"I owe it all to Joanne. She made me realize that somehow I had forgotten what my dreams were, still are. I always wanted to be a chef and have my own restaurant, not manage one. It's a good job and the pay's okay, but it's not my dream job."
Piper tells Phoebe that Joanne made her realize her dreams.[src]

Joanne Hertz was a student at Baker High School, graduating in 1992 alongside Piper Halliwell.


Early Life[]

Joanne moved to New York sometime after graduation where she met and married a wealthy man, and started working as a Segment Producer for The Food Network.

Meeting Piper Again[]

Joanne's show was coming to Quake to interview Piper Halliwell in 1999. Joanne appeared to be very vain and self-centered, and she loved flashing her large diamond wedding ring around for all to see. She also had a bad nose job—Piper said a "discount doctor" gave it to her. When time reset for the second time, Piper canceled the show and went home.

Piper later decided to quit her job at Quake: she said Joanne made her realize what her dreams were and that she no longer wanted to manage a restaurant, but open her own, which drove her to open P3 and later Halliwell's.


Joanne Hertz appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.