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Written by: Curtis Kheel
Transcribed by: Janelle Hackbarth

Season 6, Episode 23
Episode Number: 134

[Scene: Manor. Foyer. Leo carries Phoebe in.]

Leo: Put him in the playpen. I don't want him seeing this.

(Paige walks in, holding Wyatt.)

Paige: But Phoebe…

Leo: Just do it!

(He puts Phoebe on the couch. Paige puts Wyatt in the playpen.)

Paige: Okay, there you go. There you go.

(Leo starts to heal Phoebe.)

Leo: Don't let him out of your sight.

Paige: What's wrong? What's taking so long?

Leo: I don't know.

Paige: Damn it, Leo, you should have just healed her outside.

Leo: Right, and risk you getting shot, too? I don't think so.

(Chris comes downstairs.)

Chris: Okay, so I just sent our evil twins through the portal, although… (He sees Leo healing Phoebe.) What happened?

(Phoebe wakes up and gasps.)

Paige: Thank god.

(She goes to Phoebe.)

Leo: Stay with Wyatt.

Chris: I got him.

(Phoebe slowly sits up.)

Paige: You okay?

Phoebe: Yeah. Just remind me to never park on Mrs. Noble's driveway again.

Chris: Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?

Paige: The neighborhood patrol shot her point blank and nobody so much as blinked an eye.

Chris: What? Why?

Leo: Because by getting us all to the evil world, Gideon screwed up the balance, messed up with the grand design.

Paige: Well, if you ask me, the grand design is pretty messed up in the first place.

Phoebe: Wait, so are you saying because of what he did, our world is bad now, too?

Leo: No, on the contrary. It's good. Too good. Where every little infraction is a capital offense and everyone just accepts it.

Paige: Oh, so we're starring in a little movie called "Pleasantville"?

Chris: Okay, how come we weren't affected?

Leo: Because we must have been crossing over when the shift occurred.

Paige: Well, that must mean Gideon's not affected, either.

Leo: No, he wouldn't be because he's an Elder.

Chris: How do we know he's not using the situation to his advantage, you know, come after Wyatt again?

Leo: Because I'm going to find him first.

Phoebe: No, you can't hurt him, Leo, not until he shifts the balance back, and you know he knows how to do that.


Paige: Oh, my god. We totally forgot about Piper. We have to get to the hospital.

Leo: Who's going to watch Wyatt?

Chris: I will. Look, I didn't come all the way from the future just to lose him now, all right?

(Leo nods. He orbs out. Phoebe stands up.)

Phoebe: I think we should drive. I don't want to risk orbing.

Chris: Hey, just watch your speed, okay?

(Paige and Phoebe leave.)

[Scene: Underworld. Barbas's lair. Barbas appears, fire on his sleeve.]

Barbas: Oh, give me a break! (He blows the fire out and whacks on his sleeve.)

Gideon's Voice: You're lucky. It could have been worse.

Barbas: Well, well, well, well, well, well. The new Peeping Elder. How the mighty have fallen, so to speak. Show yourself.

Gideon's Voice: Only if you agree to a truce. I promise, it is in your best interests.

Barbas: Why not? This particular day couldn't get much worse.

(Gideon appears.)

Gideon: Actually, it could. You could die. The world has changed, my friend, as you've obviously just witnessed.

Barbas: If you're referring to the witches constantly hunting me, that wouldn't happen to be some of your doing, now would it, friend?

Gideon: Not by intent, but it's why I'm here. If I'm to shift things back to the way things were, to give evil a fighting chance again, then you and I must work together.

Barbas: Now why would you want to give me a fighting chance?

Gideon: To restore the balance, the grand design, as I am honor-bound to do.

Barbas: Just out of curiosity, how is it this, uh, imbalance happened to occur? Come on. You can say it. I know you can. "I made my move on the boy, and I screwed up."

Gideon: I took a calculated risk.

Barbas: You screwed up. Now you want to hide out down here with me, and just hope that the boy's aunties don't know how to find you. Isn't that about right, friend?

Gideon: Believe me, you don't want this child growing up any more than I do, Barbas. His power is too great. He is an enormous threat to both of us.

(Barbas reads his fear.)

Barbas: I see.

Gideon: Any shift between good and evil is supposed to happen naturally over time. By intervening, I've allowed too much good to corrupt the other world, and the only way to get it back is for a Great Evil to corrupt ours.

Barbas: Oh, and you just naturally thought of me? I'm very flattered.

Gideon: I have to complete what I started, for everyone's sake. Help me distract the sisters…and I will help you get your world back.

[Scene: Golden Gate Bridge. Leo is trying to sense Gideon.]

Elder: You won't find Gideon that way. (Leo turns around and an Elder orbs down.) We've already tried.

Leo: What are you doing here?

Elder: I am here to remind you of your responsibilities.

Leo: My responsibilities right now are to protect my son.

Elder: How, by taking revenge on one of our own?

Leo: Gideon stopped being one of us when he went after Wyatt.

Elder: Oh, that's not for you to decide. You're but one voice in a chorus, Leo. We can't allow you to take matters into your own hands.

Leo: Gideon did.

Elder: Yes, and look what he's wrought. The world is spiraling out of control. Innocents are being hurt, killed, all because one Elder acted alone.

Leo: I know what I'm doing.

Elder: Oh, Gideon thought he knew what he was doing, too. Truth be known, he was not alone in his thinking. There are others who share his fears of Wyatt, that your union with a Charmed One might've created too great a concentration of power.

Leo: Wait, so you're on his side?

Elder: No, of course not. What Gideon's done is inexcusable.

Leo: Then let me handle him.

Elder: Please, Leo, your emotions are clouding your better judgment. The fate of the world is more important than any one child.

Leo: Not more important than my son.

Elder: They're all your sons, your daughters. They're who you should be protecting. That's the greater good. Come…help us find a way to restore what was while we still can.

Leo: I can't. Not until I stop Gideon.

(He orbs out.)

[Scene: Hospital. There are a lot of people with missing body parts wrapped in white bandages are there. Paige and Phoebe walk in.]

Paige: Wow, it's, uh…just as creepy in here as it is out there.

Phoebe: Actually, creepier.

(They walk over to the reception desk.)

Nurse: Ah, welcome to San Francisco Memorial. How can I help, help, help you?

Paige: Well, you could take it down a notch.

(Phoebe smiles.)

Phoebe: Ohh, she's kidding. (She giggles.) She's a kidder. Uh, just out of curiosity, what happened here? Was it a freeway accident?

Nurse: Oh, heavens, no! It's always like this around here. (Whispers) Lawbreakers, you know.

Phoebe: Right.

Nurse: You visiting?

Phoebe: Uh, yes. Piper Halliwell?

(She types on the computer.)

Nurse: Halliwell, Halliwell…uh, what was her offense?

Phoebe: Oh, no, no offense. She's having a baby.

Nurse: Ohh, a baby! Ohh, why didn't you say so?!

Paige: Cause we were just too excited.

Nurse: Oh, of course you are! There's nothing more exciting than a baby! (She looks at the computer.) Uh, room 1402, but don't dawdle. Visiting hours are almost over. You have a wonderful day, now, okay?

Paige: Day? (She looks at Phoebe's watch.) It's almost eight o'clock. It should be dark now.

Nurse: Dark? Why on earth would anyone say such a depressing thing? Imagine the sun going away, not having sunshine all the time! Anyone who'd want that should be, well-well, shot!

(Other people look over there, along with a Police Officer. Phoebe turns around, laughing and heads toward the elevators.)

Phoebe: She's joking! That's my sister the jokester! (Paige pushes the button.) We're going to go see our other sister now. She's having a baby. Yeah. Okay. Have a good day…everyone.

(They go in and the elevator doors close.)

[Cut to Piper's hospital room. There's balloons in it. Piper's eating out of a JELL-O cup. Phoebe and Paige look in.]

Piper: Oh, there you guys are. Where have you been?

Paige: She seems normal.

Piper: Come on, come in, come in.

Phoebe: Piper, are you okay?

Piper: Of course I'm okay. I'm having a baby, for crying out loud. (She holds out the JELL-O cup and smiles.) Jell-O? It's really yummy.

Paige: No, thanks.

(The Orderly walks in.)

Orderly: Excuse me. How'd you like your dinner?

Piper: Are you kidding? The frozen peas and processed turkey? It was to die for. (The Orderly goes to remove the tray.) Oh, here, let me give you a hand.

(She notices his right hand's missing. They laugh.)

Phoebe: Piper, that's not funny.

Orderly: Oh, that's okay. It's my fault it even happened.

Paige: Why is it your fault?

Orderly: Oh, I used my cell phone in the hospital. Talk about your big no-nos. Hey, good luck with the little one.

Piper: Thanks. (The Orderly leaves.) He really should've known better.

Phoebe: Piper, snap out of it! This is crazy-making!

Piper: What is?

Phoebe: This, everything! You, the hand, the whole damn world! It's driving me insane!

Piper: Phoebe, you really should not swear. They will cut your tongue out.

Phoebe: Ohh! This is ridiculous.

Paige: Okay, Piper, you have to listen to me. Wyatt is in danger.

Piper: What do you mean? What kind of danger?

Paige: It's Gideon. He's trying to kill him. (Piper laughs.) It's not funny! I'm being serious.

Piper: That's ridiculous! He's an Elder. He couldn't hurt a fly.

(Piper laughs. Doctor walks in the room.)

Doctor: What's so funny?

Piper: Oh, don't ask.

(She feels a contraction and gasps in pain.)

Doctor: Whoopsy! That's not good.

Phoebe: What's not good? What's going on?

Piper: Those darn contractions. They're a lot more painful than they should be.

Paige: What does that mean?

Doctor: It means visiting hours are over. Buh-bye now.

Phoebe: No, we're not leaving her.

Doctor: Oh, I'm sorry, but rules are rules. Did you want to keep your legs?

Phoebe: We'll call you.

(She and Paige leave.)

Piper: Okey-dokey. (She has a contraction.) Ouchy!

[Scene: Hospital. Paige and Phoebe walk down the hall.]

Paige: Are you sure we should leave? I'm worried about her.

Phoebe: We have to. We can't wait for Leo. We have to fix this. This isn't the world we want Chris to be born into.

Paige: Okay, but how? Okay? Especially now that we're down a sister.

Phoebe: Maybe we should have another little talk with ourselves.

(They leave. An Orderly turns around after overhearing them. It's Barbas. He goes to the end of the cabinet.)

Barbas: You were right. Piper's the only one of the sisters affected.

Gideon's Voice: And therefore the only one that can affect her sisters. (He appears.) She can cast a spell on them, make them think as she does so that they won't be concerned about me either.

Barbas: And your theory…is that I'm going to make her do this. How, exactly?

Gideon: By doing what you do best, tapping into her fear of losing her sisters.

Barbas: I don't know. She's out in cloud cuckoo-land someplace. She's in a place where she doesn't even fear her own affliction. What makes you think she's going to fear losing a sister?

Gideon: Family means everything to Piper, in any world. The sooner you hit that nerve, the sooner we both get what we want.

(Gideon disappears. Barbas peeks in Piper's room and sees the doctor and Piper.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Chris is scrying. Leo walks in with Wyatt.]

Leo: Anything?

Chris: Yeah, I thought I had him for a sec, but then I lost him.

Leo: Well, keep looking. Gideon's bound to surface again.

(He puts Wyatt in his playpen.)

Chris: Well, maybe you should ask the other Elders for some help.

Leo: No.

(Chris stops scrying.)

Chris: Huh. Trouble in paradise?

Leo: Let's just say we're not seeing eye to eye.

Chris: Well, then maybe you should…I don't know, quit. Look, the girls are going to need another Whitelighter the moment I'm gone anyway.

Leo: That's not why you want me to quit, Chris.

Chris: Okay, fine, I admit, I would like to go back to a future where my parents are still together, all right?

Leo: It's just like I said when I was making the potion…the potion…

Chris: What about the potion?

Leo: Well, Gideon didn't want it to work, right? But he did want us in this other world, which means it probably does work, which means we can get you home.

(Chris shakes his head.)

Chris: No. I'm not going back.

Leo: Chris, you have to.

Chris: Not until I finish what I came here to do, and that's to save Wyatt from tur…turning evil.

Leo: What?

Chris: Well, what I don't understand is, if Gideon always viewed Wyatt as a threat, why did he turn him evil in my future?

Leo: I don't think he did intentionally. I think Gideon tried to kill Wyatt in your future…only just like in this time, he found out that Wyatt can protect himself. So, he probably had to get him away so he could figure out how to do it.

Chris: You mean kidnap him.

Leo: Imagine being taken away from us for weeks, maybe even months. (Chris leans forward and puts his head down.) Constantly fending off Gideon's attack.

(They both look over at Wyatt.)

Chris: I had no idea.

Leo: We're going to change that future, Chris… for both of your sakes.

(Chris smiles.)

[Scene: Magic School. Gideon's study. Phoebe and Paige walk in. They begin looking around the room. As they talk, their voices echo.]

Phoebe: The Power of Four has worked before.

Paige: Yep, but that was when we were in the same world. We can't even contact them now.

(Phoebe picks up the telephone, puts it to her ear.)

Phoebe: There must've been a way that Gideon contacted his evil counterpart. (She hangs up the phone and picks up a paper weight.) Hey, do you hear an echo?

(She puts the paperweight down. She sees a fallen chess piece. She goes over to the mirror and pulls back the curtain, seeing Evil Phoebe doing the same thing. They smile.)

Phoebes: I knew it!

(Both Paiges walk to the mirror.)

Paiges: Nice to see you.

Phoebe: So, is your world as messed up as ours?

Evil Phoebe: I've never seen everybody so miserable. It's like, every little good thing that happens…

Paige: Gets punished.

Evil Paige: Limbs get cut off for saying gesundheit.

Evil Phoebe: I never thought I'd say this, but I would kill for some daylight right now.

Phoebe: Oh, we got plenty of it in our world.

Paiges: It sucks.

Evil Phoebe: So what do you think happened?

Phoebe: I think we did too much good together when we were trying to get Gideon in your world.

Evil Phoebe: My thoughts exactly.

Evil Paige: Maybe we need to do some serious evil on your side to shift the balance back.

Paige: Right.

Evil Paige: The problem is, I don't know if our collective powers will work with us in different worlds.

Evil Phoebe: Well, we better think of something fast, because Gideon's still after Wyatt in both of them.

Paiges: The Power of Three.

Phoebes: What?

Paige: If we can cast a spell on our respective Pipers…

Evil Paige: We're back to full power again.

Evil Phoebe: And bring us to your side so we could shift the balance back…

Phoebe: And then kick some ass.

Phoebes/Paiges: I like it!

[Scene: Piper's hospital room. Doctor looks over Piper's ultrasound charts. He puts a hand on Piper's stomach.]

Doctor: Does it hurt when I touch here?

Piper: Yeow! Boy, that smarts.

Doctor: Huh. Well, we might be looking at a c-section here, Piper. Might be the only way to get the baby out safely.

Piper: Safely?

(Doctor smiles.)

Doctor: Oh, let's get another ultrasound, shall we? I'll be right back.

(Doctor leaves. Piper takes a deep breath and puts both hands on her stomach. Barbas flashes next to Piper, invisible.)

Barbas: Ooh, it would be so sad if your sisters weren't here to help you through all this. You heard what they said about Gideon. Imagine saying such ugly lies about such a nice person.

(He takes a step back. Phoebe and Paige enter.)

Phoebe: Gideon is trying to kill Wyatt. We have to stop him.

Piper: No, no, no, no, no. Stop it. He's an Elder.

Paige: No, Piper, he's evil.

Piper: No, he's not. Now, shush, before someone hears you. (Three Elders orb in.) No, no, no. Don't hurt them. (She hakes her head.) They didn't mean it.

(They shoot fire at Phoebe and Paige, burning them up. Piper gasps. The Elders disappear.)

Barbas: You have to help them conform. Save them from themselves before it's too late and you lose them…forever.

(He disappears. Piper picks up a journal and a pen. She begins to write.)

Piper: Call now…the powers blessed be, to make my sisters happ-happy.

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Chris is scrying. Leo paces the floor. Paige and Phoebe orb in.]

Leo: What are you doing here? Is Piper okay?

(Paige and Phoebe go to the Book of Shadows.)

Phoebe: No, but she will be, thanks to us and our evil twins.

Chris: Wait, you saw them? Where?

(Phoebe opens the book.)

Paige: In Gideon's office. Talk about your vanity mirrors.

Phoebe: We have a plan.

Paige: Yeah, we're going to shift the world back from Gideon so he can't use it to his advantage.

Leo: How?

Phoebe: We're going to use a spell to…

(They glow. Phoebe giggles. Paige smiles.)

Chris: What just happened?

Leo: I don't know. (To Phoebe and Paige) Are you guys all right?

Paige: Yeah. Yeah. I've never felt better.

(Phoebe nods.)

Chris: Okay, so back to the plan. You were saying?

Phoebe: Yeah, the plan was just to go see Piper in the hospital.

Paige: That's a really good plan.

(Phoebe giggles.)

Phoebe: I know.

(Paige and Phoebe leave.)

Chris: Uh-oh.

[Scene: Outside Halliwell Manor. A sky-writing plane draws a happy face above the Halliwell Manor.]

[Scene: Manor. Attic stairs. Phoebe and Paige walk down. Leo, carrying Wyatt, and Chris follow.]

Phoebe: No time to dawdle. There's a baby on the way.

Leo: This is crazy. You can't leave like this.

(They begin to walk to walk toward the first floor.)

Paige: Well, we can't very well ignore Chris' birth. We have to celebrate.

Chris: I'm the baby. I give you permission not to.

Paige: What? And miss all the excitement? (They go down the stairs.) Seeing you for the first time, burping you, picking out a name?

Chris: I already have a name.

Paige: Oh, gosh. You do, don't you? (She gasps.) Well, now would be the perfect time to change.

(Leo walks past them and puts Wyatt in the playpen.)

Phoebe: How did you get your name? It doesn't start with a "P."

Chris: It was Leo's father's name.

Paige/Phoebe: Aww…

Phoebe: That is so sweet.

Paige: I can't wait to tell Piper. (She gasps.) I'm going to get her bag.

Phoebe: It's in the kitchen, all ready to go. (Paige leaves the room.) Oh! You are going to be so cute!! (Baby talk) Yes, you are. Ooh! Yes, you are. Doo-doo, doo doo-doo doo.

(She walks away from Chris.)

Chris: Okay. We need to snap them out of this fast.

Leo: Piper must have cast a spell. She's the only one who could do this to them.

Chris: Why would she do that?

Leo: She wouldn't unless…Gideon wanted her to, to distract them like he did before, so he can go after Wyatt.

(Paige and Phoebe come up with Piper's bag.)

Paige: (Singsong) All set!

(Phoebe holds the car keys.)

Phoebe: Let's go.

Leo: Wait. You guys can't leave yet. Gideon might be coming for Wyatt any minute.

Paige: Oh, is he baby-sitting?

Chris: No, he's trying to kill Wyatt. Don't tell me you don't remember. (Phoebe and Paige laugh.) You're laughing. That's great. Your nephew's almost killed, and you're laughing.

Phoebe: You're silly. (Baby talk) Yes, you are. Ooh, yes, you are.

Paige: Like an Elder would ever, ever do that.

Leo: It must be the spell. They don't remember because Gideon doesn't want them to.

Phoebe: A spell? What spell?

(The doorbell rings.)

Paige: Visitors.

(Paige and Phoebe head to the door.)

Chris: Hey, stay with Wyatt. (Chris follows. He steps in front of them.) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Stop, stop, stop, okay? You cannot open that front door. What happens if it's the patrolman?

Phoebe: That's a good point. I forgot to move my car.

Chris: Finally.

Phoebe: Well, I'll just have to take whatever's coming to me.

(Paige nods. Phoebe steps past Chris.)

Chris: What?

(Phoebe opens the door. It's Darryl. He's smiling.)

Darryl: Hi, ladies. Chris.

Phoebe: Hi.

(She shuts the door.)

Paige: We thought you were the patrol guy come to shoot Phoebe.

Darryl: Sorry. Actually I'm here to get Chris. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take him into custody for assaulting me.

Chris: Dude, I didn't assault you.

Paige: No, but Evil Chris did.

Chris: That wasn't me.

Phoebe: You're still a fugitive anyways.

Chris: Okay, you're not helping, thanks.

Darryl: You know, I'm only giving you this chance because we used to be friends.

Phoebe: That is so sweet, Darryl.

Paige: And, evil double or no, someone has to do the time. (She gasps.) Take him away, Darryl.

(Paige grins. Phoebe and Paige leave the house.)

Chris: So, what? You're just going to leave?

Darryl: Listen, young man, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice.

Chris: I don't have time for this. (He telekinetically throws Darryl out the door.) Have a nice day.

(He telekinetically closes the door, then walks over to Leo.)

Leo: I was thinkin' if Gideon did get to Piper, maybe he left a trail I could follow.

(Chris nods.)

Chris: Hurry.

(Leo leaves.)

[Scene: Barbas's lair. Gideon paces around.]

Gideon: If I know Leo, then right around now, he'll be figuring out that I made Piper cast the spell.

Barbas: A little correction: I made her cast the spell, remember?

Gideon: The point being, he'll go to Piper next to see if he can't find any magical clues to find me.

Barbas: Find me, you mean.

Gideon: Actually, yes. But then again, that's what we want.

Barbas: Oh, really?

Gideon: With the sisters sufficiently distracted, Leo is the last powerful being in my way, one who you should easily be able to distract, whilst I make my move on Wyatt.

Barbas: Well, now, this all is starting to sound very interesting, but, uh, you know, it seems to me like I'm the one doing all the heavy lifting here. Have you noticed that?

Gideon: Barbas!

Barbas: While you-you're hiding out down here, relaxing in my lair, all safe and sound. What could possibly be wrong with that picture?

Gideon: Leo is the last impediment, I promise. Paralyze him with his greatest fear. Keep him occupied, and we'll be one step closer to returning the world to a place where evil at least has a chance again.

(Barbas chuckles.)

Barbas: Oh…you're such a tease. Okay, but Gideon, just so you know, I'm starting to lose my patience.

Gideon: I understand.

Barbas: Oh, good. Okay, now…have you any ideas on what a particular Elder's greatest fear might be?

Gideon: Don't think of him as an Elder. Think of him…as a father.

(Barbas smiles.)

[Scene: Hospital. Leo orbs into a closet door, then walks out. He stops a woman nearby.]

Leo: Excuse me? Uh, do you know where the maternity ward is? (The woman smiles.)

Woman: Are you kidding? That's everyone's favorite hangout. Just go in that elevator and…

(Leo sees Paige walk in with a large stuffed animal and some balloons.)

Leo: Thanks.

Woman: You're welcome.

(Leo goes over to Paige.)

Leo: Paige.

Paige: Leo! Well, it's about time the nervous father made an appearance.

Leo: Where's Phoebe? Is she with Piper?

Paige: Of course. We would never leave Piper alone at a time like this.

Leo: Good, because I want to ask her if she's seen Gideon.

Paige: Gideon? No, silly, not with the complication.

Leo: Complication?

(Paige gasps.)

Paige: Oh, dear. You don't know?

Leo: Know what? Is something wrong?

Paige: Well, I'm sure the doctors are going to find out any minute, and everything is going to be just peachy.

Leo: I gotta go see her.

(Leo turns to leave, but Paige stops him.)

Paige: No! That's against the hospital rules.

Leo: Screw the rules.

(Leo walks away.)

Paige: Okay. (Singsong) but you're going to get in trouble.

[Scene: Hospital Hallway. Leo walks down. He looks over and sees Wyatt standing there.]

Leo: Wyatt?

(Barbas, invisible, appears next to him.)

Barbas: Watch as the thing you fear most comes to life and the future is lost.

(He disappears. Wyatt grows into his adult form.)

Leo: Wyatt?

(Wyatt walks toward him.)

Wyatt: What's the matter, dad? Don't you recognize me? I'm the Wyatt you're trying to save, the one from Chris' future.

(He throws Leo hard into the wall. Barbas, invisible, appears as Leo stands up.)

Barbas: You fear that there is no way to save him, that he is lost to evil.

Wyatt: Excalibur!

(The sword orbs into his hands.)

Barbas: And it's your failure as a father.

Leo: This isn't right. You're good. I'm here to save you.

Wyatt: I don't think so.

(He stabs him. Leo gasps in pain and falls to the ground.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Wyatt's in his playpen. Chris is looking through the Book. He hears a floorboard creak. He looks up.]

Chris: Hello? (Nobody's there. He looks back at the Book. There's another creak, like someone's walking. Chris goes over to the playpen and looks around the attic. He hears the sound of walking.) Okay, it's time to get you outta here.

(Chris is suddenly magically thrown across the attic. He falls on a wooden table. Gideon appears in front of Wyatt. He looks at Chris.)

Gideon: Don't make me sacrifice you both.

(As Gideon turns to pick up Wyatt, Chris telekinetically throws Gideon. Gideon makes an athame appear and vanishes from sight. Chris rushes toward Wyatt. Suddenly, Gideon appears next to Chris and stabs him in the stomach. Chris falls to his knees, groaning in pain. Gideon pulls the athame out.)

Chris: Dad!

(Chris falls to the floor. Gideon stands up.)

[Scene: Hospital. Leo falls to the ground. Wyatt walks away and disappears.]

Chris's Voice: (Echo-y) Dad!

(Leo looks up.)

Leo: Chris!

(Barbas, invisible, appears next to him.)

Barbas: In trying to save one son, you have lost both sons. Very, very sad.

(He disappears.)

Leo: No-o-o-o-o!

(He orbs out.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Leo orbs to Chris.]

Leo: Oh, god.

(He turns Chris onto his back. Chris groans.)

Chris: Uhh…Wyatt. Uhh! Wyatt.

(Leo looks over to see Gideon holding Wyatt.)

Gideon: It's for the best, Leo.

(Gideon orbs out with Wyatt. Chris groans in pain.)

Leo: Chris? Chris?

[Scene: Barbas's lair. He is waiting. Gideon orbs in with Wyatt.]

Barbas: Well, finally. (Gideon puts Wyatt down.) Now what are you doing? Would you come on? Let's get this thing over with.

(Gideon backs away slowly.)

Gideon: Not so fast. (He puts the athame on the counter.) This will take some thinking, and I prefer not to get stabbed again if I can avoid it.

Barbas: How cute: The great big Elder's afraid of the teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy baby.

Gideon: Oh, he's much more than that, trust me. Cocky, too. Notice, his shield's not even up?

(Barbas heads over to the counter.)

Barbas: His shield is not up because you've pierced it already. Fools and idiots. (He picks up the athame.) Why is it, that every time you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself?

(Barbas goes to stab Wyatt, but he orbs out.)

Gideon: No!

(Barbas falls on the floor. Gideon pulls him up.)

Barbas: Slippery little devil, isn't he?

Gideon: Now look what you've done!

Barbas: Well, you didn't tell me that he could orb.

Gideon: I didn't know he could. That's why I wanted to be careful. Although I doubt he's able to orb out of the underworld. Even he's not that powerful yet!

(Gideon releases him.)

Barbas: Well, I suppose all of this means that you've lost your interest in fixing the world at this moment.

Gideon: And allow the Charmed Ones the chance to rescue him? No! The world stays exactly as it is until Wyatt is eliminated. You and I will have to work together to find him, quickly!

Barbas: Or, perhaps, we could work together in order to eliminate him, seeing as how much trouble you're having by yourself.

Gideon: Interesting. It could work, especially if you bless the athame, too. But to try, we need to get him back!!

Barbas: Well, then, you track him with his orbs. I'm going to, uh… (He licks his finger and holds it up in the air. He takes a deep breath, sniffing the air.) Track him with his fears.

(Barbas flames out.)

[Scene: Manor. Piper's bedroom. Chris falls on the bed, weak and in pain. Leo kneels down beside him, trying to heal him.]

Chris: You have to find Wyatt.

Leo: We're going to find him together.

Chris: It won't work. You've already tried. Gideon's magic did this to me. He's the only one who can stop it. (He pushes Leo's hands away.) Just…go. Saving Wyatt saves the future. You know that.

Leo: Gideon doesn't know how to kill Wyatt, remember? We still have time.

Chris: Only until the trauma turns him.

Leo: I am not going to choose between you and Wyatt, Chris. I can't.

Chris: You don't have to, dad. Find Gideon and you save us both.

Leo: All right. All right, but I'm not leaving you alone. I'll be right back.

Chris: Where are you going?

Leo: To get one of your aunts to watch over you. (Chris breathes heavily.) You're going to be fine. Okay? I promise.

(Leo leans over and kisses his forehead. He then orbs out.)

[Scene: Hospital. Waiting room. Phoebe raises a camera. Paige is sitting nearby.]

Phoebe: Okay, Auntie Paige, big smile! (Paige smiles. Leo orbs in next to Paige. The picture's token.) Leo! (She looks around and makes sure nobody sees him. Paige stands up and goes to Phoebe.) Don't you think you should be more careful? I mean, you don't want to bring back the witch trials.

(She gives him a big smile.)

Leo: Gideon got to Chris. He's hurt bad.

Paige: What? Now, why would Gideon want to hurt Chris?

Leo: To get to Wyatt, which he's done.

Phoebe: Gideon is the paragon of all good. I told you that. Remember? Smile.

(Phoebe takes a picture of Leo.)

Leo: But he-he's not good. (He looks around to make sure nobody's listening.) He's trying to kill my sons, your nephews. How can that be good under any circumstances?

Phoebe: Oh, I don't know, but there…

Leo: You don't understand. Chris is dying!

(Paige and Phoebe stop smiling.)

Paige: What?

Leo: I have to find Gideon, but I can't leave Chris alone. Somebody has to be with him. Come on, I know deep down inside family matters to you more than this…twisted sense of right and wrong. You love him. I know you do. And that's gotta trump everything, even this stupid spell that you're under. You have to help me save him. You have to help me save them both, please.

(Paige and Phoebe glow.)

Paige: What just happened?

Phoebe: I think we were under a spell and he took us out of it.

Leo: Okay. Come on, let's go.

Phoebe: No. We can't all go. Uh, Piper's being prepped for surgery.

Leo: Surgery? What's the matter?

Paige: They're not saying. Don't worry. We're not going to lose either Chris. (To Phoebe) I'll go home. You stay here. (To Leo) And you, you go find Gideon.

(Leo orbs away.)

[Scene: Manor. Main hall. Paige orbs by the foot of the stairs.]

Paige: Chris? (SWAT members come out from the closet, down the stairs, out from the dining room, pointing their guns at Paige. She raises her hands.) Easy. Easy.

(Darryl and Inspector Sheridan come in from the kitchen. They're smiling.)

Darryl: We got one of 'em. Stand by.

Paige: Darryl, what's going on?

Sheridan: Good day, Miss Matthews. Where's Chris?

Paige: Chris? Chris who?

Sheridan: Ooh…

Darryl: Paige, please. We've been waiting here to give you one last chance to turn him in, for your sake.

Paige: Go to hell.

(Sheridan back hands her. She falls to the ground.)

Sheridan: Watch your tongue.

[Scene: Magic School. Gideon's study. Leo pulls back the mirror curtain to find Evil Leo doing the same thing. They stare at each other in surprise.]

Evil Leo: He's got to be hiding in the underworld.

Leo: I agree. It's the only place he can go to avoid being sensed.

Evil Leo: Which means he must have both of our Wyatts there, too.

Leo: Still, it's too vast. We have to narrow it down.

Evil Leo: Wait. It is too vast. For Gideon, too, right?

Leos: Somebody's got to be helping him.

Leo: But who?

Evil Leo: Whoever helped him get to Piper in the hospital.

Leo: I went to the hospital and tried to pick up a trail…

Evil Leo: But I was overwhelmed with…hope.

Leo: Fear.

Leos: Barbas.

Leo: So, if we find Barbas…

Evil Leo: We'll find Gideon.

Leo: For both of our sons.

(Both Leos orb out.)

[Scene: Underworld. Cave. Two demons are feeding off of flesh. Wyatt orbs in. They look up.]

Male Demon: Check it out.

Female Demon: How'd he get down here?

Male Demon: Maybe the world's finally turning back in our favor.

(He goes over to Wyatt. Wyatt blinks and the Male Demon is vanquished.)

Female Demon: Or not.

(Wyatt blinks and she is vanquished. Wyatt orbs out. Barbas flames in. He sees the ashes that was the demon.)

Barbas: Damn. (He sniffs the air.) Ah! Missed him by that much.

[Scene: Manor. Second floor hallway. Paige is there.]

Paige: Leo! Leo!

(Leo orbs in.)

Leo: Sorry. I was in the underworld looking for… (He sees her face.) What's wrong? (The bedroom door opens. Two SWAT members leave. Sheridan and Darryl come to Paige and Leo.) What's going on? What the hell are you doing here?

Sheridan: Nothing. We didn't have to.

Darryl: I'm sorry, Leo.

(Leo rushes into the room.)

Leo: Chris.

(Chris weakly looks at Leo.)

Chris: (Weakly) Hey.

(Leo kneels next to him. Paige stands in the doorway.)

Leo: Hey. I'm here now. You can…hold on, okay? Hold on…hold on. I'm here. You can hold on, okay? (Chris nods.) Don't give up, okay?

(Chris nods.)

Chris: You, either.

(Chris closes his eyes.)

Leo: No, no, no. Please…no. No, please. (Chris dies.) No.

(Paige cries. Leo starts to cry. He puts his head down. Chris slowly vanishes. Leo buries his face in the sheets. Leo looks up and sees Chris gone. Paige stands there, crying.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Leo screams and uses energy balls to break furniture. He screams and throws electricity, shattering mirrors. He's out of control. He throws another energy ball at some furniture. Paige is hiding behind a chair. He picks up a table and throws it. He roars and throws electricity at the windows. Paige rushes out and grabs his wrists.]

Paige: Leo, stop it! (He pulls his hands away from her.) What are you trying to do, kill us? This isn't going to bring him back.

Leo: I promised him I'd get him home safely.

Paige: I know, but you can still save his future, and you can still save Wyatt. We just have to hurry, and you have to focus. Okay? Look, you were saying something about the underworld, about looking for something there. What?

(He takes a deep breath.)

Leo: Barbas.

Paige: Barbas? What's he got to do with this?

Leo: He's working with Gideon. That's how I think he got to Piper. That's…how I think he got to me.

Paige: Gideon teamed up with a demon for that?

Leo: No. An act of Great Evil in our world restores the balance. (He shakes his head.) That's what I think he was using Barbas for.

Paige: So, they're working together. That means they must be in contact with each other, right?

Leo: So?

Paige: So, that means maybe that's a way to find Gideon. The next time they try to contact each other, you just intercept it.

[Scene: Barbas's lair.]

Leo's Voice: Wyatt? Wyatt? (Pause) Can you hear me? It's daddy. Wyatt? Wyatt, can you hear me? It's daddy.

(Wyatt orbs in. Gideon steps out.)

Gideon: (In Leo's voice) Hello, son. (Wyatt turns around. Five crystals orb around Wyatt. The crystal cage is activated.) (Normal voice) So sorry to lure you like this. Barbas…where are you? (He goes over towards Wyatt.) Barbas! (Barbas walks over.) It's time.

Barbas: Took you long enough.

Gideon: Your impatience is growing tiresome. (He holds the athame up.) I blessed it already. Now it's your turn. (Barbas takes the athame.) Is something wrong?

Barbas: As a matter of fact… there is.

(Barbas stabs Gideon.)

Gideon: Why?

(Barbas morphs into Leo.)

Leo: Because…you murdered my son. (He hits Gideon and sends him across the lair. Leo looks at Wyatt.) I'll be right back.

(He goes over to Gideon.)

Gideon: Leo, please, you have to understand. I am only doing this for the greater good. I swear. (Leo knocks the athame out of Gideon's hand.) Aah!

(Leo picked up Gideon.)

Leo: How is killing a child ever for the greater good, huh? Who the hell are you to decide that, huh?

(He throws Gideon across the cave.)

Gideon: Aaah! (Barbas flames in behind some rocks, spying on the fight. Leo picks Gideon up.) I'm an Elder! So are you! It's what we do.

Leo: I'm not one of you anymore.

Gideon: Leo, listen to me. You know what happens. You know what Chris came here to stop. (Leo throws Gideon to the floor. Barbas flames away.) Let me finish what I started. Let me save the future, the only way it can be saved.

Leo: You're the reason the future's threatened, Gideon, not Wyatt…

Gideon: No…

Leo: But because of what you do to him. I'm about to make sure neither one of you get the chance again. Mirror!

(He makes a hand gesture and the mirror appears behind Gideon. Evil Leo stands in its reflection, in the Underworld garden.)

Evil Leo: You ready?

Leo: Remember, you can't do anything. I have to do this alone.

Evil Leo: I know.

Gideon: Do-do what?

Leo: A Great Evil.

(Leo's eyes glow white. With both hands, he gestures and fires a stream of electricity at Gideon. He cries out in pain. Gideon is lifted into the air. In the mirror, Leo's power lifts Evil Gideon into the air. Evil Leo stands on the side.)

[Scene: Hospital. Maternity ward, waiting room. Paige and Phoebe are sitting down.]

Phoebe: Fade away? What-what do you mean he just faded away?

Paige: In Leo's arms, after he died.

Phoebe: Yeah, maybe he didn't die. I mean, maybe he was just going back… (Paige shakes her head. Phoebe sighs.) Oh, god. Ohh. (She sniffs.) Poor Leo. (Doctor comes into the hallway. Phoebe and Paige go over to him. Doctor removes his mask.) Dr. Roberts, how's Piper?

Dr. Roberts: (cheerily) Well, that depends on how you look at it, I suppose. Me, I like to think she's moving off to a better place.

Paige: What?

Phoebe: What is that supposed to mean?

Dr. Roberts: Well, I think you know what I mean. She's hemorrhaging. (He chuckles.) We can't stop it. It's everywhere. But let's all try to think positively, shall we?

Phoebe: Now you listen to me. You get your ass back in that room and you save my sister and her baby! You understand me?!

Dr. Roberts: Security!

(Two security guards come towards them. Paige and Phoebe turn away.)

Paige: Okay. They shoot people here, remember?

Phoebe: We got to get Piper out of here. We've got to get her to Leo.

Paige: We can't. We don't know where Leo is.

Phoebe: We can't just do nothing!

(Security guards are about to take out their guns. Everything, except Phoebe and Paige, go in slow motion. Paige shakes her head.)

Paige: What's going on? (Phoebe shakes her head. It becomes night. When the slow motion ends, the security guards walk past Paige and Phoebe.) Phoebe, it's night.

Phoebe: Everything's back to normal?

(They turn back to Doctor.)

Doctor Roberts: I'll do everything I can. I promise. (Paige nods.) Excuse me.

(He leaves.)

Paige: Leo must've done something.

[Cut to Underworld. Leo stops. Gideon drops to the ground in front of the mirror, smoking.]

Gideon: (rasps) You have no idea…what you've done.

(He closes his eyes and dies. He turns into black dust.)

Evil Leo: Didn't know you had it in you.

Leo: Our worlds can never cross over again.

Evil Leo: Take care of your family.

Leo: You, too. (Both Leos use electrokinesis and energy balls respectively to explode their respective mirrors. Leo goes over to Wyatt and kicks a crystal away. The cage breaks. Leo kneels down.) Hi. (He picks up Wyatt and hugs him.) I got you. You're safe now. I have you. I have you.

[Scene: Hospital. Phoebe and Paige pace in the waiting room. Leo comes in, carrying Wyatt.]

Phoebe: He found him. (They go over to them. Phoebe takes Wyatt from Leo.) (To Wyatt) Hey.

Paige: Is he okay?

Leo: Yeah. He wasn't with Gideon long enough to do any damage.

Paige: What happened to Gideon?


Leo: How's Piper?

(Dr. Roberts walks over to them.)

Dr. Roberts: She's resting comfortably.

Phoebe: Is she okay?

Dr. Roberts: We stopped the bleeding, obviously had to perform a c-section, but I think she's going to be okay.

Leo: And the baby, is he all right?

Dr. Roberts: You tell me. (He turns to the recovery room. He pushes a button on the wall and the double doors open. He steps aside. Piper's bed wheels into position. A nurse carries the baby wrapped in a blanket over to Phoebe, Wyatt, Paige, and Leo.) Congratulations. He's perfectly healthy.

Leo: Really?

(The nurse puts the baby in Leo's arms.)

Phoebe: Oh, look…he's beautiful. Baby Christopher. (Leo looks down at his son and smiles.) (To Wyatt) That's your brother.

(Paige starts to cry.)

Paige: Looks like we didn't lose him after all.


Phoebe: Can we see Piper?

Dr. Roberts: Well, maybe just one of you for now.


Phoebe: (To Leo) Go tell her we love her. (Paige nods. Leo smiles and walks over to Piper.) (To Wyatt) Where'd the baby go? That's your brother.

(Piper smiles. Leo grins. Leo places the baby in Piper's arms. She smiles at Leo. Leo looks at Phoebe and Paige, smiling. The doors close.)