Johnny the Gent is a fictional character in the book Crossed, Double-Crossed written by Dan and Eddie Mullen. Like the rest of the characters, his entire motivation was based on finding the Burmese Falcon.


During their time at Magic School, the brothers Dan and Eddie Mullen wrote this mystery novel together and wrote themselves as in as main characters. When Dan found the falcon, he was shot by Johnny the Gent and the book expelled his body. Johnny then lied to Eddie and made him believe the cops shot his brother.

Wrecked with guilt, Eddie remained trapped in the book and the story stopped moving forward until the death of Mr. Monkeyshines led to Paige Matthews and Kyle Brody becoming part of the story. Not wanting the story to end, Eddie betrayed them and got them arrested. However, they later went to confront him, but Johnny was there instead and shot Kyle. When Eddie arrived, Paige and her sisters forced him to learn the truth about Dan's death with a flashback.

Knowing that Johnny had killed Dan, Eddie revealed he had the falcon all along and destroyed it, thus ending the story.


Johnny the Gent appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.