Jack Manford was a regular customer at Quake with Piper as his server. He was briefly placed under her love spell.


Jack often went to Quake for lunch while bringing his work with him, often ignoring Piper. One night, Piper and Phoebe cast a love spell to find themselves suitors, and the next morning Jack invited Piper to dinner. The spell she cast involved writing down the characteristics of her perfect mate: in her case, she wanted a man who was "single, smart, employed, who liked sleeping in on Sundays, sunset bike riding, late night talk, and cuddling by fireplace".

Jack asked Piper out to dinner the next day since he possessed some, if not all, of those traits for her spell. She accepted and once they started talking, Piper tried to push him away by asking him if he wanted to see things like piercings, or tattoos. He responded by saying, "Do you want to see mine?" Jack was an intelligent man, which is one of the main reasons Piper was attracted to him.

After their short date, he sent her flowers (which Piper and Phoebe later give to Prue). Later, due to the damage they had inflicted with the spell, they undid it and Jack didn't remember anything the next day.


Jack Manford appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.