The Jeweled Poignard of the Order of the Stephanine Cross is a 14th-century Italian dagger, as appraised by Prue Halliwell. The dagger was in possession of Father Trask until his death at the hands of Hecate's chief minion, Kirsten. It was then taken to Buckland Auction House by Andy Trudeau in order for Prue to curate it and provide more information. Prue gave the dagger back to Andy after banishing the demon.

The poignard was used to banish Hecate and her minions back to the Underworld, though it appeared as if they were sucked into the poignard.[1]


"Nec Prius Absistit Quoad Protero Prodigium"

The inscription is Latin for "We shall not rest until the demon is vanquished."


1x06-Poignard Website

A website on the poignard.

The Jeweled Poignard
pictured below was extensively
used by members of the Order of
the Stephanine Cross.
Commissioned by Pope Clement II
in the year 1547, the secret order
is reputed to still be ancient. The
stated goal of the order was to
prevent the demon Hecate from
marrying a mortal and giving
birth to a demon child. Hecate,
Queen of the Underworld, can only
be banished from Earth by the use
of the Jeweled Poignard.
In 1794, a Stephanine
poignard featured primarily in
the trial of Father Thomas of
Kait. Father Thomas was put on
trial for the murder of a young
bride. Witnesses testified that
the Father killed her at her
wedding with his poignard. The
case was dismissed because the
body of the young bride could not
be found.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Banishing: The ability to send an object away. The poignard's sole purpose is to banish the demon, Hecate, and her minions.


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