"I have to admit, Piper, when you said that there'd be fringe benefits, you weren't kidding."
—Jack to "Piper".[src]

Jack was a new bartender working at P3 in 2003, who had a crush on Piper Halliwell.


When Phoebe and Piper were in the club, Jack was behind them checking Piper out, and Phoebe said she could feel the sexual vibe he was giving off.

After the Stillman Sisters cast an identity theft spell, Mabel slept with Jack in Piper's office after she had taken her identity. When he was confronted by the real Piper, he did not recognize her and she was thrown out of the club.

Mabel and Jack later started making out in Piper's bedroom and found Leo sitting in the dark holding Wyatt. Jack then ran out of the bedroom saying that he would see her later.



Jack appeared in a toal of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.