Jessica Randle portrayed a Concerned Woman in the season 3 episode "Coyote Piper".


Jessica Randle was born in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois to theater and television/film parents, actress/singer Betsy Randle and writer/director/editor John Randle. She grew up surrounded by Chicago actors, singers and other creative types, learned how to rock climb at 13 when her dad directed a film about climbing and enjoyed much of her youth with her extended family and younger brother Aaron.

She discovered early on that she had an affection for the arts, and at 9 began to play the piano and sing; and upon moving to California at the start of high school, she got the stage bug and performed in such gems as "Guys and Dolls", "Anything Goes", "The Odd Couple" (Female Version, role of Florence Unger), "Cyrano de Bergerac" and many others.

She took her passion of performing to USC's School of Acting where she earned an honorary Ava Greenwald Nomination for Outstanding Actor, a prestigious spot on the Dean's List and a BA degree in Acting. There she donned such leading roles as Anna in Paula Vogel's critically acclaimed "The Baltimore Waltz", Juliet in the comedic parody "Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet", as well as the dramatic title role of Dolores in Edward Allan Baker's "Dolores" among others.

Upon graduation, she began studying with some of LA's finest acting teachers and set about exploring a variety of techniques - Meisner always being a favorite. Congruously, she started auditioning and working the Hollywood theater scene where she earned a Los Angeles ADA Award nomination (Artistic Directors Award) for Best Actress in an LA Comedy for "God Knows" by Peter Fox, followed by her critically acclaimed performance in Jed Seidel's "The Id & Bob" at The Lillian Theater where she garnered an impressive - and first - Variety review for her comedic role as the anal retentive and harried supervisor of the play's leading man.

She also took to the art of film editing in order to foster some of her own passion projects, one of them winning M. Night Shyamalan's popular #votebynight film challenge award for the 2020 Election in which she also played the lead actress. M. Night Shyamalan posted the film ("High Stakes" written/directed by Adam Huss) on his Instagram/Twitter pages garnering over 20,000 views.

She savors time spent with her niece and nephew making home movies, as well as with her beloved family and friends, and gives much of her energy to her artistic community and to society as often as she can.[1]

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