"Cops are asking me questions. And you know what? They're not gonna catch you, no, sir. They're gonna catch me. All right, okay! I'm out. I'm done with it. No more souls. The pact, the agreement is now officially null and void."
—Jeff to Masselin.[src]

Jeff Carlton is a mortal who made a pact with the demon Masselin so as to gain money, popularity and status as a music manager.


Jeff Carlton was the manager of the band Dishwalla. He made a pact with the demon Masselin for popularity, status and high income. In exchange, Carlton was to deliver willing souls for Masselin to devour. As both gained their profits, Carlton's conscience tore at him. After Tina Hitchens, the latest victim, the police questioned Carlton and he wanted to break the pact, but the demon threatened to kill him if he did.

Leo Wyatt then used a spell to make him arrange a performance at the newly opened P3. There, he delivered Phoebe Halliwell to Masselin, who was on mission to vanquish the demon. When she failed, the demon had Jeff take away Phoebe's potion and then lured the Charmed Ones to him by using Jenny Gordon as bait. The demon was eventually vanquished, and Carlton was arrested for his wrongdoings.


Jeff Carlton appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.