Jason Dean was a mortal businessman who became the new owner of The Bay Mirror in 2003. While initially seeming like a strict boss, he started dating Phoebe after meeting her online. Their relationship ended the following year when Jason discovered Phoebe was a witch.


Jason was first introduced while Phoebe was showing off pictures of her newborn nephew when he walked in. Phoebe was instantly attracted to him when they first saw each other but panicked after she discovered that he was the new boss of the Bay Mirror which Phoebe writes a popular advice column for.

Their relationship quickly turned more bitter as Jason turned out to be more of a strict boss than Phoebe was used to. However, later Phoebe wrote an article about finding love over the internet and she got in contact with a "cyrano73" using an instant messenger and seemed to like him. She later decided to meet him in person, who turned out to be, voila, Jason, scared of asking Phoebe out in case she rejected him. He wanted to make sure she liked his personality first; Phoebe agreed to start dating.

Phoebe and Jason dated from Season 5 to the end of Season 6, where their relationship got serious, even after Jason moved to Hong Kong for business, Phoebe moved away with him and would orb back if she was needed.

After fifteen months of dating, Phoebe organized a dinner for her, Jason, Paige, and Richard Montana so she could tell Jason that she was a witch. However she had to leave halfway through the dinner to deal with demons, during that time, Jason got very annoyed and headed into the kitchen to talk to Phoebe, when she, Piper and Paige orbed in right in front of him. He then fainted and ran away angry at Phoebe for not telling him her secret sooner.

Later, after Phoebe was possessed by Mata Hari and crashed a business dinner of his, he grew even angrier, especially when Richard showed up looking for Phoebe and revealed that he was a witch too. Richard gave Jason a potion that would free Phoebe, but he ended up kidnapped by Swarm Demons under Mata Hari's order. Upon realizing the truth, Jason used Richard's potion to free Phoebe and the Charmed One vanquished the Swarm King and his minions. After the original shock for Jason, they ended their relationship on good terms with Jason potentially sacrificing a business merger to protect Phoebe.

Physical Appearance[]

Jason is a handsome white American man with brown hair, blue eyes, and a lanky physique. His wardrobe choice at work is usually business-colored shirts, suits, dark sweaters, and blue jeans.


Jason is depicted as a strict but professional businessman, but he is not unfeeling, evident by his decision to obscure Paige's name when he discovered she was one of the "Godiva Girls" roaming the city, to protect Phoebe. Whenever he is around Phoebe, he shows himself as a caring and loving gentleman, and a trustworthy person as he decided to protect the sisters' secret when he found out they were witches.

Notes and Trivia[]



Jason Dean appeared in a total of 9 episodes over the course of the series.


  1. His username was "Cyrano73".