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1. Something Wicca This Way Comes
2. I've Got You Under My Skin
3. Thank You For Not Morphing
4. Dead Man Dating
5. Dream Sorcerer

6. The Wedding from Hell
7. The Fourth Sister
8. The Truth is Out There... and It Hurts
9. The Witch Is Back
10. Wicca Envy

11. Feats of Clay
12. The Wendigo
13. From Fear to Eternity
14. Secrets and Guys
15. Is There a Woogy in the House?
16. Which Prue is It, Anyway?

17. That '70s Episode
18. When Bad Warlocks Go Good
19. Out of Sight
20. The Power of Two
21. Love Hurts
22. Déjà Vu All Over Again

      Written by: Chris Levinson & Zack Estrin

Season 1, Episode 15

Episode Number: 15

[Scene: Manor. There's a small earthquake. It stops and Prue, Piper and Phoebe come down the stairs.]

Phoebe: Oh god. Not another after shock.

Prue: Yeah, well, at least they're getting smaller. What was the main one? 4.3?

Piper: The radio said 4.5.

Phoebe: There you go Grams. (She straightens up a picture of Grams.) Earthquakes give me the jeebies.

Prue: Would that be the Phoebe Jeebies?

Phoebe: Oh, you know. It's the comedy stylings of Prue Halliwell.

Piper: The only Halliwell that actually likes earthquakes.

Prue: I don't like them, but I don't go running through the house naked screaming "run for your life" either.

Phoebe: Okay. That is such an exaggeration. I was wearing slippers.

(They walk into the kitchen.)

Prue: Okay, okay, okay. Does anybody smell that?

Piper: Yeah, uh, I caught a whiff of it first thing this morning. I think it's coming from the basement.

Prue: Gas leak?

Piper: I don't know. I called someone to come out and check. They should be here any... (Doorbell rings) Now. I'll get it.

(She goes to get it.)

Prue: We're never gonna pull this off.

Phoebe: Everything's going to be fine.

Prue: Yeah, until the house blows up. Look, this Bucklands VIP specifically requested for the dinner party to be here. Now, Claire may have prodded me into agreeing, but the point is I did agree, and, and...

Phoebe: Nothing has changed. Piper's gonna cook a feast. I will serve with grace. And Claire will kiss your ass... (Piper clears her throat as she enters the room with the gas man.) Trinomical talents.

Gas man: Morning ladies. Wow. That's the smell? (Phoebe nods.) Doesn't really smell like gas.

Prue: Yeah, but if it is, we can't light the stove. No stove. No dinner.

Piper: Relax. If we have to, I could have it cooked at the restaurant and brought here.

Gas man: Well, let me check it out and see what's up.

Piper: Great thanks. The basement is thataway.

Gas man: Okay.

(The gas man walks into the basement.)

Piper: Look Phoebe. He's going into the basement, alone.

Phoebe: Don't even start.

Prue: Yeah. What if, dare I say it, the bogeyman gets him.

Piper: I believe Phoebe pronounced it Woogyman, or was that just the buckteeth?

Phoebe: Okay. I was five years old, you guys.

Prue: Oh, so, what, now you're over it, which is why you haven't been down there in what? Eighteen years?

Phoebe: Okay, you guys were not there. It was real, it was...

Piper: A story. Grams told you she got rid of the Woogyman in the basement so you could sleep better.

[Cut to the basement. The gas man is looking around. The light goes out and he turns on his flashlight. He sees a crack in the ground and kneels down to get a closer look. He grabs his screwdriver and sticks it in the crack. Black fog or smoke rises out of the crack. It's the Woogyman.]

Gas man: What the... ?

Woogyman: You have freed me. And now you'll help take back the house.

(The Woogyman enters his body and the gas man becomes evil.)

[Cut back to the kitchen. Piper's holding the mail.]

Piper: Who's Chanda Lier?

Phoebe: Oh, there for me. I ordered some CD's.

Piper: Using a fake name to score some free CD's. Isn't that a little dishonest?

Prue: Is Phoebe's dark side rearing it's ugly head?

Phoebe: I do not have a dark side thank you very much. And just because I protect the innocent, doesn't mean I have to be innocent all the time.

Piper: Ooh, I don't know. Still believing in the Woogyman is pretty innocent. It's so cute too.

Prue: Yeah, well, you didn't think it was so cute when we were all sharing a room which kept you up all night.

Phoebe: It was scary and it was real.

(The gas man walks out of the basement.)

Piper: So? What's the verdict?

Gas man: Bad.

Prue: Bad as in destroy my entire dinner party or bad as in you can fix quickly, it'll just cost more than my entire education.

Gas man: By tonight, there will be no more problems.

(He walks back in the basement.)

Prue: Okay, I'm off.

(She leaves the kitchen.)

Piper: Yeah, uh, I gotta go too. I'm going to the wine store. Here, for you. (She hands Phoebe the mail.)

Phoebe: Thanks.

[Cut to the basement.]

Gas man: (Talking to his shadow) Which one do you want?

Phoebe: (from the top of the stairs) Uh, I'll just be upstairs if you need me.

(The shadow points.)

Shadow: Phoebe.

(The gas man nods.)

Opening Credits

[Scene: Bucklands. Prue's office. She's picking things up off the floor. She straightens a picture on the wall with her powers. Claire enters.]

Claire: Little down on the left.

(Prue turns around.)

Prue: Thanks. (She walks over to it and straightens it.) Uh, so, was this your first quake?

Claire: And hopefully my last. I prefer my ceilings above me. All right, this is the final guest list for tonight. All important clients to me, to Bucklands, and therefore to you. And at the top of the list...

(Claire hands her a sheet of paper.)

Prue: Professor Whittlesey. Didn't she just buy the Calder?

Claire: Well, her family did and they can afford to buy much, much more. And for whatever reason she's fascinated with your house, your job is to keep her happy.

(Professor Whittlesey enters Prue's office.)

Professor Whittlesey: Excuse me. Claire, I will be bringing a guest if that's all right.

Claire: Of course. Prue, tonight's gonna be five plus one.

Professor: It's your home then.

Prue: Yeah.

Claire: Oh, oh, oh. Prue Halliwell, Professor Whittlesey.

Professor Whittlesey: I can't tell you how excited I am to be spending an evening in a house with such history.

Prue: I understand you know a lot about the Halliwell history?

Professor Whittlesey: Well, I'm better versed on the house's structure than its inhabitants.

Claire: The Professor's tenured at Berkeley.

Professor Whittlesey: Architectural history. As a matter of fact I use your house as an example in one of my lectures.

Prue: Really? Well, do you mention the leaky roof and the limited hot water?

Professor Whittlesey: Well, the original house that stood on that spot was a masterpiece. But it had to be rebuilt after the earthquake of 1906 when it was completely destroyed.

Prue: That's right around the time my Great-Grandparents moved in.

Professor Whittlesey: Metaphysicists believe the land to be what they call a spiritual nexus.

Claire: But it's still standing after this morning's rumble. So, okay, gotta go, gotta go. See you at seven. Plus one.

(They leave. Prue picks up the phone and calls Piper on her cell phone.)

Piper: Hello?

Prue: Hey, how's my favourite sister?

[Cut to a wine store]

Piper: You want something, I know you want something.

Prue: Look, my boss just told me it's plus one. I am so sorry.

Piper: Plus one? But I've already bought... Ohh, whatever, you owe me. (She hangs up. She looks at her list and someone takes the last bottle of wine.) Excuse me, that's ...

Guy: Calera Jensen, '93. Last bottle.

Piper: Mine. Um, look, why don't you try this. (She picks up a different bottle of wine.) It's got a robust flavour, good nose, great vintage, it's probably better than the Calera.

Guy: I'm impressed. But why do you want it so bad?

Piper: Because it's got a great body. Look, I'm making coq au vin and I need that bottle more than you do.

Guy: Look, I'm sorry, but I've already been to three wine stores, lunch break is long over and I was told that this was the bottle to get.

Piper: Told?

Guy: Well, the woman who recommended this grew up in a vine yard and she does know how to choose wine.

Piper: Yeah, well I grew up in a house with two sisters and I know how to do this. (She freezes him.) I can't. I can't use my powers for personal gain. But – but, it's not really personal gain exactly. Uh, damn! You can keep the wine. (She leaves and the guy unfreezes.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Halliwell Manor. Phoebe walks down the stairs. Grams' photo on the wall is crooked again so she straightens it.]

Gas man: (from the basement.) Help me! Help me!

(Phoebe runs to the kitchen.)

Phoebe: Where are you?

Gas man: Please help me!

Phoebe: Uh, what's wrong?

Gas man: I-I fell. I think I might have sprained something, my ankle. I could really use a hand down here.

Phoebe: (to herself) Right, a hand. I'm okay. (out loud) Um, I'm coming.

(Phoebe touches a picture on the wall and has a premonition. In it Grams is standing at the top of the stairs.)

Little Phoebe: Grams?

Grams: Phoebe. Go back to bed, honey. Go on.

(The premonition finishes.)

Phoebe: The Woogyman. (to gas man.) Uh, you know, I think I'm gonna just call somebody for some help.

Gas man: No, please. I need your help.

Phoebe: Okay. (She starts walking down the stairs.) Hello? Where are you? (He appears behind her. She quickly turns around.) I thought you said you were...

Woogyman: Phoebe.

(She turns around and sees the Woogyman floating out of the crack.)

Phoebe: No.

Woogyman: Your nightmares are true. I exist.

Phoebe: I'm a good witch. You can't take me.

Woogyman: You'll fight me at first. But in the end, you'll do everything I ask.

(The Woogyman floats inside Phoebe and possesses her.)

[Cut to the doorway. Piper is trying to open the door and has a handful of groceries.]

Piper: Don't worry. I can handle it all myself. It's me, the culinary pachyderm. (As she walks inside, she gets an electric shock from the door.) Phoebe? Maybe we should call someone to check the electricity too. (Kit runs past Piper and out the door.) Kit? Hey! Pheebs? (She carries the groceries into the kitchen. The gas man stands behind Piper and when she turns around she gets a fright.) God! You scared me. Is everything okay with the house.

Gas man: It will be.

Piper: Good. Could I get E.T.A.? because I'm gonna have one very stressed out sister. Have you seen my sister? (He grabs Piper and holds her hands together.) Hey! Phoebe! (He tries to reach for a carving fork.) Phoebe! (Phoebe runs out of the basement and a baseball bat suddenly appears in her hand. She hits the guy over the head and knocks him unconscious.) Phoebe, he just...

Phoebe: It's okay, it's okay.

Piper: I thought he was gonna kill me. I didn't even have a chance to freeze him. Where'd you get the bat?

Phoebe: I don't know, it just sort of appeared.

Piper: What do you mean it appeared? Like you opened a closet and found it? Or appeared like you thought bat and there it was?

Phoebe: Yeah, door number two. I can't explain it, but something weird happened to me down in the...

Piper: What? Phoebe, spill. How'd you make the bat materialize?

Phoebe: Safety first, witchcraft later. We gotta call 911.

[Scene: Later, outside manor. The police and ambulance are there]

Andy: This doesn't track.

Morris: What's that?

Andy: I just got background on the gas man. He doesn't have a record, not even a parking ticket. A family man, church volunteer, Little League coach.

Darryl: When Good Coaches Go Bad. Next week on Fox.

(Prue walks up to them.)

Prue: Andy, what's going on?

Andy: Everything's fine. There was an incident a moment ago when the gas man was checking your house. Got a little rough with Piper.

(Prue goes inside. She gets an electric shock when she walks through the door. She goes in the living room.)

Prue: Hey, Piper. Are you okay? Are you hurt?

Piper: No, forget it. I'm-I'm fine. He attacked me and then Phoebe stopped him. Go on, show her.

Phoebe: I told you, I can't do it now.

Prue: Do what?

Piper: Phoebe has a new power. She thinks of something and "poof" it appears.

Phoebe: I just did it once.

Piper: And it saved my life. I would think that you would be thrilled. You've always wanted an active power.

Phoebe: Whatever.

Prue: Wait a second, time out. Our powers are supposed to progress, not grow at random. And if it did grow, I would think it would be premonition-esque. I smell Book of Shadows. Did you do something?

Phoebe: Okay, I just saved Piper's ass. Where were you?

Piper: Phoebe...

Phoebe: Prue's just pissy because this time she didn't get to play Wonder Woman. I'm not in the mood to soothe your ego. (She leaves.)

Prue: Well, tonight's gonna be fun.

Piper: She'll be fine. Everything will be fine.

[Cut to the basement. Phoebe's walking down the stairs.]

Phoebe: (to the Woogyman.) Thanks for my new power.

Woogyman: You must not fail me again. You must use your powers against your sisters.

Phoebe: Please don't make me do this. I don't want to hurt them.

Woogyman: Phoebe, you are not strong enough to fight me.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Halliwell Manor. Basement. Phoebe's sitting on a chair filing her nails.]

Woogyman: It is almost time, Phoebe. Use your powers.

[Cut to the kitchen. Piper goes to turn on the blender but gets an electric shock.]

Piper: Ahh!

(Prue enters the kitchen.)

Prue: There is lava water spewing from the shower heads. Did you turn off the water heater again?

Piper: No. No, I... (She goes to turn on the food processor and she gets an electric shock.) Ow! All right, the earthquake must of messed up the wiring or something. Try cooking a feast when your own kitchen is attacking you.

Prue: Just relax. We still have an hour before... (The door bell rings. Piper looks at her watch.)

Piper: It's 7.00. How can that be? The-the-the clock on the microwave says... (The clock on the microwave is flashing.)

Prue: Something weird is going on.

(Phoebe walks out of the basement.)

Phoebe: Is anyone going to answer that?

Piper: Phoebe?

Prue: Wait, am seeing things? Or did you just come from the basement? Wait, what about the Woogyman?

Phoebe: It's just a story remember. (to Prue) You should probably finish getting ready.

[Cut to the foyer. Phoebe opens the door. Professor Whittlesey, Claire and Josh stand there.]

Phoebe: Welcome to Halliwell Manor. My name is Phoebe. I'll be your cruise director this evening.

[Cut back to the kitchen.]

Piper: (to herself.) Everything is fine. This is fine. (She pours flour into a measuring cup and misses.) This is utter disaster. I am a good person. What did I do to deserve this?

(She buries her face in her hands. The guy Piper met at the wine store enters.)

Josh: Prue told me to give this to the chef. (He's holding a bottle of wine.)

Piper: You!

Josh: Most people call me Josh. I, uh, wow, I work for Professor Whittlesey.

Piper: You're the plus one.

Josh: And I stole your wine. Truce?

Piper: Calera Jensen. What a surprise.

Josh: Last bottle. Uh, you have flour on your... right... uh... (Piper tries to wipe the flour off her face but misses half of it.) Perfect. (Josh leaves as Phoebe enters.)

Phoebe: Are you planning on feeding the people in the living room?

Piper: Of course. Um, I've got... what have I got?

Phoebe: What's in there? (She walks over to a large roasting pan.)

Piper: Duck medallion. But no, no. That's supposed to be part of dinner. Okay, now I guess it's an appetizer. Okay, go, go. Mingle. Mingle, mingle.

[Cut to the living room.]

Professor Whittlesey: The manor's been beautiful restored, really quite magnificent. (Prue enters the living room.)

Claire: Prue, there you are.

(Phoebe enters with the duck medallion.)

Phoebe: Anyone hungry?

Claire: Well, what do we have here?

Phoebe: Duck medallion. (She lifts the lid and a real duck is under it.) Sans medallions. (Everyone laughs.)

Prue: That's my sister, the magician. Usually it's a dove or a rabbit.

[Cut to the kitchen.]

Piper: Lightly simmering. (She turns on the stove and big flames appear.) Okay, okay. Sabotage, I am being sabotaged. (Phoebe enters the kitchen.)

Phoebe: What seems to be the problem?

Piper: There is something terribly wrong with the house. (Brown, dirty water squirts up out of the drain in the sink.) Oh my God, oh my God, call a plumber. (When Piper turns her back, a knife appears in Phoebe's hand.) This is a complete and total disaster. (Phoebe stands right behind Piper.) Someone just kill me now and spare me the agony of clean up.

Phoebe: Ask and you shall receive.

(Josh enters and Phoebe's knife disappears.)

Josh: Everything all right in here? (He sees the mess.) Do people pay you to do this?

Piper: Phoebe could you please escort Mr. Congeniality out of here please, now. And get Prue, tell her it's and emergency.

[Cut to Prue and Prof. Whittlesey.]

Professor Whittlesey: There's no other house in the city quite like yours.

Prue: Because of its architecture?

Professor Whittlesey: Because of its location.

Prue: Right, you mentioned that Something about some sort of spiritual...

Professor Whittlesey: Nexus. It's mythology really, but it's believed that when a geographical point is equal distance to the five spiritual elements, it's a place of great power. (The lights flicker on and off.)

Prue: Power failure. Um, I don't know what's going on but I apologize for any inconvenience.

(Phoebe walks up to them.)

Phoebe: Prue, Piper needs you in the kitchen. Oh, don't worry I'll take very good care of your guests. (Prue walks to the kitchen.) You came to see the house. Would you like to see the grand tour.

Professor Whittlesey: Mmm, hmm.

[Cut to the kitchen. Piper is on the floor throwing a little tantrum. Prue walks in.]

Prue: Okay, aren't you the same girl who said and I quote "everything will be fine"? (Prue helps her up off the floor.)

Piper: Yep.

Prue: And?

Piper: It's not. I don't know what it is but it's like the house is possessed.

Prue: No, no, no. It is Phoebe and her new powers.

Piper: Look, I know she's been acting really weird lately but she wanted... I would argue if I could think of another option.

(Claire enters.)

Claire: Uh, Prue? (The duck walks past her. She jumps.) Aahh! May I speak to you for a second?

Prue: Yes, I'll be out in one second, Claire. (Claire leaves.) What do we do?

Piper: I-I don't know. But I can't cook this meal, not in this kitchen. And-and it's too late to get it from Quake.

Prue: Okay, um, let's just end it now before it gets any worse. Be my wingman?

Piper: Mmm hmm.

(They walk out of the kitchen. Professor Whittlesey and Phoebe walk in.)

Professor Whittlesey: Really, I don't need to see the basement.

Phoebe: Are you kidding? It's the best part of the house. After you.

(They walk in to the basement.)

[Cut to the foyer.]

Claire: Well, as hostess, it's sometimes helpful to be present at the party.

Prue: Uh, Claire, I am so sorry but I'm gonna have to cut this evening short.

Piper: We're experiencing some technical difficulties.

Claire: What! Do you realize what you're doing?

Prue: Yes, and I think I'm doing it just in time.

Piper: There is a table waiting for all of you at Quake, on the house.

Prue: There is?

Piper: (quietly) There will be. Where's Phoebe?

Josh: I think she's giving the professor a...

(The professor appears.)

Professor Whittlesey: Tour. She showed me the bedrooms, the solarium, I found the basement particularly intriguing

Prue: Are you okay?

Professor Whittlesey: Fine.

Prue: Okay, dinner has been changed. We're having it somewhere else, okay?

Claire: Oh, Professor, I'm really sorry you didn't get to spend more time in the house.

Professor Whittlesey: My time was well spent.

(They walk outside.)

Claire: (to Prue) I'm looking forward to hearing your explanation of tonight's event. Need a ride?

Prue: I just have to tie up a few loose ends here. I'll try to make it.

Claire: Try hard. (They leave.)

Piper: Now what?

Prue: Interrogation.

(Phoebe stands at the doorway.)

Phoebe: Are you looking for me?

Prue: Why are you doing this?

Phoebe: Because he asked me to.

Piper: Who asked you to?

Prue: Okay, that is it. (She walks up the stairs.) We need to...

(As she gets to the doorway the electricity prevents her from entering and she flies backwards when she touches it. She lands on the grass.)

Piper: Oh, Prue. Are you okay? Phoebe, what's wrong with you? Why won't you let us in?

Phoebe: No, you can't, you shouldn't. You don't live here anymore! (In a demonic voice.) He does.

(She closes the door.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Outside manor. It's morning. Prue and Piper are sitting on the step.]

Prue: Okay. We have been up all night. We've tried everything. If our powers can't get us into the house, what can?

(Piper stands up and grabs a brick. She throws it at the window but the electricity prevents it from breaking.)

Piper: That helped.

Prue: You know, yesterday I got shocked when I walked through the front door.

Piper: Me too. Do you think that's when this all started?

Prue: Define this. Our house has turned against us and so has our sister.

Piper: This is more than just Phoebe. She said that he told her to do this. So, who is he and what does he want with Phoebe?

Prue: Maybe that's the problem, we've been focusing on Phoebe. Maybe that's not the point.

Piper: Then what is?

Prue: Location. Whatever has the house, has her too. And it's not letting us in for a reason.

Piper: And we can't get to the Book of Shadows to find out what it is. So we know nothing.

Prue: Yes, we do. There's someone who knows the house better than we do. Come on.

[Cut to inside. Phoebe's dialling the phone and as she walks from room to room, the wallpaper falls of the walls and the window's glass break.]

Phoebe: Yes, I would like a pizza delivered to my home. Well, whenever you do open, then. I don't care what you put on the thing. Just make sure somebody delivers it. 1329 Prescott St. I'll be waiting.

[Scene. Outside a University. The police are taking Professor Whittlesey away.]

Piper: Hey, what happened?

Josh: Uh, I don't know. Professor Whittlesey had just begun her seminar when she turned and suddenly started choking me. If one of her students hadn't pulled her off...

Piper: Oh my God, are you okay?

Josh: Yeah, I just uh, don't know why she snapped like that.

Prue: Okay. Josh do you know anything about what she said to Claire? Something about a spiritual nexus?

Josh: She brought that up? Wow, the professor usually doesn't go in for that sort of metaphysical mythology.

Prue: Yeah, well, you know Claire, once she gets her claws into something, she can't seem to forget about it.

Josh: You know, I've met people like that. (He looks at Piper.) A spiritual nexus is a point of incredible energy.

Prue: Equidistant from the five spiritual elements.

Josh: That's right. The place or thing that could be swayed either way.

Piper: Either way?

Josh: Yeah. Either to be a source of undeniable good or undeniable evil. Uh, look ladies, I'm gonna follow her and make sure she's okay. Feel free to browse around our office if you think it will help.

[Cut to the office. They're looking at maps.]

Prue: Okay, to find a way back in, we have to know what we're up against. The professor said that a true spiritual nexus sits equidistant from the five basal elements. So, that's earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

Piper: Okey-dokey. Equidistant. Here is the manor.

Prue: All right. (Prue puts a dot on it.) Uh, the Bay, water.

(Prue puts a dot there.)

Piper: Natural hot springs?

Prue: Fire. What about wood? That park that mum used to take us to. Kenwood.

Piper: Named after the type of tree that grew there when it was still a forest.

Prue: Okay. Three out of five. Earth.

Piper: Twin Peaks. Highest point in the city.

Prue: And last but not least, metal.

Piper: Tiffany's.

Prue: Cute. Natural metal. Okay, fourth grade field trip, we panned for gold. Where was that?

(She points to a place and they put a dot on it. Prue joins the dots with a pen and it turns into a star.)

Piper: Our house was built in the centre of a pentagram.

Prue: Looks like it's not just on a spiritual nexus, but a wiccan one as well. Which means it's a battleground for good and evil.

Piper: And what happens when evil gets the house?

Prue: It spreads. We'd have to check the Book of Shadows to be sure, but I bet that there's a reason why our family built the house there. To reclaim the spot for good.

Piper: And now I'm thinking evil wants it back.

Prue: Yeah, and it's taking Phoebe with it.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Outside Halliwell Manor. Darryl and Andy get out of their car.]

Darryl: Why's it feel like we live here?

(Across the road they see two neighbours fighting.)

Andy: Which one do you want?

Darryl: I'll take that one. I could use a change of scenery.

Andy: Meet you back here.

[Cut to the doorway. Phoebe opens the door.]

Phoebe: Hello, Inspector.

Andy: Phoebe. Hey, I stopped by to...

Phoebe: Just in time. I think there might be a gas leak and I'm home all alone. Do you think you could look it over?

Andy: Sure.

(He walks inside.)

Phoebe: It's down in the basement.

(The door closes by itself.)

[Cut to Morris. You see Prue and Piper get out of the car and walk over to him.]

Darryl: So, he came out of his house, walked over here and started throwing things?

Neighbour: No, not out of his house, out of the Halliwell's.

Darryl: Really?

Piper: Hey, Morris. Neighbourhood watch?

Darryl: Had a woman brought into the station house today. Wasn't feeling too well, spent last night at your house. Professor Beth Whittlesey.

Prue: Is she okay?

Darryl: Not at the moment. She's under observation.

(The neighbour pushes the other neighbour.)

Neighbour: Paul, what the hell's the matter with you?

Paul: Nothin'.

Darryl: I'm occupied right now. Andy would like to ask you a few questions. He's inside.

(Prue and Piper walk over to the manor.)

Piper: Wait, if Andy is in the house and Paul was in the house, there must be a way for us to get in.

Prue: We better hope so otherwise there's no way to get to the Book of Shadows. (The door opens and Andy's there. Prue and Piper hide behind a bush.) Freeze them.

Piper: No, wait.

(Piper waits till he is in the middle of the door then freezes him.)

Prue: What was that?

Piper: The house is letting him out, right? This is the only second its guard is down.

Prue: Good point.

Piper: Thank you.

(They walk inside and see Phoebe frozen.)

Prue: Oh my. She's frozen.

Piper: Good.

Prue: No, no, no. Remember, our powers don't work on good witches.

Piper: Oh, that means she's...

Prue: We've lost her. Let's go get her back. Run.

(They run up the stairs. Andy and Phoebe unfreeze.)

[Cut back to outside. The two neighbours are yelling at each other. Morris is trying to stop them from fighting. Andy walks up to them.]

Darryl: Wanna give me a hand here, partner? (Andy gets out his gun and goes to shoot.) Whoa, whoa, whoa, Andy! (Darryl throws him on the ground and grabs his gun.) What the hell was that?

Andy: Huh? I have no idea.

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Prue's looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Piper: Faster would be good.

Prue: There is nothing here. We don't even know what we're fighting.

Piper: Our sister.

Prue: No, it's more than that. All right, when in doubt, start at the beginning. What happened first?

Piper: Gas man attacked me.

Prue: Before that.

Piper: The earthquake, which is why the gas man was here to check the leak in the basement.

Prue: And before Professor Whittlesey freaked out she took a tour of the house including the basement.

Piper: Ohh.

Prue: Noises don't help.

Piper: The gas man said that's where Phoebe was. And we know she's been down there.

Prue: No, Piper, it was just a story.

Piper: Are you so sure? We've seen monsters and demons from the past and future. How can you be so sure that Phoebe's childhood monster isn't real?

Prue: The Woogyman in the basement?

Piper: Phoebe swore she saw something down there. And that's when Grams started telling us the story...

Prue: Of how to destroy it.

Piper: And there was an earthquake that night too, remember? So maybe that's how it gets out.

Prue: We've been looking in the wrong place. How to vanquish the demon isn't in the Book of Shadows, it's in Grams' story.

Piper: So it wasn't a story, it was a spell?

Prue: All right, the Woogyman is a real demon, so Phoebe was right. Now how did it go?

Piper: Uh, something about a Woogyman and Grams fought it.

Prue: That's it? That's all that you remember?

Piper: Well, don't you remember anything?

Prue: I-I-I remember that it was sort of like a rhyme, sounded like a children's song.

Piper: Well, we better figure it out fast or we're gonna have a whole lot... (Piper opens the attic door and Phoebe's there. Phoebe grabs her and pushes her outside. Phoebe walks in the attic and locks the door.) Prue! Prue!

(Piper bangs on the door. A long sword appears in Phoebe's hand.)

Phoebe: Any fantasies about how you want to die?

Prue: Phoebe, listen to me. This isn't you.

Phoebe: Give the girl a prize.

Piper: Prue!

Prue: Look, whoever is doing this hasn't completely beaten you, otherwise we would be dead by now.

Phoebe: Really?

Piper: Phoebe?

Prue: Phoebe, you were stronger than him.

Piper: I mean it! (She continues to bang on the door.)

Phoebe: No, I wasn't. That's why he chose me. (In a demonic voice.) But now I'm stronger than you.

(She gets ready to swing the sword and Prue uses her powers. Phoebe flies across the room. Prue opens the door and they run down the stairs. Piper opens the front door.)

Prue: Piper, where are you going?

Piper: It's not just Phoebe we're fighting, it's the house, it's everything.

Prue: Piper, don't! (Piper walks through the doorway and the electricity makes her fly through the air. She hits the ground hard.) Oh, God. Are you okay?

Piper: No, and neither are you. We're locked in this house and our sister's trying to kill us.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Conservatory. Prue and Piper are there.]

Prue: All right, the answer must be in Grams' Woogyman story.

Piper: Which neither one of us remembers.

Prue: Well, we have to keep trying.

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe wakes up. She goes downstairs. She stops halfway when she hears Prue and Piper talking.]

Piper: There has to be a way out of here.

Prue: We have tried everything, Piper. Besides the only way to help Phoebe is from inside.

(Phoebe smiles and walks towards the basement.)

Piper: Help her kill us maybe.

Prue: Yeah, well we have to keep trying.

Phoebe: (from the basement.) Prue! Piper! Help me!

Prue: Do you think...

Phoebe: Please, you gotta help me. Down in the basement.

Piper: Trap.

Prue: Yeah, well, what else can we do?

Piper: We could not go to the basement. I vote for that.

Prue: Grams must have thought that this evil might come back so that's why she told us the story.

Piper: Well, how do we remember the words? I never even believed in the Woogyman.

Prue: No, but Phoebe did. She knows the story by heart.

Piper: Something tells me she's not in the mood to share it.

Prue: All right, we know that the source of his power is in the basement. So, if we can weaken him, maybe we can weaken his hold on Phoebe, at least long enough for her to tell us the spell.

Piper: How do we do that? We don't even know what it is or how to fight it.

Phoebe: Help! Please, I need you.

(Prue and Piper walk in the kitchen.)

Prue: Okay. We have no choice. So, we're gonna need a...

Piper: Light. (Prue gets a torch out of a drawer.) No. The light. Grams's story, remember? She said something about using it to guide you through the shadow. Or was it to the shadow?

Prue: That doesn't make sense, using a light to find the shadows? Shadows retreat from the light and they thrive in the darkness. Kind of like this.

Piper: Or in the basement. Maybe that's what we're fighting, Prue, a shadow.

Prue: Okay, let's fight it.

(They walk down the stairs.)

Piper: Phoebe?

Prue: Oh, there, see that?

(She sees the Woogyman.)

Phoebe: (From the top of the stairs.) What took you so long?

(Prue closes the door with her power.)

Prue: One evil at a time. Come on, we don't have a lot of time. Okay, uh, freeze it.

(Piper tries to freeze it but it won't.)

Piper: It's not working. Can't you, uh...?

(Prue tries to use her power on it but nothing works.)

Prue: My power's not working on it either. (Phoebe pushes the door open.) Phoebe, you've got to listen to us.

Phoebe: You're in no position to tell me what to do. (She holds up a knife.)

Prue: Remember Grams' story? The one about the Woogyman? About the light?

Piper: Come on, Phoebe, try.

Phoebe: I can't. Don't make me. Don't like the basement.

Woogyman: It's no use. Your sister's evil now.

Prue: Come on, Phoebe. You've got to fight it. You're good. (Phoebe touches a picture on the wall and has the same premonition as before with Grams in it.) Phoebe, please, remember the story. What did Grams say?

Piper: Hurry, Phoebe, please.

Phoebe: "I am light, I am one too strong to fight, return to dark where shadows dwell, you can not have this Halliwell."

Prue: Keep it going, Phoebe.

Phoebe: "Go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night."

(The Woogyman disappears back in the crack in the floor. Prue and Piper hug Phoebe.)

[Scene: Josh's office. Piper knocks on his door.]

Piper: Anybody home?

Josh: Office hours aren't until five. (He looks up and sees Piper.) Piper, what are you doing here?

Piper: I just came by to see how you... Professor Whittlesey was doing.

Josh: She seems better. She hasn't choked anybody lately.

Piper: Good. So you'd say she's back to normal?

Josh: Yeah, although she's been censured for her behaviour. Has to sit before the university board, and for now, it looks like I'm covering the classes.

Piper: Oh, that's too bad. I mean, I don't mean you. I mean...

Josh: I know what you mean. Oh, by the way, I have something for you. (He gets a bottle of wine.)

Piper: Calera Jensen '93.

Josh: Battles have been waged over this wine.

Piper: Not today, I'm too tired. It's actually very nice.

Josh: Don't sound so surprised, you know I am capable of a kind act or two.

Piper: That's good to know.

(Piper walks away.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are cleaning up.]

Prue: So, Morris said that it was only a two week suspension.

Piper: It doesn't seem fair, it wasn't even Andy's fault.

Prue: Well, what was he gonna do? Plead shadowed?

Piper: Anyway, everyone seems to be back to normal but that doesn't erase their actions.

Prue: Yeah, well, I wish it did, it could get me off Claire's bad side, as if she has a good one.

Phoebe: I'm beginning to wonder if I have a good one. (Prue and Piper stare at her.) Well, I am. I mean, up until now, I didn't even think I had a dark side. I mean, not any more so than anyone else.

Prue: Yeah, well the important thing is the good side won out.

Phoebe: Yeah, but I must have been more susceptible than either one of you, otherwise he wouldn't of chosen me, right? Right?

Piper: You were the only one that was born in the house, that makes you more connected to it. That spiritual nexus thing.

Phoebe: That's exactly my point. I could go either way. Good or evil. Kinda freaky. I do have to tell you I am gonna miss that new power though. It was so fun.

Piper: Um, if Grams put away the shadow and it came back...

Prue: Means it can come back again. Okay, it's time. Every witch before us has added to the Book of Shadows. We need to warn who comes next. It's our turn.

Phoebe: Who should do it?

(Prue hands her a pen, they find a blank page in the book and she starts writing.)