't tell me, tell her.

Phoebe: No, I'm telling you because you are Prue. I mean, you are both two sides of my sister. Prue, you have to stop devoting your entire self to the Charmed Ones. It'll tear you apart. Literally.

Prue: Is Piper very mad at me?

Phoebe: She'll get over it. And you know why? Because we're okay now, Piper and me. We've both got passion and purpose in our lives and you gave us that.

Prue: I did?

Phoebe: You took care of us. And now it's time to take care of you. (Prue astral projects back in her body. Prue sits up.) Welcome back.

Prue: Thanks. For everything. Oh, no. (She walks into the next room and sees the mess.) Oh. I can not believe I wrecked Piper's wedding.

Phoebe: Only a part of you did.

Prue: Is it too late to fix it?

(The lights go out.)

Phoebe: Oh, now what?

(Suddenly, the door flies open and cops burst in.)

Cop #1: Police! Stay where you are! Don't move!

Inspector: Prue Halliwell? You're under arrest... for murder.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Police station. Prue is there getting her photo taken. A cop takes her into a room.]

Cop: Alright, sit down. The inspector will be with you shortly.

(Prue sits down.)

Prue: This is all our fault.

[Cut to the bar. Leo and Darryl walk in. They go up to Cole.]

Leo: Prue's been booked for murder. We're running out of time.

Darryl: Leo says you've found the killer.

Cole: Found a killer.

Darryl: Oh, great, you mean you don't know? What are you gonna do? Ask him?

(The biker walks past them. He stops and stares, then continues to walk.)

Cole: That's a good idea. Why don't you meet me out front in five.

(He walks away.)

[Cut to outside. The biker is there smoking a cigarette. Cole walks over to him.]

Cole: Is that the spot where they found the body?

Biker #2: Who are you?

Cole: I'm here to find out what you know about the murder that took place here last night.

Biker #2: Show me your badge.

Cole: Oh, no, I'm not a cop. I'm a fortune teller and I predict you're gonna give me a confession.

Biker #2: You're a funny man, huh? Excuse me, huh?

(He starts to walk away but Cole grabs him. The biker pushes Cole into his motorbike. He pulls out a knife. Cole gets back up. The biker swings the knife at Cole but misses.)

Cole: I guess that's the knife you used on the victim when you found him unconscious, right?

Biker #2: You wanna closer look at it, huh?

(He tries to stab Cole but Cole grabs his wrist.)

Cole: One more chance. Confess now and talk to the police.

Biker #2: Or what?

(Cole changes into Belthazor.)

Belthazor: Or deal with me. (Darryl and Leo walk outside. Darryl sees Belthazor and gets out his gun. Belthazor turns to Darryl.) I think he's ready to talk.

[Cut to the manor. Patty is putting the bride and groom back onto the cake. Phoebe is lighting candles.]

Leo: I don't get it. Prue should be back by now, the police have the killer.

Cole: They might have held her over for escaping custody.

Victor: Can we get some light while we're waiting?

Patty: Yeah.

Phoebe: No, dad, the police cut the power line.

(Grams appears.)

Grams: I'm sorry, Patty. They sent me to take you back.

Phoebe: No, it's not midnight yet, we still have five more minutes.

Victor: I should have said something more to convince Piper.

Patty: But you said everything, you were wonderful.

(Prue and Darryl walk in. Victor shines the flashlight on them.)

Darryl: Sorry we're late.

Prue: What, no who you were expecting?

(Piper walks in.)

Piper: So, okay, what are we waiting for? (Piper takes off her sweater.) (to Leo) Don't look so shocked.

Grams: Girls, it's show time.

(Everyone stands in place. Prue puts on Piper's veil.)

Piper: Little help here.

Victor: (to Leo) I noticed you don't have a best man. If you like, I could, uh...

Leo: I'd be honoured.

Phoebe: Oh, no, there's no power for music.

(Grams makes the wind chimes chime.)

Prue: Alright, is that the best that we can do on the lights? (Leo makes clouds of bright lights appear above them.) That's more like it.

(Grams clears her throat.)

Grams: We are gathered here today to unite two souls as one. Do you, Leo Wyatt, and Piper Halliwell, join us here of your own free will to acknowledge the eternal bond shared by both of you.

Leo: I do.

Piper: I do.

Grams: You may face each other, join hands. (They do so.) Uh, Leo, you may recite your vows.

Leo: Piper, through all the tears and struggles, I always knew in my heart that we'd make it here. I promise to love and respect you from this point forward as your husband, as my wife, my lover, my friend, and my soul mate. All I am is yours.

Grams: Piper...

Piper: Leo, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was afraid that you were too good to be true, that maybe I didn't deserve someone so pure and beautiful and loving as you are. But here we are surrounded by the people that I love the most and I feel so proud, and so blessed to be your wife. Leo, I was born to love you and I always will.

Grams: Here before witnesses, Leo and Piper have sworn their vows towards each other. With this cord, I bind them to those vows.

(A rope is loosely tied around their hand.)

Piper, Leo: Heart to thee, body to thee, always and forever, so mote it be.

Grams: So mote it be.

All: So mote it be.

(The clock strikes twelve.)

Grams: Kiss her fast.

(Piper and Leo kiss. Everyone applauds and grins.)