"Look, I'm sorry, but I've already been to three wine stores, lunch break is long over and I was told that this was the bottle to get."
—Josh arguing with Piper over wine.[src]

Josh was a graduate student in architectural history at Berkeley University, where he was a GA for Professor Whittlesey. He briefly dated Piper Halliwell, but later moved to Beverly Hills after being offered a job there.


The Woogyman[]


Josh meeting Piper.

Josh and Piper first met while fighting over the last bottle of Calera Jensen '93 in a local wine store. Piper ended up freezing him, though she decided not to use her magic for personal gain and left. Josh later arrived at the manor for the dinner Prue organized for her boss Claire Pryce and Beth Whittlesey, and handed Piper the wine.

Under influence of the Woogyman, Josh's boss started choking him during a class, though students intervened and helped him. When the sisters arrived to ask about the nexus, he gave them some information before leaving to check on the professor. When Piper went to check on him later, he gave her another bottle of the same wine.

Dating Piper[]


Josh and Piper rock-climbing.

Over the following weeks, Josh kept calling Piper, though she avoided him, as she was afraid of getting hurt again. Thanks to Phoebe's interference, Piper eventually agreed to go on a date and they went rock-climbing. The date went well, though Piper froze him again and called Phoebe. After learning that things were a mess at Quake, Piper cut the date short. She later realized that she needed to work through her fears and went on another date.

Breaking Up[]

After three dates, Piper and Josh hadn't had sex yet and Josh told Piper he wanted to talk. The sisters reasoned that he wanted to have sex and become a couple, which worried Piper due to Leo leaving her after they "coupled".

When David Hatcher was kidnapped by Grimlocks, the sisters believed they were hiding in the sewers and Piper went to Josh for blueprints. They started to talk and while Piper believed they were talking about sex, Josh was actually trying to tell her he was offered a job in Beverly Hills. He told Piper that he would stay if she wanted him to. Feeling overwhelmed, Piper froze him and called him on his phone, giving her a chance to quickly leave while he answered.

Piper later decided to call Josh and let him know he should take the job, as she realized that she was not over Leo, which meant she could not commit to Josh.


Josh appeared in a total of 3 episodes throughout the course of the series.