"He died when we were young. When we moved here, my mother wouldn't allow Bo to talk about his gift. She knew that magic was considered evil in the white man's world."
—Isabel to Prue and Cole.[src]

Isabel Lightfeather was the older sister of Bo Lightfeather. Along with the rest of the town, she was caught in a Time Loop due to the injustice done to her brother.


Isabel and Bo were half-Native American; her father was a medicine man named Soaring Crow. When their father died, their mother moved them to a small mining town and forbade Bo to talk about the gift he inherited from his father. Their mother died some time later.

After Sutter took over their town in 1873, Bo and Isabel were the only ones who continued to resist him after he murdered the sheriff. Sutter brutally murdered her brother in front of the frightened townspeople, trapping the town into a time loop due to the injustice done.

When Phoebe Halliwell became linked to Bo, Prue and Cole entered the time loop to break it. After a confrontation in the saloon with Sutter, they were greeted by Isabel, who had been expecting them due to a dream Bo had. She took them to her brother, where Prue removed the bullet he had been shot with. After learning about the curse, Bo decided to surrender, as he realised that it was due to the townspeople doing nothing.

Isabel watched in horror as Sutter tortured and nearly killed her brother, though Prue and Cole convinced the townspeople to finally stand up to Sutter. When he tried to escape, Sutter briefly took Isabel hostage, though he was defeated by Prue.

After breaking the time loop and returning to the present, Prue mentioned the townspeople would presumably live out their lives in a parallel plane.


Isabel Lightfeather appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.