Jenny McCarthy portrayed Mitzy Stillman in the season 6 episode "The Power of Three Blondes."


Jennifer "Jenny" McCarthy is an American model, actress and author. She first appeared in Playboy magazine in October 1993 and was named Playmate of the Year in its June 1994 issue. She later began a career in television and film and has recently started writing books.

Jenny was born in a middle class Catholic family that lived on the Southwest Side of Chicago in the West Elsdon neighborhood. She is the second of four daughters born to her mother, a housewife of German ancestry,and her father, a steel mill foreman of Irish ancestry. As a teenager, Jenny attended Mother McAuley… More Liberal Arts High School and was cheerleader captain at nearby St. Laurence High School.

After McCarthy graduated from high school, she attended Southern Illinois University to study nursing. She needed money to pay for college, so she decided to submit her picture to Playboy magazine to make money. She was accepted and became a model.

In 2003 Jenny appears in Scary Movie 3 as a college student who gets killed by The Ring.


  • Starred alongside Ivan Sergei on the movie Santa Baby.
  • Like Rose McGowan, McCarthy also starred in the Scream franchise. However, McGowan starred in Scream, McCarthy in Scream 3. She was also featured in Scary Movie 3 which spoofs the Scream franchise appearing in the third installment of both franchises.
  • After her appearance on Charmed, Jenny would go on to star alongside Victor Webster (Coop) in the 2005 critical-and-commercially disastrous film Dirty Love.